Introduction Email to New Clients (Templates & Samples)

introduction emails to new clients

Writing an introduction email to new clients will be stressful if you are lacking a relationship with him/her. Similarly, your first impression is very important from the business point of view. A well-crafted email can help you to set future communication. The templates related to the introductory email help you in all respects. For instance, if you are writing an introduction email to the new company, the message tone should match the company’s culture.


An overview of introduction emails

Introduction emails consist of messages that are sent to the client for communication with a professional contract. There are many situations in which they are useful:

  • Presenting a new employee to an existing client
  • Introduce yourself to a new client
  • Contact to the potential client
  • Follow up on a referral from a joint linking
  • When you are meeting someone at the event do follow up
  • Introduce your new product or service
  • Nevertheless of the scenario, introduction emails play a vital role in setting the tone with the client for a professional relationship.

Whatever the reason for writing the letter, introductory emails play a critical role in any business. Moreover, they set the tone for almost all professional relationships that you will have with your clients. Therefore, the letter must be written in the right tone. Further, it follows the right structure and includes all the key components to grab the client’s attention. In addition, we have created several introductory letters to clients that you can download and use at your convenience to make your work easier. As a result, select the one that best suits you, downloads it, and customize it.

What to write in an introduction email

For writing an effective introduction email you need expertise in each element. Likewise, the elements of an introduction email are following:


The subject line is:

In many aspects, the subject is the most important part of an introduction email. Similarly, it convinces the beneficiary to open the message. Moreover, the subject should provide a summary of the details of the message. As a result, an eye-catching subject grasps the attention of the reader and provide a good impression.


Warm greetings:


When you are developing a connection with the client, you should keep in communication professionally. Moreover, It means using “dear” with the participant’s full title, followed by their last name. For Instance, “Dear Dr Anthony”. Here are some other points when developing your greeting:


Try to avoid the clients first name with your greeting. However, It’s important to maintain a formal air when you introduce yourself.

Keep aware of your name and title detained by the person you are contacting. As a result, you should avoid using the phrase “To Whom It May Concern”.

You can use titles like “Dr.”, “Ms.”, “Mr.”, and “Mrs.”

Default to “Ms.” if you are not sure of the recipient’s marital status.

Body of the Email:

You should explain the body of the email to your recipient “Who you are”, “Where are you from” and why you are contacting them. Moreover, you should give details of your organization and the position you hold.


Once the reason for writing the message is conveyed to the beneficiary, make sure you convey appreciation for taking the time to read your email. Moreover, this will make sure that your email ends in a positive mode. Therefore, solidifies the welcome feeling for the client. As a result, it is helpful to make a strong relationship with the client and he/she can ask any questions or concerns.

End of discussion:

Like greeting, you should sign off your email with professionalism that matches your email content. However, the best options you can choose are “best regards”, “sincerely” and “yours faithfully”. In addition to your name, you should include details like address, phone number, mobile number and the name of the company where you work.

Email introduction Sample:

Here is a sample letter you can use to introduce a new employee to a current client:

Subject: Introducing a new position

Dear [Name of Client],

Our company has recently gone through some changes which I wanted to share with you. Likewise, I’m delighted to introduce you to [employee’s name], [company name]’s new [job title]. [Employee’s name] has been with us at [company] [length of time] and has worked hard to succeed in our sales department by providing customers with assistance. We are excited about [employee’s name’s] new role and are confident they will tackle their new responsibilities with the same professionalism and enthusiasm they have always demonstrated in the past.

[Name of employee] will be taking over your account with our company as of [date]. Therefore, If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact [employee’s name] by email at [email address] or by phone at (089) / 636-48018.

I’m [your name]
The position is
The Company

How to Follow These Tips?

Business introduction letters set the tone of your relationship with the client. Therefore, you must use all the tips and tricks you can find to create a great rapport with the clients and build up a great working relationship.

To make your introduction letter stand out, you can use the following tips:

Make it short-term

If you are writing the letter, you should assume that the letter recipient is busy and doesn’t have much spare time. Likewise, your letter should be as brief and direct as possible. A letter of about 300-500 words would be ideal. In Addition, keep the letter short, sweet, and direct to the point.

Tone of voice

Business correspondence introducing a new client should be written in a formal tone. However, be aware that you are writing on behalf of your business- use a formal tone without sounding too serious. When writing to clients, use a professional yet friendly tone.

Please avoid typos

Make sure you read the email several times after you write it to make sure that it is free of any grammar errors that could damage your business. A typo-filled email may create a bad impression for your organization. However, the client may feel that you’re not serious enough to write a good introductory message. Therefore, make sure that your email paints the right picture for your business by checking for typos.

Address by name

If you are writing an email, you should address the client by their name to make them feel valued and appreciated.

A fast overview of Introduction emails

Introduction emails will be messages that are sent to initiate correspondence with an expert contact. They can be utilized in many circumstances, for example,

  • Introducing a new representative with a current client
  • Introducing yourself to another client
  • Contacting a planned client
  • Following up on a reference from a mutual connection
  • Trailing behind gathering somebody at an event
  • Introducing a new product or service

No matter what the situation, introduction emails assume a significant part in business since they set the tone for most expert connections. Furthermore, the capacity to make an introductory email can bring about additional clients.


When you need to write an introduction email to new clients, it should be professional and attractive to your business. Moreover, if you lack a relationship that will pose a negative impression. Moreover, a well-prepared email is a key to leaving a good impression on your client. Further, when you are sending an introduction letter to your client it will be helpful for the client to understand your business and become a reason for the increase. The template for emails are easy to download and you can modify and customize them as per your need.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How would you reply to an introduction email?

If you get a presentation email, it’s essential to deal with it in a way that is proficient and that will have a good impression. As a matter of some importance, ensure that you respond during a work day. Moreover, if you utilize a template, carve out an opportunity to customize your reaction. At long last, show your appreciation to the individual that alluded to you by reaching them to say thanks to them and let them in on how it went.

What should the subject line be for an introduction email?

You can build the possibilities that your introduction email will be opened by making a title that is both specific and concise. The recipient ought to have the option to deduce what the message will be about from the headline. For instance, you could utilize “Introduction from [your name].”

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