20 Printable House Cleaning Flyers [Word, PDF]

In the earlier time, people manage to clean their houses themselves. However, with time the trend was changed to hire a maid and clean the house. Further, people pay cleaners daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Initially, people just made flyers and send them to different areas for service. However, at the current time, there is too much competition. Moreover, to compete in the business of cleaning you should do proper planning and start cleaning house flyers. Further, it’s the right trend if you want to survive in the cleaning business.

There are different types of House Cleaning Flyers template available for your use. Moreover, you can download the template and edit the design, text, colours to make it a more attractive and professional look. As a result, you can get more customers and increase your sale.

Cleaning Flyers Templates

Different types of templates for House cleaning Flyers are available. However, if you can design yourself you have an option to do colouring, font change and add images to make it more appealing for your clients.

If you have no expertise in designing the models, then you can download them free and customize them as per your requirement. Further, it includes design, text, colouring and images. In Addition, you can share it in your neighbourhood and start your business at a small level.

What is House Cleaning Flyers?

In the past, people do cleaning business. However, if you want to compete with the market in the cleaning business, you should start House cleaning flyers. Further, you can include such services which will be according to the current requirement of every house.

Moreover, you can include dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors of all the rooms in the house. In Addition, it also contains cleaning the bathrooms including mirrors, toilets, showers and baths. Similarly, dusting the kitchen includes wiping down the appliances, counters, sinks and cabinet doors.

A Cleaning Flyer Includes The Following Information

To attract more customers to your house cleaning business, your template must be eye-catching. For this purpose, you should include such factors which can increase your marketing campaign and bring more visitors to convert into customers.

Identify Your Community:

You should make an estimate in which area you want your clients. Similarly, you should make your ad according to the community. If there are old people there, your commercial should be simple and easy to read. Further, if your target area is with a young society and energetic people. You can add more flashy colours along with fancy fonts. In Addition, the text style which will more appeal to youngsters is also a good way to make your poster more relevant.

Make Your Design Attractive

For creating a successful business, you should plan for more than one model. Further, you should check with your marketing campaign. In Addition, the one which is giving more commercials should be final. The use of colour, fancy font style, and images can make your advertisement’s project more appealing. You must focus your reader’s attention on your house cleaning flyers. Finally, it’s only possible with the relevant use of layout and images placed in the right place.


The headline is the heart of any flyers template. Similarly, you should use such phrases or text which will draw the attention of your reader. Therefore, it’s key to use such a sentence that will explain your entire model.

Name and Contact Details:

The contact detail is an important part of the template from the reader’s point of view. Further, it should be readable so, that customers can contact you.

Description Details About your Cleaning Flyers:

You should clearly explain the services of cleaning. However, every point should explain the details of your business. Further, your reader shouldn’t feel bore and contact you for services.

Call to Action:

This is the most focus part of your flyers template. Once customers agree to take your services. Further, contact you as soon as possible. Moreover, you can make it more colourful to get more attention from your clients.

A Guide To Create Effective Cleaning Flyers

Start and build a new house cleaning flyer for residential or commercial businesses is not an easy task. However, it requires hard work, dedication and most importantly attention of customers. Similarly, finding the right place and build a reputation is important. Further, providing great service and quality work is not enough.

Moreover, a little research work and planning can make your business strong with client base relationships and implementing positive ideas. There are a lot of ways to get the confidence of your customer and implement ideas in your ongoing business as well. If you follow these guidelines you can grow your business by getting more customers and earn more money as well.

Strong Connection:

Build your connections that help grow your business.

Referral Program:

It is important to do setup a good referral program so more people will come to see your service.

Focus in your Community:

Your focus should be on your neighbourhood initially. Once you get success in your community, then you can expand your cleaning flyers to the public of your area.

Connection with Other Businesses:

For taking your business to next level, you need to build your relationship with other businesses. Further, inform them about your poster and tell them to promote it in your circle. Similarly, it will give your more customers and expand your cleaning house flyers.

To the Point Information in Your Flyer

You must include the relevant services in your template. However, if you give more details that will take your reader away from your ad. As an alternative, include only relevant information about your services. Moreover, long paragraphs will give a negative impression of your business.

Concise and Clear Information:

In the commercial for Cleaning flyers, the important and to the point information is important. It contains contact details, the services you’re offering. Further, if it’s simple and relevant information more people will read and get attention. Moreover, you can use a colour font to increase its interest for the customers. In Addition, only a black font template with white print creates disinterest and laziness for the clients.

Appropriate Images and Photos:

If you include relevant pictures of your flyer business, it will impress your customer. However irrelevant images can take away your customer and nobody will see your commercial. Further, you cannot get a business from this approach.

In Addition, don’t include any selfies of your staff. This will put a negative impression. Moreover, company picnic pictures are also not suitable. You should think like your potential customer’s mind. Therefore, mention good-looking pictures with a gesture of a professional look.

Cleaning Flyer to Print and Distribution

If you are running short in money of getting professional printing. However, you can print at home. Moreover, the professional look is important in bringing and attracting more clients.

Initially, if you start your cleaning flyers at a small level. So, you should print it at home and start giving it to your neighbourhood. Further, you can take to your around community. Moreover, give some printouts to your nearest grocery, restaurants and coffee shops and schools. In Addition, you can ask permission from other businesses to hang your poster in their formations. As a result, you can get more business in a short time with little research and proper planning.


House Cleaning Flyers are the best competing business in the cleaning profession. However, for starting this business you should plan and do little research work to attract more customers and improve your services. Further, your commercial should be full of colour, text and relevant images.

In Addition, contact details and descriptions should be precise and to the point to attract your readers. Initially, start at a small level in your area and then expand to a big level. It’s important to make connections with other businesses and hang your poster there. Further, share your printouts with grocery stores, restaurants, schools and coffee shops.

You can download different cleaning flyers templates. Alternatively, you can design with fancy style, fonts and colourful images to attract your customers. IF you don’t know how to make it, you can download it free and customize it with glittering fonts, images and messages.

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