20 Free Survey Templates [Excel, Word]

Survey template is the perfect way to measure employee, customer or public opinion about your product. Similarly, when you need a market research survey. A survey is a research method uses to collect data. Moreover, it is from a ready-made group of defendants. In Addition, you use it to gain information and understandings into various topics of interest. Consequently, it has multiple reasons. Researchers use to conduct in many ways depending on the method they chose and the study’s goal. Survey models are the perfect way to get the opinion of the customer, employee or public for their invention. You can download varieties of a survey like an employee experience, customer, industry, community, academic, non-profit and covid-19.

How does a survey format work?

The purpose of the survey is to get the opinion of people about your product. Similarly, your document format must be good. As a result, the survey gets a good response and great engagement. Moreover, if the design of your survey is good, people will read it easily and understand it. Similarly, good design and format will give you better answers. In Addition, for getting good results the format and design should be practical. Therefore, you have enough knowledge about surveys. However, it depends upon the defendants and the people working on it. In Addition, for getting more comeback from people, the design and format play a key role. Survey design and format has a significant role. Similarly, you can achieve better results if the answers are accurate. Different types of survey samples are available as per your need. Details are: Customer Survey

  • Employee-Experience Sample
  • Industry Review
  • Population Survey
  • Academic Study
  • Non-profit sample
  • Covid-19 survey

There are different types of surveys. Surveys with different types of options are available for your use. Here are some details from your use of daily life.

Personnel Survey

This survey is between employers and employees. Similarly, it resolves issues about employees.

Research and surveys in marketing

This survey helps in business growth and awareness about their product. Similarly, modify the template as per your brand by matching guidelines. You may also like Employee Complaint Forms.

Research Conducted By Industry

Industry review is an important feature. Similarly, it collects standard answers to questions related to the industry.

Public Survey

This template shows great engagement with the public. Moreover, you get more customers. In Addition, you get the best awareness about the customer’s experience.

Evaluation surveys for academics

With the help of templates, it is not difficult to survey these topics. However, you can judge yourself about the effectiveness of your training classes or programs.

Surveys for non-profits

This survey is about charity organizations. However, this gives you awareness about the donation, volunteer observations of your business. Because of these surveys, you show positive character in a positive light.

How to choose survey questions?

The survey questions have a key role. However, if you include quality questions it will show more engagement with the public. Further, you should be more cautious in the selection of queries. Here are different precautions for the selection of questions to include in your survey.

  • The way your company answer the survey questions
  • The plan about checking the response to the questions
  • The desired questions are sufficient for your required data.
  • The questions you write down match the survey
  • The people feel comfortable to reply the answer to each question
  • The wording of each question is on merit and there is no favouritism.
  • Proper planning to arrange the sequence of questions to conclude the survey.
  • Did you give proper multiple-choice questions to get accurate answers?

The Best way to write survey templates?

You need to follow proper guidelines in writing a survey template. However, this is assurance that you get successful. To create a successful survey template you should keep the following points in your mind:

Selection of Platform

You should choose the best platform for creating a survey with examples. Similarly, sharing it is also an advantage. For example, It’s the best strategy to use the Facebook platform, you get more followers on the Facebook page.

Make it more Specific

The real worth of your survey is that it should be to the point. Moreover, it should be short when customers fill the survey. In Addition, followers have no interest in your business.

Avoid Option Question of Yes or No

When you are in a challenge of choosing the option of Yes or No, the respondents should go for the option of Yes. Instead of asking direct, you should make your answer tricky in an indirect way.

Options for answers should be randomly selected

In doing surveys, the common practice is people go for the first choice. However, this is common in answering the questions. Further, you should change this trend by making a different selection.

Be neutral in your tone

When you ask the leading question of your survey, it can impact your viewers. However, this method suits you, But create doubt when you publish answers to questions.

Make proper use of matrix questions

In a good survey, there should be limited matrix questions. However, you should use it in the most important and difficult questions. In Addition, don’t use more than 5 or 7-row options. This is the way you can overcome the respondents’ problem.

Make your questions as inclusive as possible

It makes sense that you want people to know more about your industry, product or services. However, you should not consider that your viewer knows everything. That’s your questionnaire should be such type that it covers different minds of people. Further, adopt such a strategy that your respondent does not know the answer easily.

Questions that are distracting should be included

There are different ways to find out which are fake viewers. However, to maintain the quality of the survey you can include a simple question at the start or end of the survey. Further, it will be useful in a situation, when you are designing lengthy surveys. In Addition, you can surprise your respondents by asking questions like how many employees or county name which they forget. As a result, you find that these viewers are not concentrating on the questions.

Advantages of Writing Survey

Surveys are the most affordable way to collect data. There are different advantages of it. Inexpensive This is the best way to collect data. However, you don’t need to hire an expert for a face-to-face interview. Further, it’s a cost-effective way of gathering information. On the other hand, surveys are the best way to collect information in a short period. Further, you don’t pay money for that. Practical Besides from inexpensive, it’s a practical way to gather data. Further, you select target people or groups, who choose and manage in various ways. In Addition, you can choose and select a format of open-minded and multiple-choice questions. A quick way to get Results Surveys are the best source to collect information in minimum time. Moreover, the use of mobile and online tools made it easy to get data in 24 hours. In Addition, you don’t wait for other companies to deliver the answers you need. Scalability You can gather information from a large audience anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can get your survey online at a limited time and cost. Further, you need to send a link to your survey page. In Addition, you can do it manually and send an automated email to your customer or lead a promotion campaign. You can also make your survey in multiple languages. Comparability The qualified data can be used to compare and research. Similarly, it creates change with other companies. In Addition, the monthly and yearly surveys are valuable with time. When you compare your survey, it gives chance to minimize your errors due to translation. In other words, you want your survey should be multilanguage, multicultural and multiregional. As a result, it will be more comparable with other reviews.

Easy Analysis and Visualization

Most surveys and respondents are in a large number. However, it becomes easy for analysis of results. Moreover, due to the use of built-in tools, it becomes easy to analyse a result without any research work. You think that reviews are not fun and getting respondents to teach them is not a trick. However, you can use interactive forms that will give your visual data an understanding to draw experienced user stories in the shortest timeline. You should also check the Employee Information Form.


Survey templates are the best source to get an opinion about your product or service. Moreover, you can take the opinion of customers, employees or the public. Surveys can be of different types depending on the requirement of your brand. Online surveys are ideal because you get your desired result in the shortest time. Similarly, it’s cost-effective and you don’t; need to hire an expert for a face-to-face interview. The selection of a survey is very important. Further, you can get a cheap, practical and to the point survey which will give you a lot of audiences. Moreover, you can compare your survey with other in term of language, region and culture. This way you can make it unique and more appealing to respondents. Survey templates make life easy for the industry, commerce, employee or other professions. As a result, with a little effort, you can introduce your product/ service and get maximum benefits.

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