15+ Free Fake Doctor’s Note Templates [Word+PDF]

free printable doctors note template

Fake doctors note template is used for short-term situations when someone isn’t able to see a doctor obtain an official absence authorization. If someone gets tired and wants to take a couple of days away for his/her job without taking leave absence there is a way out i.e. fake doctor’s note. Also, many students use fake doctor’s notes to take leave from their school. In addition, there are various fake doctors’ note templates that you can use to create fake doctor’s notes. These templates are designed after complete research and studies.


Situations when fake doctor’s notes are used:

Here are some situations when you can use fake doctor’s note;

  • You can use these notes for sudden and short illnesses. There comes a time when an individual gets ill and he/she isn’t able to go to work or school. Also, he/she is unable to see a doctor for whatever reason but to legitimize the absence a medical excuse is required then these notes come in handy.
  • Next, if you have to take leave due to some personal issues and you don’t want that the employer or school to know about them, then these fake doctor’s notes help you in the coverage of the missed days.
  • Some companies don’t allow their employees to take leave for someone else sick in the house. Thus, these notes make you able to take care of your loved ones and provide them emotional support during a hard time.
  • A fake doctor’s note template is also used for a prank at the relaxed learning and workplace where some fun is allowed. You should also check the employee performance review template.

What should the fake doctor’s note template contain?

Make sure that your fake doctor’s notes should contain the following information;

  • At first, the notes should contain the doctor’s or health network name and logo at the top of the document.
  • Their address, phone number, Email address, and fax number. The notes also contain some health groups.
  • Also, mention the name of the patient on the note so that the reader can know who was being treated.
  • The date when the patient was seen by the doctor.
  • The information that the patient is under the care of a doctor.
  • Furthermore, also mention the date when he/she can return to work.
  • At the end of the note, there must be the name and signature of the doctor.

Benefits of a fake doctor’s note:

Using the fake doctor’s note provide you various benefits. They allow you to take off from work for a couple of days without getting in trouble. You can easily take off work and enjoy your vacations. Moreover, these notes are instantly available, cost-effective, and time-saving. With the help of templates, you can create them conveniently.



In conclusion, these fake doctors note template is so well-designed that won’t get in a tricky situation. As we discussed above, these notes are created after thorough research and studies so these are the best and most trusted fake doctor’s notes.

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