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Free Policy Proposal Templates & Examples [Excel, Word, PDF]

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A policy Proposal template means to write a policy for different purposes. However, the target is to write an effective policy. Moreover, you gather all the required information in a convincing, relevant and controlled manner. Moreover, it is important that if you are writing a policy for a new system or a small jerk for your business. Further, the important thing is, if you write a policy, it should be approved. In Addition, people create policies for a specific cause. As a result, they want to order and peace in a specific environment. This is the reason, people write the Policy Proposal template.


What is Policy Proposal?

A policy proposal is a historical document. Similarly, it’s a need for a policy and the process needs to create it. It is a permanent document. It files with the original copy of the approved policy. In Addition, a policy proposal contains. A record of how the need for the policy and the persons involved.

  • The proposal
  • The policy
  • The discussion of how it chooses in the policy if they are not obvious
  • An implementation plan
  • A record for policy revisions

A policy proposal plans the basis for policy and the facts supporting various policy options. The public policy uses more than one alternative option to address the issue. Similarly, the proposal should explain the preferred or recommended option.

Proposed Types of Policies

The purpose to write policy is to maintain order and peace in the environment. Further, people face issues in their offices. Moreover, if they write the proper policy, they can terminate him. In Addition, we should take it seriously to maintain our office environment. For Instance, if someone from your company disobeys the rules. Moreover, if a proper policy is there, you can terminate an employee. There are different types of policies that are explained.

  • Health Policies
  • Environment Policies
  • HR Policies
  • New policies
  • Revision Poli policies
  • Public policies

Keep it in mind. That this document’s purpose is to provide a solution to your problem. Further, it should identify a problem. Moreover, how often it affects the entity. In Addition, you will offer suggestions to solve it. Once you have written the hypothesis, you will prove it with hard facts. Similarly, the information about facts you can get from scientific studies or survey statistics. Moreover, it is ideal if you provide an alternate solution with your policy. In Addition, you will prove that your support is with each solution and you provide backup with hard proofs. Always remember these key points when you are writing a proposal.

Make Sure It’s Related

If there is a claim from someone is easy to say, but prove it is a difficult thing. If you are finding some problem to deal with, make sure it’s doing good to affect the audience. In Addition, someone is directly suffering from the problem.


Don’t forget to be specific

If you find any problem in your Policy Proposal template, you just twig with it. Don’t engage in any other issue which is related to the central policy.


Don’t forget to explain your purpose to your audience

So on, if your policy is met with opposition, usually from the minority. To remove this confusion, ensure that readers understand your point of view. Moreover, explain why there is a need for the policy and how people will get the benefit.


Examples of Policy

Informal proposals require when people in need get permission to start purchasing. However, you need to write on paper. This type of proposal is a way of convincing. In Addition, offering an idea and asking for action to take. We can also give examples of business proposals. There are 3 distinct types of proposals.

  • Informal Solicited
  • Formally Solicited
  • Unsolicited.

Policy Proposal Include the Following Components

It is the best way to present your policy. However, if you show to your Incharge with a source of information then it becomes special. Moreover, it will be easy for them to link the decision they apply. Further, it provides you with a great opportunity. In addition, you can finalize the structure and logical argument. Finally, you will get support in favor of your proposal. On the other hand, if you show it to your manager, he will feel proud. Similarly, it gives the impression, that you are loyal to the company. There are some essential parts of the effective policy:


It explains the overall detail of the company. Similarly, It gives the problem, the solution of the problem, the expense and profit details. Further, you recognize the reader and try to influence with your convincing power. Moreover, you get more help if you know the ways to attract your audience. You may also like Jury Duty Excuse Letters. To get success, you need to know, who will show interest in your proposal. Similarly, you need to check, who will decide to accept or reject your proposal. Explain the issues you care about, the use of benefits and language will give an extra advantage to attract your audience.


It also mentions it as a subject. Similarly, it can add as an argument, background information, importance and problem. To solve this you need to answer the following questions.

