Free Service Receipt Template (Excel, Word, PDF)

The service invoice template is for any labourer that works on an hourly or per-project basis. Similarly, the service invoice can be for labour only and you can include materials according to their use. Moreover, the payment is due upon completion of work. Further, you can send it by email or standard mail. If the payment is due after completion of service, the receipt will be outstanding upon receipt by email.

The general service invoice provides you with the relaxation whatever you enter in the description. Moreover, there are hourly rates or fixed rates. The service provider gives the slip to the customer. There are many occasions when the customer receives the service receipt.

Purposes behind Using a Service Receipt

Right off the bat service receipts are given to clients at the hour of the exchange to show payment of services.

It is utilized to keep a record of the service offered and transactions done.

Service receipt is another type of communication device to the customer. A service provider will show on the receipt the details of the service offered, prices, and tax, among others.

service receipts can be utilized to follow back the trace backdrop of services advertised.

Who Uses Service Receipts

Any service business can utilize a service receipt. These organizations incorporate large service firms, similar to banks, transport organizations, for example, airlines, insurance companies, and small service businesses like salons among others.

Distinction Between Invoice and Service Receipt

According to the presentation, a help receipt is a report given from the specialist co-op to the client as evidence of payments made for services advertised. An invoice is for the most part a document used to demand payment. It is given after the client has gotten services. It likewise organizes the services given and at times demonstrates the concurred technique for payment.

Reasons to use a service receipt

  • At first, the service invoice was issued to the customer. Likewise, it is at the time of the transaction to show the payment services.
  • Moreover, it is used to keep the record of services offered and the transaction is done.
  • The service slip is another tool of communication to the customer. It indicates the details of amount, taxes, prices among others.
  • Service receipts are also used for tracking the history of services offered.

Business types that use service receipts

Any type of business can use service slips. Similarly, large companies provide services like transport, banks and travel agencies. For Instance, airlines, insurance companies and small service providing companies like Salon, Shopping malls among others.

Invoices vs. Receipts

Service receipt is such type of document that issues to the customer. It is made based on the services offered. An invoice is generally such type of document that is used for the payment request. Moreover, this is issued once the customer has obtained the services. It indicates the agreed method of payment and also increases the services offered.

Computer Service Receipt Example

This service has the model and serial number on the computer. Similarly, it shows the type of services, parts changed or repaired along with the total cost of service.

Hourly Service Receipt

It shows the price on an hourly basis with the services offered to you. Moreover, it shows the attraction of overdue charges with a penalty of 1 %.

Lawn Service Receipt

This receipt shows the article bought for the garden. The articles are explained here with the cost of each article written against it. The receipt generates the invoice number at the top.

Standard Format For Service Receipt


This word receipt should write in a bigger and clear font. This type of document helps to differentiate from other types of documents when you have a first look. The word receipt is usually on the top right, centre or top left.

Details about the company:

You should indicate this on the standard service receipt. Moreover, it indicates on the top part of the receipt. It contains the company name, the street address, the city and state, the phone number, email address and some also include the company website.

Company logo and receipt number:

The company logo is also important in the standard receipt. Similarly, the company name, receipt number and date are available on the opposite side of the details. Further, this is not the standard for all because some have a logo on the top or just next to the company details.

Bill to and ship:

You will see this is the second part of the standard service receipt. Further, it consists of the details for whom the bill is to( on the top left side) and whom to ship to(on the right side). It contains the details of the contact name, client company name, address, phone number and email address as well.

Billing Box:

The third part is the listed billing box. Similarly, this is the most essential section for any standard service receipt. This shows that the type of services they are offering. In addition, the buyer can understand what they are paying for. Typically, the billing box is in a row and column format. The details which are in the billing box contains the service description, the quality, unit price and finally the total. Moreover, below is the total column for all the items, there is subtotal, discount, subtotal less account, the tax rate in the percentage, total tax and the total payable for the services.

Additional information:

This is also one of the essential parts to include in the receipt. Likewise, this part consists of special instructions. The other part of the receipt does not cover this charge. For instance, the mode of payment. In addition, you can put it on the opposite side of the total column or below the total.

The Best Ways to Use Service Receipts

You should match the invoices with the prices mentioned in the receipt. Moreover, this will help you to avoid customer confusion and can enhance accuracy and efficiency.

Permanently make sure that the invoice is clear and free from errors. This will help for effective communication through the service receipt.

It’s also important that the right customer received the receipt.

Whenever you are sending the receipts through online platforms. Similarly, you can easily convert it into PDF. In addition, this is the best way you can prevent alteration of the content. The service receipt content should match and you don’t need to go for any changes in the receipt slip. As a result, these are the best tips for making your service receipt accurate and up to date.

Tips For Using Service Receipts

Continuously ensure that you affirm the prices in the invoice match those in the receipt to avoid client disarray and upgrade precision and efficiency.

Continuously make sure the receipt is understood and free from adjustments — these assist in compelling correspondence through the service receipt.

Continuously ensure that the correct client has received the receipt.

While sending receipts through internet-based stages, consistently ensure it’s switched over completely to PDF. The purpose is to prevent any changes in the service receipt content.


The Service Invoice template uses for issuing to the customer. Similarly, you use it on an hourly basis or per-project basis. You can include the material according to the use. Further, the service invoice is for labour only. As a result, be polite. When you are writing your invoice payment terms and conditions, always be polite. You can say that you should pay your invoice as soon as possible. Moreover, if someone is paying you faster, it is good for your business. It is also beneficial for your brand and image.

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