Free Employee Information Form Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

Employee Information form keeps the important data of the employees. Moreover, this becomes useful in tracking the record of workers in your office. Further, it provides you to get detail about the employee’s designation and department. In Addition, the company safe your contact information, in an emergency or injury during office. We are living a busy life. However, getting employee information on an emergency basis is challenging work. With the use of a computer, it’s a piece of cake for any organization to retrieve data in any condition.

What is Employee Information Form?

The information about workers is the record which is useful to the company in any situation. Similarly, the record of staff is a compulsory thing in any organization. Further, computer use makes it easy to store data and filing of personal information about their employees. In Addition, the company gets your contact information. As a result, if the worker is in an emergency or injury in the office, his/her family contact is easy now. In earlier times, this was a challenging task. An employee information form is an important human resources document(HR). It contains the name, designation, SSN(Social Security number) spouse contact information, department and employment details. Nowadays, it’s an easy task to get information about a company’s employees. You may also like Policy Proposal Templates.

The value of Employee Information Document

The Personnel Information System is really important for any organization. Moreover, it makes the task easy for a company regarding information retrieval and access on-demand. In Addition, if you need any specific details which are way years back. With the help of the system, you just scroll down and look back through years and reach specific target detail. Further, a good information system has built-in search functions. If you need any report for a specific duration, you can easily get it without search in the complete database.


With the help of the Information system, it is easy to remember the important dates. These include Birthdate, children’s event which company gives value. Moreover, such information is in the knowledge of HR/ welfare departments.

Data migration and sharing

Another key factor is when they require an Employee information sheet for migrating data. Similarly, the time comes when they transfer data from one system to another system. So, it becomes easier if you have an information system. In Addition, it uses to transfer information from the old to the new system. Information sharing is a key role in any office. Moreover, it becomes essential between the departments. It should be time-conscious and time-effective. In Addition, whatever, Information system you use, should be capable to share data between departments.

Feature of Task Manager

For better use of the Employee Information information form, you need to check that your system is using a feature of the task manager. Moreover, it’s crucial when you have multiple tasks. Further, the use of a task manager helps you to keep safe from overlapping. This only becomes possible with the use of an information system.

Forms for accessing personal data

Many people have no idea how to use personal data information. However, this is your right in any company to access information related to you. Moreover, you need permission for checking your data. Further, it’s against the law that if you try to reach your information without prior approval. Although, this information is about you, but accesses permission is necessary in this regard. It is your official right to ask about your information from your data officer. However, if you believe in your organization, you can ask about the data details they are sharing about you. In Addition, some organizations will require a fee if it’s an urgent requirement.

Accessing information On Someone’s else behalf

You need to sign an authorization form. Moreover, you will access data on his/her behalf. For this purpose, you need to sign the Consent disclosure form. Moreover, you can give signed authority that has the following details like you. For Instance, in the case of the student record, you need the following information

  • Student number
  • Name
  • Contact Telephone#
  • Course title
  • Course Record
  • The details of the person who is accessing on your behalf
  • The person’s name
  • His/her relation with you
  • Which information do you want to give to the third person?
  • When to collect this information and from which organization

Finally, a person should give his photo identification during the access of information. Different types of employee information templates are available. The details are:

  • Student Record, Workplace record, etc.,

Information handling challenges

The challenges we face are capability and employee negligence. Similarly, it creates tension, which type of information is going share. Further, it needs to manage data, explosive data growth and secure disposal. Fraudulence is also one of the major circumstances. To avoid such incidents, you should be aware, that where information is used. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the company, that it should see the risks in caring for the personnel information system and data of an employee. Moreover, the company should take safety measures in storing, retrieving and leaking information related to workers. Therefore, the company should consider the following risks:

Acquiring Knowledge

The company and the workers must understand the Information management system. Similarly, during the collection, retrieval and disposal of information, privacy concerns are Important to keep in mind.


It is important to review privacy policies before you get information from third parties. Moreover, the investors understand the representation concerning permissible access and relevant information.

Requirement Assessment

The persons who handle the personal information system should know the policies within their positions. As a result, they should follow strict rules in the collection of data. Moreover, legal procedures should use in the handling of data.

