20+ Free Information Security Policy Templates [Word, PDF]

An information security policy template is a document that addresses different concerns such as the prevention of wastes and the elimination of potential legal liabilities. This document also addresses the inappropriate use of the resources of the organization. Additionally, a well-written and well-organized security policy acts as a valuable document of instruction. It contains instructions for employees about acceptable behaviors or resource usage. Also, it informs the employees what is not allowed in the company. You may also like Free Resignation Letter.

Different types of security policies:

Some different types of security policies are;

Information security policy:

This policy is used to protect the information of schools and their stakeholders. This policy is developed by the important people in the school. These people think of different ways to protect the valuable information and assets of the school.

Data security policy:

Data security policies are made to protect the data on computers and servers. It deals with the security password, data backup, and internet and email usage.

Network security policy:

Network security policies are the specific policies that pay attention to protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of the network. Moreover, accountability of the network’s security is also described by this policy.

Physical security policy:

This policy is developed to protect assets and resources from damages. It addresses all potential security risks.

Corporate security policy:

The corporate security policy provides protection to assets, persons, and company capital.

What to include in an information security policy?

An information security policy contains all the things that are related to cyber aspects. These things include;

  • State the instructions that how to transmit or share information.
  • The policies address the use of devices, machines, and instruments. The employees have to follow all these policies.
  • State the policies on how to use the company’s network and wireless network.
  • Describe the policies for limiting the usage of sensitive software.
  • The information for monitoring the security.
  • Discuss the information to block any devices to contain security breaches.
  • Instructions on the implementation of policies. You should also check Free Proof of Residency Letter.

How to create an information security policy?

Here are some tips that will help you in creating an information security policy;

  • At first, you have to develop all the potential risk sources. Now, thinks of different ways to reduce, transfer, or eliminate those risks. All these policies are applied to all the employees in your company. Every employee in the company should know how to deal with these risks.
  • Identify the scope of the security policy. You should develop the scope at first so that you can create your policies accordingly.
  • When creating your security policies, you have to involve different activities instead of thinking of the guidelines. You have to think of brainstorm ideas.
  • Next, describe the roles and responsibilities of employees in the security policies. Determine which employee has the bigger responsibility. It is according to safeguard the assets and interests of the company. Bigger responsibilities usually assigned to the IT or technical support staff.
  • You should make sure to assess your current security before finalizing your policies. Also, develop the appropriate security level to set for the company.
  • After defining the policies, execute them first. See if they work then finalize your document. Explain these policies to your employees clearly.
  • In the end, when the policies are in place then monitor the progress of your company.


In conclusion, an information security policy template helps to protect the privacy of the company. It protects the interest of the company including resources and assets. Moreover, it prevents improper sharing and transferring of data.

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