Free Baptism Certificate Templates [MS Word]

Baptism is the outer act that shows the inward way of coming to and accepting Jesus as Christ, as a real God. However, those who believe in God and the sacrifice means here those who firmly believe in him continually prepared to accept him as God. In Addition, the purpose of christening is to show our commitment to Christ.

Baptism is from the Greek Word. Moreover, the English letter looks like, “baptidzo”. baptidzo means to dip or to” immerse”.

The baptism certificate template provides you with information about the person who is baptized. However, the time and place of this ceremony mention in this document. Further, the name and title of the minister include in it. In Addition, it shows that he was presiding over the immersion.

This baptism certificate is in the catholic church. Moreover, they need this during the relationship with a new baby. However, the value of this certificate is important during a wedding ceremony.

In the catholic religion, this certificate plays a vital role. Likewise, this shows the new life of a person. Further, he has now changed his/her old life with sins. Further, he/she looks like a newborn baby and is showing commitment to Jesus.

What is the meaning of Baptism?

The baptism is the Christian ceremony of admission with the use of water, into Christianity. However, this rite is for the newborn baby as well. Similarly, it shows that a kid is starting a new life with God. Further, during this ritual, the priest sprinkles water or pour it into the head of the baby.

Naming is like a wedding ring. However, we put a ring and show our commitment. Similarly, sprinkling is a way to show devotion and commitment to Christ. Further, a wedding ring makes us remind that we have a special connection with someone. Further, initiation reminds us that we are sincerely attached and showing full devotion to God. You may also like Tooth Fairy Certificate Template.

Infant Baptism vs Adult Baptism

Let’s see the difference between infant baptism and adult baptism. Similarly, let’s have a look at infant baptism and how it begins. Moreover, why it’s important for adults as a symbolic step of christening.

The history of baptism is from the second or third century of church fathers. However, it shows that it helps wash away sins. Further, this means if you died without doing baptize, your sins were unforgiven and take you to hell. In Addition, the infant mortality rate becomes high in the early centuries. As a result, it became a fashion for baptizing babies as soon as possible.

Therefore, the idea of pushing the baby head underwater is not necessarily good. That’s why sprinkling has become more popular. Further, immersion doesn’t mean pour or sprinkle water. Moreover, this is from Greek words and its meaning is a “dip” or “immerse”.

During the years, initiation changes its shape by immersion into many shapes. Initially, baptize means three-time dipping in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. However, some use the Jewish model for baptizing Gentile converts into Judaism. Further, it starts with the white wear robes. Moreover, it is dipping three times forward and three times backwards. As a result, the mode of baptism represents the death, funeral and rebirth of Christ. According to Romans 6:1 – 10, baptism shows at least three pictures

First, it shows the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. However, as we stand in the water it represents the Messiah in the cross. When we are underwater it explains the burial of Redeemer. In the last when we come out of the water, it’s a resurrection of the lamb of God.

Second, Baptismal is personal proof of washing away our sins. Similarly, going water is a confirmation of forgiveness from sins. Further, when we come out of the water, we are reborn to live a new life in our Lord.

Third, Christening represents our identification with our Lord. Paul declared in Romans 6:3 – 4 “We were buried with our Lord in baptism and we are raised to walk in new life” as forgiven followers of Christ empowered by the spirit of God.

In Addition, sprinkling water or pour on your head when you are an infant or young miss the point of baptism on all three levels.

The Bible teaches us that our promise to our Lord leads baptism. In detail, christening is the witness of surrendering your life to the Lord. However, the new evidence order is, don’t be baptized and then receive Christ. Further, it is always better to receive Christening and then get baptized.

You must aware of the Lordship of Christ. Similarly, if you are not aware, it is impossible to think of your baptism as a commitment of our Lord.

Certificates of Baptism

You can download different types of templates of your requirement. Further, you can sign from the minister of your place. Moreover, you can edit the design and format of your choice and then download it for getting a signature from the priest.

For what reason do I Need Baptism Certificate Templates?

