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30+ Free Employee Performance Review Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

quarterly performance review template

For every business, an employee performance review template is essential and its efficiency depends on how it is conducted. It’s beneficial for both the employees and employers. The main purpose of this review is to motivate employees and increase engagement. In addition, it keeps everyone on the same page. With the help of employee performance review templates, businesses conduct performance reviews effectively.


What should be included in an employee performance review?

Basically, a performance review is a formal assessment of an employee’s work in a particular time period. It is also known as performance evaluation or performance appraisal. In a review, managers include;

  • Employees overall performance
  • Determine their strengths and weakness
  • Offer feedback
  • Their problem-solving skills, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Employees punctuality and reliability
  • Their capability to complete goals and meet deadlines.

Also, mention the employee’s achievements and contributions to their role or company. After that, weigh the assessment to get a complete picture of an employee’s overall performance. Companies use grading systems, percentages, or written descriptions for weighing the overall performance. When you have all done with the grading process, set a meeting to discuss the final results with each employee. Moreover, if you want to keep your meeting on track, keep the written copy of the review.

Tips for an efficient employee performance review:

Tip#1: At first, a performance review should be a two-way conversation so that it will be really stuck with employees. Tip#2: Next, take time for reflection as it is the standard for most performance reviews. Have a look at behaviors and achievements. Tip#3: The managers should behave as coaches, not judges as you are on the same team. Tip#4: After reviewing the past performances, you and your employee have to look toward the future.


Different types of employee performance review templates:

Good performance review

This template is used for an effective 1-on-1 conversation between managers and employees.

Quarterly Check-In performance review

As its name implies, it is used for quarterly performance conversations.


Mid-year performance review

It pays attention to key highlights, obstacles, and a strategy for the future.


Annual performance review

The annual performance review template is used for summarizing performance across the year. Also, employees use it to prioritize goals and to look toward the future.


Self–assessment performance review

Employees use this template to reflect on their own performance, finding obstacles or opportunities, and for personal success.

Feedback performance review

The feedback template used by the managers to gather feedback on their own performance. Here employees share their thoughts is their managers doing well and where they need improvements. Some other types of performance review templates are;

  • Team performance review
  • Peer review
  • One-page performance review


In conclusion, without destroying the employee-manager relationship, an employee performance review identifies growth opportunities and potential areas of improvement. Usually, companies conduct annual reviews but some companies are also moving toward quarterly, monthly, or weekly reviews. You can also download various employee performance review templates for your assistance.

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