Free Printable Employee Write-Up Form [MS Word]

An employee write-up form or Employee disciplinary form is written, when he/she has committed a violation in the office and you want to keep his record regarding the incident for future concern. This document allows managers or supervisors to know in detail about the violation or incident done by his/her employee and he/she can use it for giving him/her a chance that in future he will be more vigilant towards his job efficiency or productive work. You may also like Employee Performance Review Templates.

Detailed Employee Evaluation Form

An employee Evaluation form is such type of document in which your employer or manager write down the details about your violation related to the work and keep it as a record for checking improvement in future so that you can be an ideal personality for your company. Your progress will keep you away from write-up or disciplinary forms and you have a good chance to secure your place in the company and remove the fear of termination from your job.

What is an Employee Write-Up Form?

An Employee write-up form is used when someone is not giving his best in terms of work or productivity. Initially, the employer gives a verbal warning, but if there is no improvement seen in the employee’s behaviour or attitude towards work, the only remaining solution is to bring it in written form and keep it as a record in his/her profile. This is a big step to send an employee a disciplinary notice that the organization requirements are not fulfilled and you have to prove from your work that you are still an asset to the company. A good approach is to give chance to your worker that he will improve and show the best performance in productivity or work. When there is no other way, Employee Disciplinary form is the ultimate solution to bring on track and get full output.

What Should You Include?

An employee write-up form is a document that shows about employee’s negligence towards work, either exemplify from his/her work or disciplinary action which can be termination. If this is the first time in your life to compose an evaluation form, then you should try such temples which is a professional document or try such one which is fully covered all the required information. There are a few points that should be in mind when filling or customizing your document.

  • Employee Name
  • Employee’s Position and ID number
  • Department of an Employee
  • Employee’s Supervisor or Manager name
  • Details about conduct like non-serious attitude or lack of expertise in work
  • Any improvement plan in which deadline is also specified.
  • Significances of repeat offence
  • Signature of Employee, Employee’s Supervisor & Employer

Once it’s done send it to you in charge via email, or send a message. One copy should be kept in your personnel file as a record and one copy should be sent to the employer.

Forms for Disciplinary Actions

These types of documents are meant to be written for showing negligence from the workplace and a non-serious attitude in maintaining quality work. Different types of forms are available and you have to choose the best one which will fulfil your requirement. You should also check Employment Application Templates.

Do You Know How to write a warning to an Employee?

An employee write-up form is such type of document in which you list down the performance-related issue or strict action against your employee which can lead to termination of a job as well. As an employer, you can download a document from an available list or you can compose yourself for your employees in which all the points are explained as per the requirement.

Consult Employee handbook for the reference

It’s a better approach that you first consult about employee’s handbook in which you should be aware of all the policies. At least no employee can blame you for unjust behaviour.

Provide as much detail as possible

As an employer, this should be your priority to get maximum record details like any previous warning in verbal or written and make it precise. So, you can use it for any future queries.

Witnesses’ Statements Are Included If Applicable

Without witnesses’ statements, you’re written up form is void and it will not go against an employee for taking any legal action. There should be a strong base if you want to terminate your worker through an employee was written up form. Witnesses have a key role that will decide that your candidate should be given a written warning or he/she should expel from the job.

Speak with the Employee Personally

Once you have done with your written up you should arrange a face-to-face meeting with an employee. During the meeting, you should discuss all the points which you have written up. It’s a professional approach and quite justified that you engage the employee’s supervisor as a witness so, whatever discussion is done between you and employee. His supervisor has complete knowledge that will help you out in future when you take legal action against him if you don’t find any improvement in his conduct.

Sign the Write Up Form with your Employee

It is also very serious to have the signature of your member as evidence that he is presented with the write-up. In many cases, it is seen that a member refused to sign the document because he does not agree with the owner. In his point of view, he is treated badly because of some politics and the owner wants to bring some other candidate by replacing him due to mental approach.

Allow Your Employee to respond

Always give a full chance to your employee by clearing his position. Sometimes it’s a misunderstanding which can be easily rectified if you provide him/her a chance to talk his/her point of view. Listen to both sides before concluding.

You Should Set Expectations for Your Employee To Improve

Setting expectations is really for the benefit of the employer and employee. You should make it clear that for a business these are key roles without them we can’t grow further. This will provide a positive frame of mind for your employee that my manager has set the targets and I have to achieve it by showing performance. This will enhance the communication between them as well. This will bring more clarity and more commitment and agreements will achieve.

Plan Your Follow Up

Follow up does not mean that employee write-up signed and you just keep your eyes closed. The ideal is that you give multiple follow-up dates while filling up the form. This is the best way you can check your employee that he is improving or you should make the final decision to terminate him from the workplace. Both of you are now clear that after giving too many written warnings to the employee there is no sign of improvement and the employee has no question to ask why I am terminated.

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