Requirements under the law

  • It is the right of an employee to use his/her data that is safe in the personnel.
  • Information system. Moreover, if he/ she requests the data, it should allow use within the boundaries of the law.

Any organization must have employee information

It is key to keep a record of an employee because it creates a healthy and safe environment in the office. Moreover, during an injury/ illness of a worker, a record helps a lot to give information to family members. Moreover, when you start your system or has your business. It is essential, that you keep a personal information system. Further, the registration system is good when you hire employees in legal ways. In Addition, there are different types of forms that the employer needs to fill. However, this shows the importance of forms during hiring. Some forms are obligatory from the government. Similarly, without filling you can be accused. From the business point of view, some forms need to fill. An employer or employee of your company needs to fill some form at some stage.

Form W-4

This is the “Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate”. It is a compulsory document with the IRS. An employer should know the earnings of their employees when he withheld the income tax. Moreover, Federal taxes (Medical, social security and income taxes) come under withholding tax. Further, these taxes, deduct from the wages of an employee and money deposited to the IRS. Each employee needs to fill the W-4 form. Similarly, an employer knows how much tax an employee withheld each month from their salary. In Addition the following details you provide when filling the W-4 form.

  • Full Name
  • Marital Status
  • Physical Address
  • Social Security Number.

Any new employee must fill a W-4 form. Without it, he/ she cannot be on the payroll.

Form I-9

This is the Employment Verification form. However, you are not able to work within the country. Any employer makes it compulsory for their employees fill this form. Moreover, this form contains three sections. The first section fills by an employee.

  • The employer fills the second section. Finally, the third section is to re-hiring or re-verification if he finds employment somewhere else.
  • The employee gives a social security number and physical address to fill this form.
  • There is also a segment in this form. However, this is the responsibility of a Preparer.
  • An employee presents his/her original documents as verification to work within the country. Further, there is a section in which signature of an employer.
  • Finally, the employer verifies the information is given by the employer is correct.

State Tax Withholding Form

In some situations, there is a state income tax, where business location is. Similarly, this form fills in the W-4 form. This form is not applicable in all states. Further, this will fill if state tax is implemented in your state. This document fills all the allowance when they want a claim from the state. The employer withheld the income tax at the end of each payment cycle from the information of employees.

Emergency Contact Form

This form must fill by the employee. Moreover, the next of kin is needed for some reason. If an employee gets injured in the office. The company needs to contact a person for keeping in touch with the family members. Further, the information of one to three persons fill in the form. At the time of emergency, this is important to inform the family about the incident of an employee. The following details on the emergency form are:

  • Name of contacts
  • Relationship with Employee
  • Physical address
  • Work phone numbers
  • Home phone numbers

Acknowledgement form for handbook

A reputable organization keeps an employee handbook in their business. However, this is a crucial document, because it provides details about a business. Moreover, every employee should know about it. The information in the handbook contains business policies, payroll information and employment laws. Further, employees can consult handbooks for any type of information they need. The acknowledgement form shows that the employer proves to be a responsible person. He/she has complete details about employees.

Information About Bank

If the employee wants direct deposit or the company is in a state where the direct deposit is compulsory. In this situation, the employer should have the bank details of employees. Most of the employees prefer to transfer their salary through direct deposit. That’s why the employer needs the following details of their employees.

  • Name of Employee
  • Type Of Account
  • Bank Details of Employee
  • Routing Number of Bank
  • The employee’s account number

Moreover, the employee must sign the form that they want their pay through direct deposit. In Addition, this will be easy for an employer to set up the payroll accordingly. This is the duty of concerned parties to make sure that employee information data is secure. Moreover, the data about an employee which is in the information system should update accordingly. In Addition, this becomes easy for an employee to provide necessary assistance, whenever, required. You should also check Disciplinary Action Form.


TO sum up, the Employee Information form stores the important data of an employee. Moreover, it provides a safe and health proof system for any organization. Further, in case of injury/ illness of an employee, this system provides help to get in touch with family members. In Addition, the information system should be updated with frequent changes. Whenever an employee needs it, he can get assistance from the Employee Information sheet. Consequently, different types of forms like W-4, I-9, Bankbook acknowledges an emergency form maintain an employer for the facilitation of employees.

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