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30+ Free Employee Complaint Forms & Templates [MS Word]

employee concern form template

An Employee Complaint form allows an employee to document and submit an issue against him/her. Likewise, this can be in the form of misconduct or illegal action. Moreover, this form provides a sufficient method and collection against office violations. In Addition, a complaint form gives you a brief and clear picture of the issues related to you. You state about your problem and wait for a response from the workplace. Further, you should not write a letter in an angry or threatening style.


What is Employee Complaint Form?

An employee complaint form is a document that records inappropriate behavior that an employee face in the office. Consequently, with the help of a complaint form, HR departments or employers solve the issue by taking necessary action. However, it’s quite similar to an employee incident report. Moreover, issues and problems address in this form. This form is ideal for those employees who are hesitating to write complain before the HR department or employer. In Addition, serious organizations want to keep equal rights among employees. This document is one of the best ways to create discipline in the office and provide justice to workers.


Employee complaint forms: when to use them

All employees wish to work in an ideal office environment. Similarly, this is not possible in the real world. Consequently, there are office-mates in every organization, which are problem creators. That’s why to maintain discipline among office colleagues, the employee complaint form resolves the issue and misconduct of employees. There are different types of situations where its use is compulsory: If you are an employee and want to complain about your co-workers. AS an employer, when you want that any issue should be acknowledged through the form. If you are in the HR department and want to introduce the complaint form for the rights of each employee. The employee is not getting complete wages every month. When the worker sees favoritism is in the office.  A member looks that breaking the law is happening to other co-workers. If the purpose is that the right people know about the issue in the office, you give them a complaint form to fill. It can be used as an Employee Information or harassment complaint form for serious issues. Moreover, this provides perfect feedback. In Addition, you can examine that the HR department fully implements this complaint form. You can make it successfully if you use it for all types of complaints in the office. This is the ideal situation if this document use is for the right people. Similarly, the right people can put their complaints with HR or employer. In Addition, they will take action against the problem creator. Normally the appellant fills the form itself. However, he needs to submit it according to company policies. In that way the form becomes energetic. It helps as the basis of communication between the employee and the person who deals with an issue. The person who is delaying should have complete knowledge about an issue. Moreover, when it requires, you can show it on a regular basis. Further, only the manager and HR know about the complaints. This is separately handled by the HR department. Another key factor, don’t disclose any information before the employee. Likewise, talk to your employer and explain him. After that, the complaint form will help HR/employer to investigate the matter and reach the right person.

Why should you use an employee complaint form online?

No one wants or expects issues in his/ her life. Similarly, the use of complaint forms gives a better chance to the company to speed up the process. Further, it will be easy to conclude a complete investigation. In Addition, you will not face such problems in future. When an employee files the complaint, he prevents himself from further discrimination and harassment. In case of cyber-attack or theft, this complaint document will help to note the theft or missing data. Overall, the employee complaint form creates a better and peaceful environment in the office. You should also check the Employee Information Form.


Forms of employee complaints

No doubt, how good and well repute organization is. However, issues and problems occur in every company. In Addition, the use of complaint form makes it more organize and create a peaceful place to work. For instance, if you have a problem in the office, which is affecting your performance. The best way is to talk to your supervisor or HR department Manager. In Addition, fill the complaint form and make it official. Certainly, you need to raise your voice respectably and professionally. This is the way how it implements. There are different types of forms available. You need to confirm from the HR department, which forms you need to fill. Here are different types of forms available:

  1. Classified Employee Complain Form
  2. Civil Service Complaint Form
  3. Covered Employee Complaint Form
  4. Employee Behavior Complaint Form
  5. Employee Complaint Investigation
  6. Employee Contract Form
  7. Employee Internal Complaint
  8. Harassment Complain Form
  9. Public Employee Complaint Form
  10. Employee Complaint Concern

It is best practice, you go through the handbook of the company. Similarly, it contains all the forms of the complaint. It will be easy to check which format you need to fill. If the handbook is not available, you can talk to the HR department. However, they will guide you on which form you need to file your complaint. In Addition, you should have complete knowledge and you can easily file your complaint. But, in some companies, you need to talk to your supervisor for filing a complaint. You should follow the rules, regulations and policies.


Samples of Complaint Letters

Below are the details for complaint letter templates. However, you can check or talk to the HR department about the selection of grievance letters.


Managing employee complaints

In reputed organizations, employer’s wish that all employees are happy and satisfied. However, this applies to their working condition and work also. Moreover, you can expect an employee’s complaint. Further, if such an issue arises, an employee must talk openly and productively. In Addition, if you will talk to your supervisor about the complaint. After that, he will talk to the management. Finally, they will be in a condition to solve your problem. If you are working as an HR manager. Consequently, it’s your responsibility to solve the complaint. Further, you need to make your employee happy. Here are some procedures to deal with complaints in the office.


Complaints should be handled with a system

First of all, you need to develop a system for your employees. Similarly, they need to follow it. Further, your policies and system should be in your company handbook. Moreover, once your system is ready, you can use it as a reference. Next, hire a person and train him, that he will receive complaints. Moreover, you need to practice pleasure when receiving a complaint. Please ensure whoever works know about the system. There should be a central location where complaints receive. Further, you need to make sure that complaint reaches to in charge directly. Provide a storehouse where they place the form after filling. Place your employees on the complaint procedures. Further, explain their complaints will remain confidential. On the other hand, employees feel hesitant to speak with their minds in fear of revenge. Finally, you should schedule your complaints. Further, you need to deal with them efficiently. Set a period so employees know about early feedback. As a result, the employees raise a protest against you that you’re not solving them efficiently and timely.


To Conclude, an employee complaint form uses to file a complaint against some co-worker in the office. Once your complaint is final, you wait for a decision from the HR/ employer of the company. Employees need to fill different types of forms for their complaints. Moreover, the complaint check by HR for taking necessary action against a co-worker. In Addition, there is a complete handbook in a reputable organization for complaints. The complaints should be resolved early. This complaint system should be a part of every organization. Consequently, you will see a better secure and disciplined environment for work. You can download any type of complaint form which you will achieve your required document.

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