Printable Doctor Prescription Pad Templates [Word, PDF]

A doctor prescription pad template, only the doctors can use it. However, they have a license to recommend medicines to patients. Further, a doctor needs to use a prescription pad. In Addition, the prescription gives a legal look. Medical professionals also authorize to use the prescription pad. A doctor needs to prescribe medicine in clear writing, which a patient can easily understand. Moreover, the medical practitioner should avoid errors in writing a medicine. The main reason for prescription is to allow the doctor to mark the names of medicines. However, except doctors, other medical professionals can also use it. The benefit of using the prescription pad template is the correct use of prescription as per your requirement. There is another good practice which you should do is add a logo of hospital or place where you are practising. However, this can help to communicate with your client as a medical practitioner. You can download the free prescription pad template. However, it’s a free tool and you can utilize it as per your need. You may also like Doctor’s Note Templates.

The Prescription Pad: What Is It?

The prescription pad is a piece of paper in which detail of doctors as well as a hospital is provided. However, a professionally designed prescription plays an important role in building your professional career. The normal use of a pad is to suggest medicines to the patient. However, this prescription is also in the use of other medical professionals. Further, nurses also use it when they give a basic drug to the patient. In Addition, the important information about the doctor is on the pad. For Instance, the name of the doctor, qualification of the practitioner and address, contact details, email and logo are on the top. Every doctor should keep a prescription pad. Similarly, the prescription pad format should be in an easy style, so every patient can easily read it. However, you can’t get medicine without a proper medical prescription. Further, it is a law of that country that without medical prescription you will not get medicine from a chemist. You can also get online medical prescriptions. However, for that, you must see a doctor first. Moreover, You need to go online for a video or audio chat with your medical practitioner. In Addition, once a doctor checks you online, he can suggest medicines for you. You can download prescription pad templates which are available in PDf or word. Once its download, you can edit the format as per your needs.

Components of Prescription Pad

Every prescription pad consists of few components. The pad contains information about the doctor. Moreover, the name of the practitioner, address, contact details is on top. Further, there is a place for writing medicine to the patient. In Addition, there is a standard format that should be kept in mind. Below are few components of the pad for explanation purposes.

Detailed information about the doctor or medical professional

You can see the Information of the doctor with the educational background and professional details. For Instance, the name of the practitioner, degree details and professions like dentists, dermatologists or cardiologists etc. are on the top of the prescription pad. Moreover, you can get details of contact information, address and clinic timings at the bottom side of the prescription letter.

Patient Details

Details of the patient in which name, age, sex are on the prescription pad. Moreover, only the doctor can fill in this information. In Addition, he mentions the disease and writes the medicines on the pad. Further, you can see weight slots in some types of prescription letters, which helps suggest the medicines.

Date of treatment

There is a place of the date on the left or right corner of the pad. However, this information is very important from the patient point of view. Further, the date will show your last visit to the doctor. In Addition, it will help you to go on your next visit. That’s why prescribers should keep in mind these little things while writing on the prescription pad.

The Importance of Rx Symbol

Doctors write the Rx symbol on the top of the letter pad. However, most people want to know about the details of these two letters. This symbol is a Latin word and its meaning is the procedure and to take. Similarly, this symbol uses as a title on the pad. Further, the doctor writes the Rx medicine details after this label.


The inscription refers to the pad about the medicine name with its amount and type. However, this is important that the chemist and patient easily understand the dose. Further, it is easy for both, if the doctor mentions the company name of the drug.


This section gives details to the pharmacist. The doctor suggests the medicine to the patient. Moreover, the prescription for chemist about the patient name, medicine details are there. In other words, it’s a paper of instruction for the druggist from the practitioner. It includes the number of tablets, capsules, injections and the bottle’s size in ML. Further, the details about the medicines for the patients are also included.


You will see the signature at the end of the prescription pad template. However, once the prescription is final, the medical professional should sign to give it a license status. Moreover, you will see the editable document which you can download with one click. Further, the format of pdf, word documents is available.