Baptism certificate templates go the whole way to make your work more straightforward when for proper purposes, and these layouts are exceptional as they utilize extraordinary styles and innovations to chip away at them. The spaces and lines that are used in them make a good, satisfactory layout for you. They do not just appear to be easy as you work on them, their effectiveness will demonstrate dependability. You can likewise see Sample Congratulations Certificate Templates.

How to Create/Make Baptism Certificate Templates?

These Best Printable Certificate Templates are now made by specialists thus you don’t have to make them. These templates utilize different styles and innovations with them thus they are productive to utilize. You can get these templates effectively on various websites and they can be utilized generally for various purposes too.

Target Audience

Baptism certificate templates are utilized for true purposes connected with baptism. These layouts are utilized broadly in workplaces and are planned cautiously and after minute perception. You will see these templates in various styles and examples since that is the way they provide you with a lot of choices to chip away at. You can likewise see the Sample Certificate of Employment Template.

As they are utilized for true purposes, these templates are planned to remember the authority idea of their work and use. The different techniques and styles utilized in these templates make them perhaps the most cherished format. You can utilize them diversely as per your desire.


Baptism certificate templates are fascinating as they utilize different extraordinary strategies and designs to be worked with. These templates are accessible in different examples thus they provide you with a ton of likelihood of your work to be great. You will see that they have the most recent devices that keep your work of the top class and in this manner serve you well. You will find that these formats save a ton of your time and make your work simpler by the highlights and instruments and the designs that are as of now utilized in them. These templates are a whole lot better compared to some other formats as they are close to wonderful when contrasted with others.

Where could I at any point get a Baptismal Certificate?

A baptismal certificate is a document that is introduced to an individual or a child when the person is started as an individual from a specific religious sect. This certificate is proposed to the individual or the guardians, in the event of a child, by the religious office that is liable for doing the baptism ceremony. In this way, these workplaces need to keep baptismal certificates convenient, with the end goal that they can rapidly refresh one archive and hand it over to the party concerned.

Baptismal certificates can be effectively planned. Nonetheless, individuals who don’t know how to plan these can likewise search for Baptism Certificate Templates Online. Made by experts, these contain every one of the fundamental fragments that ought to be a piece of such a declaration. The client can additionally make changes to these according to his prerequisites and even customize them with strict subtleties.

How would I get a Certificate of Baptism?

A certificate of baptism is presented by the pertinent strict faction when a kid or an individual is started rehearsing it. This certificate proves to be useful in various events like beginning school, getting hitched or getting affirmed. Many individuals might not have gathered these Free Certificate Templates from their pertinent religious office after the baptism function.

In any case, they can get their declaration of baptism any time they need it. They simply have to move toward the Diocese of the religious organization where they were baptized through water and solicitation the declaration. In such cases, it is basic to know where they were absolved else mentioning the certificate becomes close to unimaginable as most frequently there are no focal records of baptism.


On the off chance that you’re well informed, you can make your layout without any preparation by utilizing a clear report. On the off chance that this scares you, you might consider alternative ways of making such a testament format.

You might download a layout, alter the subtleties or the data, and get it printed. At the point when you do this, you can have the declaration imprinted on materials other than paper.

You have the choice to print the declaration on card stock or something thicker so you don’t need to approach it. There are numerous internet-based destinations which offer printable endorsements. You can look over the changed plans as well as the phrasings in their examples.

On the off chance that you have extraordinary penmanship or you can utilize calligraphy, this would likewise be an incredible method for making an endorsement. For this situation, print out a clear endorsement. Use calligraphy to print the important data. This adds a special and customized touch to the report.

Baptism Symbols Commonly Used

When a person has a habit of christening, it is commonly said that the Holy Spirit enters that person. Moreover, he will build a relationship with Lord and church. Moreover, sins can hide the effect of the ceremony.

Immersion includes positive actions and materials. Similarly, these are symbolic that play an important role in the ceremony.


The first word for use in the baptismal ceremony is an assembly. However, assemble doesn’t require casual people to meet in a place. Relatively, it’s a worship gathering public. Further, it is related to the people who are going to be baptized. As a result, they come to church for hearing God’s word and witness the child’s baptism.

