30+ Printable Medical History Form Templates [Word, PDF]

A medical history form is a document that provides the doctor patient’s health history. A patient has to fill out this form whenever he is admitted to the hospital. With the help of this form, the doctor provides the patient better care and treatment. Additionally, this form assists the doctor to track the patients’ health situation. A medical history form is one of the most important documents of any patient’s medical treatment. It is a handy tool that provides the doctor with crucial information required for a period of medical treatment. Furthermore, it includes a summary of the patient’s diagnosis, symptoms, past diseases, and chronic diseases running in his/her family. You may also like 20+ Free Tooth Fairy Certificate Template [Word, PDF].

Purpose and importance of medical history form:

The main purpose of the medical history form is to provide the doctor patient’s health history, care requirements, and risk factors. This form is used by insurance firms to judge the insurability of the person. It is such a handy tool that provides important information needed to decide a course of treatment. It helps speed up emergency treatment. Thus, it enhances the chance of surviving in an emergency. Furthermore, it is used for medical research. During medical research, a researcher needs a patient’s medical history to diagnose some medical issues or diseases. Also, in case of any medical issue, employers want to access your medical history. They require a medical history form to identify your medical condition in the past. However, there are different types of medical history forms and each form is different from the other.

Different types of medical history forms:

Some of the different types of medical history forms are as follow;

Employee’s medical history form:

Employers ask their employees to fill the medical history form so that in case of any emergency, they can give him/her effective treatment. Employees should provide accurate information to avoid any complexities.

Patient’s medical history form:

This type of form requires the hospital to keep the patient’s medical records. Patients need it if they visit a new doctor for a second opinion. These forms are the best way to keep a record of a patient’s history for the future. Moreover, it includes the patient’s name, address, phone number, and other information is included.

Personal medical history form:

A personal medical history form is an important document needed for many purposes. It contains someone;

  • Personal information
  • Medical history
  • Physician details
  • Current and past diseases
  • Signatures

Child medical history form:

As its name implies, it is used to keep track of the medical situation of the child. When children go on a school trip, the school needs the medical history of every child in case of any medical issue.

Family medical history form:

In the family medical history form, there are medical problems of all the family members. Here you can mention all the information about every person’s medical situation. In addition, it is the best way to collect medical information from your family. You should also check 15+ Free Fake Doctor’s Note Templates [Word+PDF].

What to include in a medical history form?

A medical history form should include the following information;

  • Firstly, include the patient’s information such as his/her name, gender, contact number, and age.
  • Mention the allergies that patients have. It can be food, drug, or product allergy. Discuss in detail the type of allergy with its reaction.
  • Also, include the laboratory test history.
  • State the vaccination history along with the date.
  • Description of surgeries.
  • Write down the current and past diseases of the patient.
  • At the end, to make the document authentic affix the signatures.


In conclusion, a medical history form is a handy reference tool that contains information about a person’s health. Doctors make several decisions on the basis of a person’s medical history. You should ask for medical history form from the hospital or clinic you visited. They have these forms for every patient.

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