20+ Free Printable Address Book Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

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An address book template is the most convenient way to store the name and contact information of people you know. It is also used to store the information of people related to your business. These templates help you to secure and easily access your personal and professional contact information.


What is an Addresses Book?

An address book is a database or a book that contains the contact information of your family, friends, and colleagues. For an organization, it acts as an asset because it contains the contact information of all employees, project members, colleagues, and business partners. Nowadays, people use smartphones to save the contact information of the people they know. But, in case of technical failure, the address book still has a backup of all your contact information. Moreover, keeping an address book is a lot simpler and still very practical. You can easily buy or download an address book template and store a lot of information on it. You may also like Client Information Sheet Templates.


Different types of Address Book templates:

Some different types of address book templates are;

Business address book:

As its name implies, this template is used to store the professional contact information of the people related to the business. It also contains the contact information of the clients. With the help of a business address book, you can easily find your business contacts. In addition, it is a secure way to store your contact information.


Personal address book:

This address book template is used to track personal contacts and addresses. It provides you quick access to your most frequently used addresses and contacts. It is a secure way to keep track of the personal information of someone. Furthermore, it stores information such as name, address, contact number, email address, etc.

Project address book:

The project address book template is used to store the contact information of project managers, stakeholders, project team members, business analysts, and other people involve in the project. Other than the contact information it also includes the email address and home address of all these members.


Emergency address book:

In case of emergency, it is the most valuable tool. It contains the contact information of your family, friends, and important persons. Also, templates help you to keep your contact list organized so it will be very helpful in an emergency. They also make your work simpler and easier.


Employee address book:

This type of address book template is used by employers to organize the information of every employee. It helps you in managing your employee’s contact information.


Advantages of Address Book:

Address book provides you various benefits. Some of them are as follow;

  • The first and foremost benefit of an address book is that it can be used for your personal contacts as well as your business contacts.
  • It keeps all your contacts in one place. It is also helpful in case of an emergency.
  • Most importantly, if you lose your mobile phone, it still has a backup of all your contact information.
  • You can keep informed of a particular person secure by using an address book. You should also check Project Scope Statement Templates.

How to create an address book in MS Excel?

If you want to create your own address book in Excel, follow these steps;

  • At first, open MS excel. Then, create the header of your address book.
  • After creating the header, make the columns that describe what information your address book contains.
  • Now, create at least 5 columns and give them headings as Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Address, Workplace, and Other.
  • When you have all done with the above steps, save your file and print it.


In conclusion, an address book template is a helpful tool that allows you to store the contact information of your family, friends, and other people in an organized way. You can create your own address book easily by using these printable and editable templates.

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