Cross Sign:

Before the ceremony starts, the priest touches the cross sign on the forehead of all people. Moreover, parents and godparents should also do the same practice. Further, The cross shows the love of Jesus for his people. In Addition, it will serve as a marking that the person belongs to Lord and church.

God’s Word:

During this ceremony, the priest reads the word of God. Similarly, the priest reads during the mass or outside. Further, it talks about how Gold talk to all His children to be His followers as Messiah did when he was still in love.

Promises About Baptism:

Another symbolic part of the ritual is baptismal promises. However, people gather around the baptismal font with water baptism. Further, one of the parents holds the baby. In Addition, the priest ask parents what they want? As a result, they reply to baptism and he starts baptismal promises on their parent’s behalf.

Use of Water:

After promises, the priest pours water over the baby’s head and use word hold. However, the water is a symbol for removing the sins. Christening is a service that purifies a person from his original sin. As per their belief, everyone is born like this. Moreover, there is no chance of survival without water. It also shows that Lord’ life is as he rises again belong to us. As a result, without water, there is no concept of life and gives new spiritual life for an individual.

Use of Oil:

Within the baptism ceremony, the priest rubs oil on the chest as well as the head of the baby. Similarly, it shows that baby will be able to face future’s problems and more strong. Further, the oil is a mixture of balsam and olive oil. After this, the sealing with a gift also represents this. In Addition, parents do the profession of faith on their child’s behalf. Finally, during the sacrament of confirmation, the child will confirm your profession of faith. Further, the prest will use the oil again. You should also check Stock Certificate Templates.

Candle of Baptism:

To make a baby’s new life symbolic, the parents light a baptismal candle. Moreover, the flame takes from the Easter candle. Further, it represents Christ’s light which is the light of the world. In Addition, this light is such light where darkness is never overcome. In Addition, the baby’s flame of faith awakens. As a result, he starts to see this world with the eyes of Chris.

White Garment:

The parent’s choice during christening is the use of a white dress for their baby. However, this shows the new life of a child in Christ. However, any type of shawl, gown or white garment can be used. In Addition, the garment’s colour show purity, newness, safety and peace. Further, shows a strong symbol of revival.

Baptism certificate and Baptismal register

After the ceremony of initiation, the next part is the Christening certificate. Once it’s ready, you need to register it baptismal register However, you need to care of your certificate and record it in a safe place for future use. Further, you also have an option to frame it. Moreover, there are lots of symbols used for immersion and is a symbolic ceremony.

Catholic Baptism Certificate:

You can also find a lot of varieties for the catholic baptism certificate. Moreover, there is an option to download a template and change it according to your requirement. Further, sign it from the priest.

Choice For Making your Baptism Certificate

Nowadays it’s not difficult to design the baptism certificate of your own choice. However, if you have material and guidance you can design yourself. Further, if you design for your children you can make it special with a different design look.

It doesn’t matter you have a son or a daughter for making the template. However, you can use different designs and customise them according to your need.

You can use different types of software and use it for making the template. Nowadays Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint are the easiest ones.

If you don’t know how to make a template. You can download free templates of your choice. Further, you can fill in the relevant information in it.

The choice of paper is very important. Once you fill the information in the template, you can choose print paper. Don’t use thick paper that will jam in the printer or not so thin that it will tear. Moreover, when you’re making your own template, you can include a lot of lovely messages. During writing, you need to plan that the messages should be more meaningful, memorable and loving to your kids.


Baptism certificate templates are available in different formats like catholic region patterns. Baptism is a pour of water or sprinkling on someone in making Christian. There are different categories like infant baptism and adult baptism. Parents take their children to church for christening.

Moreover, different types of symbols are used in this process like assembly, cross sign, God’s word. Water, oil, candle and white garments. The Baptism certificate plays an important role in future life especially for weddings, funerals etc. Further, it should register in the baptismal register. There are different templates you can make with the help of software like Microsoft Word & Powerpoint. You can also download free templates and edit their design and format as per your requirement.

Further, you can add messages when you are making your template. However, messages play a vital role. You should select such messages for your kids which are loving and memorable. You can download different templates of baptism certificate and customize according to your requirement.

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