17+ Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cleaning Schedule Templates (Excel / Word)

The task of cleaning your house can become less complex and more straightforward on the off chance that you make a cleaning schedule template. It’s a continuous cycle and includes time, assets and a lot of exertion so effective arranging is of significance when you plan the schedule. Having a cleaning schedule ensures that you finish every task before continuing to the following. Cleaning is one of the numerous errands of family work and it isn’t simple since heaps of exercises are involved even in house cleaning. You can make cleaning your office, home or some other spot simple by arranging everything. A cleaning schedule will help you a ton to make things work appropriately and save you time in cleaning. Your cleaning work can turn out to be simple through an efficient cleaning framework. It is truly simple to plan a cleaning schedule since you need to dole out various tasks on various long stretches of week and month as indicated by their significance. You can plan a schedule either for you just or for the gathering. You need to begin your work by considering your cleaning prerequisites and significant tasks to convey them similarly as indicated by time and necessity.

What is a decent house cleaning schedule?

A cleaning schedule template is an instrument that you use to guarantee that you achieve all of your cleaning position totally and accurately. Here are the principal sorts of cleaning schedules that you can make:

  • A day-to-day cleaning schedule template is what you use where cleaning and sterilization are the highest needs like kitchens, medical clinics, and eateries.
  • A week-after-week cleaning schedule template is chiefly used to guarantee deliberateness and neatness in medium-scale foundations like apartment complexes.
  • A month-to-month cleaning schedule template is typically utilized in cheap food and retail location tasks to guarantee the foundation’s general neatness occasionally.

Download Free Free Cleaning Schedule Templates

You can download cleaning schedule templates from here and use them according to your requirements.

What to include?

The task of cleaning your house can frequently feel overpowering although it doesn’t need to be. You can undoubtedly conquer your dread by having a cleaning checklist template. Download one of these formats and use it to help you profound clean and clean up your entire house. The main hindrance you want to defeat is where to begin cleaning. This can turn into an issue on the off chance that you’re under a period imperative. In any case, if you utilize a cleaning schedule template, you can separate the errands. You will feel more relaxed as you achieve an endless flow of occupations and follow your checklist. While making your format, here are what to include:

The living room

It’s suggested that you start your checklist with your lounge since this is the main room individuals see when they come into your home. Remember that initial impressions matter. Your visitors will see the value in a perfect living room.

The kitchen

This is one of the more difficult rooms to clean because as a rule, you will manage oily and grimy substances. These aggregate wherever in the kitchen from the cupboards to floors to walls to your machines. What’s more terrible is the tenacious smell that multiplies. Likewise, you will require more effort in cleaning your kitchen due to the cleanliness factor. Microbes and microorganisms by and large flourish best in unsanitary circumstances.

The bedroom

Assuming that you rest eight hours each day, that adds up to spending 33% of your life in your bedroom and that does exclude lying around sluggishly over the day some of the time or in the first part of the day after you awaken. For this, it turns out to be vital to keep an agreeable and clean bedroom.

The bathroom

Many think about the bathroom as the main room in the house. It is here where you “do your own business.” It is additionally this room where you keep your body clean, which is the reason you ought to continuously keep this room ought to clean.

Lobbies and corridors

These regions are frequently overlooked due to their sizes and because they aren’t utilized for a lot, except for strolling. However, without these, you would simply have a house with one major room and a wide range of various rooms contiguous to one another. Accordingly, you ought to likewise give these regions should due significance.

How would I make a cleaning schedule?

For every one of the individuals from your family to remain sound, you should reside in a home where cleanliness and neatness assume a significant part. At the point when you stay in a perfect climate, you can keep away from medical issues and hazardous illnesses that can influence you for what seems like forever. Here are the means you can use as an aide in making your cleaning schedule template:

Decide how long your house cleaning checklist will be

It is really smart to initially decide how long your schedule will be before you begin to record your tasks. For example, you can make a 4-week schedule. Like that, you can incorporate tasks that you do consistently, week, and month. An illustration of the last one is to beware of your smoke alarms that safeguard your home in the event of a fire.

Record your tasks

In your cleaning schedule, make a rundown of things that you think need normal cleaning. The positions that you remember for your rundown might shift from those of others since you have various necessities and various homes.

Determine task frequency

You can decide the frequency of specific tasks by pondering what checks out and what’s generally sensible for you. For example, assuming that you have a visitor room that nobody utilizes, this room could require an ordinary cleaning just one time per month. However, assuming you have canines at home that shed a great deal, you should do more vacuuming than different families. A few undertakings may just show up once or two or multiple times every year. For these tasks, relegate a cleaning day in the fall and the spring to your cleaning schedule template.