Understanding Prescriptions / Reading Prescriptions

It is one of the most important parts of the prescription pad template. That ‘s how to read/understand the medication letter. Further, the guide for reading and understanding the pad includes in it. The prescription letter contains the name, gender, address, weight along with basic clinical information and medicine details. Moreover, you can see the details of the Doctor’s name, degree title, clinic hours and contact numbers. The details of the prescription are in the following order.

  • Name of the medicines
  • The dose of the drugs
  • How to take the tablets?
  • When to use it

Knowledge About Abbreviations

It is not easy for a common man to read the abbreviations used in the prescription pad. However, the language is not easy to understand. With the help of a guide, you can understand the letter pad easily. You can find the details of the abbreviation list in the prescription paper. You can take help from an online prescription pad template for an online detail of the medicine. Further, in an epidemic situation, you can get an online prescription from the doctor. Here is a detail about the abbreviation normally use in the letter pad.

Abbreviation with meaning

  • bid: two times in a day
  • q3h: take every 3 hours
  • q4h: take every 4 hours
  • QD: every day
  • qod: take medicine every other day
  • qhs: each night
  • QPM: every night
  • QAM: every morning
  • tid: three times a day
  • pc: take medicine after a meal
  • int: between meals
  • Ac: before the meal
  • Od: once daily
  • IV: injection for vein
  • IM: injection for muscle
  • Caps: capsule
  • gtt: drops

These are basic knowledge about the abbreviation. However, mostly doctors or medical professionals prescribe it in the letter pad.

Profits Of Prescription Pad

After discussing the prescription pad and abbreviation, we are discussing the benefits of prescription for hospitals, doctors and patients. Here are a few details about profits. In Favour of Doctor

  • The value of the clinic
  • Better in the future use of medicines
  • Improves the link between doctor and patient
  • Easy to maintain a record of the patient
  • Increase the credibility of doctor by looking at degree title
  • Gives more information about a medical practitioner

Benefits For Patient

  • Easy to purchase medicine from a chemist
  • Easy to do next visit with the help of letter pad
  • Maintain medical history
  • A complete guide for using a medicine
  • Use for claiming insurance

In Favour of Hospital

  • Quality work
  • Name of the clinic for next visit
  • Safe record of each patient

Various types of medication errors

The medication error can harm the patient. Different types of medication errors are here for your information

Recommending Error

The recommending error is dangerous when a medical professional writes incorrect medicine. As a result, you can suffer from allergies or reactions to the patient. Dose Details: If the patient is not following the dose details, it will not give health to the patient. As a result, it can prolong the medication. Communication Failure: It can result in a medical error if there is no proper dialogue between the doctor and patient. Technical Fault: The medical instruments are not reliable and give results not as per the specification. As a result, this can lead to the wrong use of medication. Problems In medicine preparation: If medicine does not prepare the right amount, it can harm the patient.

How To Prevent Medication Errors

There are a few guidelines, with the help of this you can remove medication errors.

  • The name should be according to the suggested medicine
  • The timing of medicines
  • Keep in touch with your consultant
  • The medicine preparation in the right ratio
  • The dose of the medicine you take daily
  • What precautions you are taking during your treatment


A doctor prescription pad template which doctors use to prescribe medicine to the patients. The doctor should write in clear writing, which a patient can understand. However, You can get an online prescription but after a video chat with a doctor. Further, the details of the patient in which age, sex and information about the medicine is there. You may also see Medical History Form Templates. In the prescription pad, you can see the details of a clinic with a logo. Further, medicine details for patients and in the end signature of the practitioner to make it legal status. In Addition, abbreviations use, which helps you to take a dose of the medicine. The prescription pad is beneficial because the patient can get an idea of the next visit to the doctor. Further, it will give you details of tablets, capsules and injections to take. There are different types of prescription pad templates available. Therefore, you can get an online prescription pad with the help of a doctor. You can easily download and edit as per your requirement.

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