  • Who gets affected by the proposal?
  • What’s your reason for writing the proposal?

Give details about your presentation and the problems links with it.


If we talk about the proposal, what will be the solution to it. However, it requires a step-by-step plan, the benefits and kills the potential problems. Further, you can add your people here.   In addition, their experience and knowledge will be an advantage to your proposal.


You can give the list of the people who are qualified and can help implement the policy proposal.

The conclusion of the benefits and costs

Finally, you will balance your expense against your benefits. However, this is the last opportunity for you that you support your point of view. Moreover, you can give your arguments in favor of your proposal. Further, it’s the best approach to allocate projected cost of your every part of the proposal. In Addition, include the details of the project’s benefits as well as the company’s monetary and non-monetary outcome. As a result, it will convince the reader that there is a return on investment. In conclusion, you should thank the reader for helping you in presenting your proposal. Further, give your contact details to him/her. In Addition, please make sure the details are easily identified.

How to write a policy proposal?

Normally, two things come into mind when we talk about policy. One is a success and the other is productivity. However, if you do change the complete setup, it will be a problem with responsibility. Moreover, if you write the facts in your official document. It is an outstanding way to present your case. In Addition, when you write a policy proposal template, you face a problem. There is a description in the document that helps to solve a problem. If you know the early requirements, and the steps involved, you can write a good policy proposal effective. Here are some guidelines for your help:

Invest time in research

It’s a good practice that you are given time to your research. By doing that, you collect facts which is helpful in your proposal. Moreover, you should include actual things that will increase the credibility of your proposal. If your document is based on facts, you can solve the problems of your existing policies.

Write a description of the problem

AS explained earlier, identify the issues before starting a proposal and how it affects your audience. For Instance, there is a policy or office practice that creates obstacles in the efficiency of employees. Moreover, if you find some issue in your research, explain your point of view against such problems and clear everything.

Propose a solution

If you are working on your proposal, then first look at your proposed solution as well as your implementation plan. For Instance, if there is an issue with the employee working remotely, you can make rules to apply to the home workers. In Addition, make a summary, how to monitor employees.

Provide all the facts

Always make sure that you write true things in your proposal, not a rumor. However, you will see that other companies have done this scientific research. You can add other reliable sources to support your document. For instance, you can check the work of other companies who successfully implement the concept of a remote office. Moreover, you can also include employee satisfaction and cost savings in that company. In Addition, if you take the help of visual aids, it’s an excellent idea to make your proposal more appealing. Finish your policy proposal template In the end, you write a brief conclusion and make it short to one or two paragraphs. Similarly, you can add recap information about your total proposal. Before submitting your policy proposal, Check your template is correct. You must check that your document is without errors. Further, you write it more convincingly that it looks like friendly writing. Please cross check before submitting your policy proposal template.

Remove Technical Terms & Jargon

Jargons are good to include in the business, but people don’t give positive remarks in these terms. As a result, you should use simple words which are easy to understand.

Avoid Passive Voice Sentences

To give more understanding, it’s better to use active voice sentences. However, the use of passive voice is misleading. Adding unnecessary words can unclear your point of view.

Make sure your proposal proofreads

You can take the help of applications to proofread your proposal. For Instance, Grammarly is the most popular. It also checks grammar mistakes and spelling. Moreover, it points out the poor style of your phrase. In Addition, poor grammar and spellings give dishonor to your document. As a result, your poll. You should also check Disciplinary Action Form.


A policy proposal template is ideal for writing different types of proposals. Moreover, the purpose is to make an efficient policy. In an office, they have approved policy. Further, if an employee doesn’t follow it, he will terminate his job. In Addition, the purpose is to maintain discipline in the office or company. There are different policies like HR Policy, health policy, environmental policy and public policy etc. Before submitting a proposal, you should proofread it. Moreover, avoid passive voice sentences and remove technical terms and jargon. There are different types of policy proposal templates available. You can download it as per your requirement.

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