Assign certain tasks to certain days

Make it a point not to dole out tasks for the days in the week when you’re especially occupied. On the off chance that you expect to go home for the day, fit this break into your schedule. Simply do what sounds good to you. For example, you can schedule your trash day each Wednesday since that is the point at which the truck comes to get the trash from the area.

Assign some tasks to others

On the off chance that you would be able, you ought to practice it regularly to allot explicit positions to the others in your family. This makes things more sensible for you.

Write down your schedule

You can record your schedule in any capacity that you need. You might tweak a template that you have downloaded to suit your motivation better. Utilizing a template is a decent move as it’s simpler to modify and print.

Stick with your schedule

This is the most difficult aspect – staying with the agenda you have made. To propel yourself, store a dollar in a container for each day that you don’t complete your tasks as a whole. This method is likewise called the “Swear Jar Mindset.” Then, at that point, you can put the cash you gather into your reserve funds!

Key Components of Cleaning Schedule Template

A cleaning schedule means a lot to configuration to get a legitimate cleaning framework and for your assistance, I will share a few hints to plan an ideal cleaning schedule: In the initial step, you need to consider significant tasks that are not expected to perform on normal premises including inside and outside cleaning, broiler cleaning, rugs and upholstery cleaning, bureau cleaning and so on. You can remember them for month-to-month or yearly schedules as per the people walking through or recurrence of utilization. For example, the broiler is expected to clean one time each month and floor coverings can be cleaned within a few months. You can stamp a particular date on the schedule for the cleaning of the rug and broiler.

Circulate Heavy Work Equally

Try not to attempt to assign one day for all heavy work since it can debilitate you. It will be great to isolate heavy tasks into those days in which you have less work. Along these lines, you can save your time and health while at the same time accomplishing significant work.

Daily and Weekly Cleaning

It is important to make a different list of normal cleaning tasks for your benefit. This rundown will contain those undertakings that are important to play out each day like dishwashing, clearing and other clean works. A few tasks are expected to be done once in seven days including washing bed covers, clothing, floor washing, restroom, cleaning, furniture cleaning and so forth. You can separate these errands into various days of the week as per your accommodation.

Rotation Cleaning

Doling out a day for profound tidying up of rooms in your schedule on a turning basis will be great. It will assist you with keeping your work clean. You can do legitimate cleaning on normal premises or two times every week as per your accessibility.

Sample Weekly Schedule

You can without much of a stretch plan a week-by-week schedule after thinking about your cleaning prerequisites for your assistance following is an example week-by-week schedule:

  • Monday: Dusting in all rooms of the house.
  • Tuesday: Vacuuming in the rooms on the principal floor.
  • Wednesday: Restrooms and kitchen cleaning.
  • Thursday: Residue and vacuum all rooms.
  • Friday: Wash bed covers and clothes washing.
  • Saturday: Mop floors or clean.
  • Sunday: Free or allot something light to you.

I trust the above-given subtleties are enough for your assistance in the planning of the cleaning schedule to get a coordinated cleaning framework.


Before you direct a general house cleaning, you will require a checklist of what tasks to do. Try not to get overpowered by the work you’ll confront. As a result of your excitement to finish the work quickly, you should tackle tasks at the same time. Just to figure out later in the day that you truly haven’t achieved a lot. Your cleaning checklist template ought to incorporate the planning of tasks. Completing the tasks as expected before continuing to the following is the most effective way. Cleaning resembles having a feast. You should avoid eating everything on your plate at the same time. This would simply prompt indigestion and could try and get you debilitated. Separate your dinner by eating little, reasonable lumps. This relationship additionally works while arranging your house cleaning. Keep in mind, utilizing a cleaning schedule template will make things simpler for you. Perhaps you’re cleaning in anticipation of visitors or you’re doing yearly spring cleaning. You might try and utilize such a template if you’re occupied with housekeeping. Then you’re exposed to decisions that you want to follow. That is to lay out an astounding standing for your business. Such standards continue as before for every comparative business. The distinction will rely on the client’s singular requirements. For example, you might have lodging, a medical clinic or office clients. The objective for everything is cleaning. However, every client will require various sorts of services. You will then, at that point, need to take care of their singular particulars. For this multitude of examples, you will require a house cleaning schedule or agenda. Utilize this to guarantee that your amazing skill will reflect in the work. Such a checklist isn’t just a schedule yet additionally a device you can constantly allude to on the off chance that you miss something. Make certain to look at the rundown from time to time while taking care of your tasks. This is the surest method for realizing that you are covering everything. We should begin with the essential occupation of house cleaning for a client. Make a basic checklist of what you want to clean. Focus on your cleaning position by beginning with the main things. Afterwards, you can continue toward more modest things, etc.

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