25+ Client Information Sheet Templates [Word, PDF]

simple client information sheet

Clients are the essential elements of your business to make it successful. Also, managing the client’s information is not an easy task, but with the help of a client information sheet, you can do it more effectively. This sheet helps you to keep the track of client’s information in an organized manner. It enables you to make a list of clients with other important details. In addition, it also acts as a questionnaire that is filled by the client.


Elements of the client information sheet:

The key elements of the client information sheet are as follows;

  • Company’s names, addresses, and contact details.
  • Client’s name, contact details, fax address, and Email address.
  • Description About the type of business
  • Terms and conditions
  • Business credit information
  • At the end of the sheet, affix the signatures of both parties.
  • Other relevant information.

Different types of client information sheet:

Blank client information sheet:

As we discussed that this sheet is important for the development of the business. This blank client information sheet can be used to store data of your clients. However, you can use a general client information sheet for every type of client.

Real Estates client information template:

You have to make this sheet more professional for Real Estates clients. You can download real estate client information sheets in Word and PDF format.


Tax client information sheet:

As its name implies, it is used to collect and store information about the tax of clients.

Confidential client information template:

Some clients don’t want to provide their personal information. They want to keep it secret. Hence, for this purpose, a confidential client information sheet is used.


Creating client information sheet in MS Word:

Let us discuss step-by-step how to create a client information sheet in MS Word; Step#1: At first, open a new document in MS Word and adjust the width of the page as you need. Step#2: Then, enter the title of the sheet. You should use an appropriate font style and elegant colors. Step#3: At the next line, type the client’s name and leave a space for the client to write the name. After that, follow the same pattern and mention all key elements of client information such as client’s ID, contact number, address, etc. Step#4: When you have all done with the above steps save the file and print the sheet to store your client’s information. You should also check the 30+ Free Employee Performance Review Templates.


Some advantages of using a client information sheet:

Using a client information sheet provides you various benefits. It is helpful to store client information and beneficial for future reference. It allows you to keep the client information in an organized way. This sheet helps you to develop a great relationship with your client. Moreover, by having this sheet, you can easily find any client’s information. You can also improve the customer service.



In conclusion, a client information sheet makes you able to improve your customer services in an efficient way with this organized stuff. It provides you a lot of benefits in your profession. It acts as a reference in the future in case of any misunderstandings.

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