Free Employee of the Month Certificate Templates [Word, PowerPoint]

The employee of the Month certificate is for showing outstanding performance throughout the month. This award is for those employees of the company who show consistent performance. As a result, this award is as recognition and for the best performers to give the best results. You show your employees that you are happy with their work and their loyalty to their services. However, this is extremely difficult to maintain your turnover of employees. In Addition, you have to give a lot of time, resources and money to keep your strength. Therefore, to avoid such a situation that your workers remain in your organization. You need to introduce such an appreciation program that will create interest in your employees. Most workers feel overwork, underpaid and without increment. Therefore, they leave your organization which affect your work productivity. That’s why it’s an effortless way that you introduce such a program in your company to keep your employees engaged.

Award For Employee of the Month:

There are different templates available for the monthly award certificate. You can build yourself. Alternatively, you can download it free and customize it as per your employees’ requirements. You may think that it’s simple to appreciate an employee in the form of a certificate. However, this makes his/her morale high and more attention towards work. In Addition, they are happy that the organization is focusing on their work. As a result, employees are happy and more result-oriented.

Why Celebrate Employee of the Month:

This is a good culture and wider recognition of the program to provide the award to the employee every month. However, workers feel proud that their role in the workplace is appreciated. If you develop such a culture, it’s beneficial for your organization. As a result, employees will have competition among themselves.

The employee of the Month Award For Project Completion:

This is also a good practice to award on completion of the project. However, you can select and take opinions from other workers who contribute the most in completing the project. As a result, you can get completion on your project on time. Every worker will show interest in work to get the reward for the coming month.

Benefits of Declaring Employee of the Month:

There are advantages of declaring the employee of the month. Firstly, the employee will feel that his work is noticed and recognized. Secondly, due to the competition, the employees finish their work on time.

Healthy Competition in the company:

When you start the program in which there is an environment for reward. However, such recognition increases the passion for employees to do their best. For Instance, the employees from sales provide the highest amount of number. The second one is with the most satisfied clients in the department. The third one is with the best networking skills. After mutual opinion, the one among these gets the monthly certificate.

Enhance Employee Retention

Workers who are happy and feel secure. They will stay a long time in the company. Further, they will be happy to receive a monthly award. This will be a big achievement and they can add it to their resume. The retention rate of your workers will be high because they will happy and secure. Because they will feel that everyone from management keep eye on their work. In Addition, the employees who came from other companies see the difference. Further, they feel that here their work will be more appreciated and rewarded.

Sense About Employee Engagement:

Employee engagement means the employee’s feeling of belongingness for the company. However, there is always an encouragement when you know you will reward at the end of the month. In Addition, you will work with better performance and more attention. Moreover, employees who see engagement from the company. They see their mission, vision and goals as their own. As a result, they put a lot of effort in terms of its interest and reputation.

Highest Level of Productivity:

The companies and organizations pay you what you work. However, if the work is finishing as per the requirement. It means the company is making a profit. Further, the incentives make them happier and make a win-win situation. As a result, the employee of the month program does a lot. The employer gets good productivity.

The employee of the Month Program and Certificates:

The employee of the month program and certificate is an advantage in your company. However, this will encourage your worker to plan the work and the certificate serves as an incentive.

Objectives of the Program:

If you have clear objectives about the monthly program. You can fit it all in your organization. You can get maximum work complete through this objective.

Plan of the Whole Program:

As an employer, you can plan the whole program. You can plan from starting of the work, completion of work and certificate at the end of the month. In Addition, the voting will decide who is the most effective employee of the month.

Voting System for staff and Employees:

The voting system should be fair and without any favouritism. However, the person who will select. All will accept the criteria and accept fair judgement. Further, such criteria will lead to goals and targets of the organization. In Addition, the voting procedure and who gets the voting all should know about it.

Planning about monthly Certificate:

Planning your monthly certificate include format as well as the content. You can do better planning about an employee of the month certificate and how to make it attractive.

Follow-up your Program:

Before you are planning to start a monthly award program, you need a lot of trials to make it successful. You should do a lot of assessments and involve your employees. Further, you need to take the opinion of your employees. In Addition, continuous feedback from your staff until it becomes a mature program.

How to Design your Award of the Month Certificate:

After the planning of the program, you can think about the design of your monthly certificate. Few things are important to include:

  • You can download templates and make changes as per your own choice and make it your monthly employee of the month award.
  • You can open any software and give a letter-size format and after setting margins take a printout.
  • Moreover, You can set a border on the page with the help of software. After setting the company logo you can set the content and give colour borders on the sides and the bottom.
  • Once page with border, the logo is ok. You can place the content with ribbons, medals that can fit on your certificate.
  • Then you can insert a title. This is very important and you can add “Employee of the Month.”
  • In Addition, you can add the name of the recipient and the line “is hereby awarded to.”
  • Then comes the name of the organization from where the template is awarded. Font should be normal and as per the requirement of the document.
  • Before the certificate award to an employee of the month, it should be signed by Director, Manager or supervisor. You may also like Employee Performance Review Template.

A substitute for Employee of the Month certificates:

When you are planning to start the employee of the month award. The Certificate is the most important incentive. Further, you can do changes to the template.

Verbal Parise:

When a supervisor or manager will appreciate verbally. However, this will motivate the employee and it will increase its confidence and he/she will be more productive.

Thank You Card:

If you attach thank you card with a token or flower bouquet. The employee will feel more appreciated. Your employee will feel proud that you recognize his/her effort.

Hall of the Fame:

Every organization has bulletin boards and websites. However, if you appreciate by putting name as “Hall of Fame”. It will make more proud that his/her services are recognized.

Employee Gifts or Token:

If as an employer, you give gifts or tokens that will be more appreciatable. This will motivate your employee. Moreover, feeling about you know what they want. In Addition, if you give such tokens or gifts you give fun outside to your work through simple activities like shopping, watching movies and live sports events.


The Employee of the Month certificate is a recognition for an employee who shows the best performance at the end of the month. There are different templates you can download and use in your organization as an authentic document. Further, you can take the help of software and with a combination of the colourful border make it more attractive. In Addition, you can add the title, recipient and name of the organization. As a result, once it is signed by Director, manager or supervisor. You can award it to the employee of the month.

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