20+ Free Chore Chart Templates for Family and Kids

A Chore chart template is a listing to track and organize the housework. However, the parents give a task to their children. Further, with the help of the template, they rank their children. Moreover, this is also famous with the name of behaviour chart, reward chart and task completing the list. Giving chores to kids help them in building confidence and develop skills. Moreover, it helps them to continue in their coming life and give a passion to compete for any task. You can download free chart templates. Similarly, you can find it in different designs and formats. Further, you can plan weekly or daily chores list with each member of the family. You should also check Birthday Card Template.

How Do Chore Chart Templates Work?

A chore is a duty or task which is compulsory for you to perform. However, you are not feeling good but it’s necessary to do. Washing dishes is also a chore and doing homework assignments that you don’t like also comes in a category of a chore. A chore chart template is to collect all household tasks and divide in all family members. Moreover, the passion of getting lead over others is a good policy. Further, it helps in completing a chore quickly, even if the family members are busy. A chore chart includes the name of the person he/she does in the day. Similarly, the details of the task also notice on the chart. Further. He/she completes in less time get reward with money. As a result, this gives them confidence and the way to spent life in the outside world. In Addition, this also gives them the importance of money. When he/ she completes the chore and help their mother in household work. Consequently, this gives them a passion for helping others. For this purpose, there are varieties of chore templates available for kids. Moreover, you can ask them to place a checkmark, after the task is completed. This is a good way to develop the habit of doing work on time. However, he/she completes the chore and then you declare him/ her like a house of a chore. Further, it gives him/her more confidence and to compete with other members. In Addition, if you reward him/ her for early completing a chore in the form of money. That is also a positive attitude to realize him/her about the value of money. You can download chore templates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for kids of your family.

Chore Chart Ideas That will Work For your Family

Suppose when your children are going back to school, it’s not easy to bring them back into a routine. Moreover, you want your kids to take interest in doing things like chores and housework this year. In Addition, this is the best idea to introduce chore at your house. Further, give different types of chores like a printable chore which you can use on daily basis. Magnetic chore boards and sticky types of chores are also helpful in teaching your kids self-confidence and money management. You can use different chore charts as per aga. Likewise, parents who have children of 18 months can also handle some basic weekly chores. As a result, this will give them the confidence to developing their potential independence. Here are some chore chart ideas age-wise.

Chore Chart For Age of Under 6

  • Chore Chart Ideas between 7-12
  • Wash and put away laundry
  • Feeding pets
  • Put away dishes
  • Empty the trash
  • Do Vacuum floors

Chore Charts For 13+

  • Cleaning your Washrooms
  • Cleaning of gardening
  • Mop in the kitchen floor
  • Wash car
  • Clean out your refrigerator

Advantages of Household Chore Chart

Household chores are serious and boring to do that. However, when you divide each chore and assign it to each family member. It is interesting and enjoyable to do. There are lots of benefits of a chore chart. A few of them are discussing here. The workload is divided and Easy to Complete Tasks: AS you know, doing chores is a tedious job for one family person. But with the help of a chore chart, you can divide this task to each member. Further, the task will complete in a short time and there will be no burden of workload on any member. Time Management Skills: It’s not easy for each member of the family to spare time from their busy schedule for the household chore. However, with the help of a chore chart, you can manage your time in a better way. Further, you can hang your weekly chore chart and complete it according to the available time and can do better time management. Organized Things: When you complete all your household chores with time management, all your things will organize in a better way. Build a Strong Relationship: When you will busy doing household chores. Moreover, you will spend more time with your family. As a result, your relationship will strong in the family. Children Get Responsible: When your kids will complete household chores with the help of a chore chart. Similarly, this will create responsibilities for your children and they will become responsible citizens.

Advantages & Disadvantages For Paying Chores to Children

Parents must develop skills and build confidence in their kids. However, if they allow to play and don’t learn any skills, they will not succeed in their school life. Moreover, their children will not learn any skills to do something special. Further, if the parents develop the skill of doing a chore at the age of 3 to 4, they will be more successful and build skills in an organized manner. In Addition, some parents pay their children for doing a chore on time. As a result, they know more about money management and they are ready to face any type of challenge. There are a few advantages and disadvantages for paying chores to their children.

Advantages of Paying Chores:

  • When you pay your children for completing chores, it develops the value of money.
  • This is the way, your children learn to set and achieve the goal.
  • With the money of chores, they purchase toys.
  • The kids wait for completing the chore and get the reward again in the form of money.
  • The power to learn financial decisions develop in them.
  • Their confidence level of high compared to those kids who are not doing household chores.

Disadvantages of Paying Chores:

  • When parents pay for doing core, children think that they should pay for everything. This thinking is not good for their future.
  • If you’re financially week, so paying money for chores becomes a challenge.
  • Once the children pay for doing a chore, he/she feels independent which is not good thinking.
  • When children have money in their pocket, they make poor financial decisions.
  • They expect that there is a return award for every task.
  • As a parent, your approach should be mixed. Moreover, you should pay money, when your child gets high marks in the exam.
  • It is a positive move to build an allowance template with your child and motivate him/ her to do better. You may also like 20+ Free Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates.

Useful Instructions For Completing Your Chores On Time

There are some useful instructions with the help you can complete your chore on time.

  • If you are busy and not finding proper time, the best thing is you develop your chore chart in advance. Moreover, this will help you to do things as per schedule.
  • If you will establish the things in a better way, the tasks like cleaning chores can be finished in a short time.
  • Planning is the major factor. However, if you plan before the week, you can finish your chores on time.
  • When you complete your daily life household chores, you can manage your household things in a better way.


The chore chart template is a listing to track your housework. Moreover, you divide your chores in each family member to complete them on time. Further, if you use chore chart templet, it will be easy to do in a more organized way. In Addition, different types of chore charts are available as per the age of children. As a result, if you give rewards to your children for completing a chore, this will build confidence and more skills in them. The advantage of giving money is they will complete every task on time and feel proud. However, the disadvantage is they will think that they will get money for completing any type of task. There are different templates available to complete your household chores in less time and more organized manner.

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