Free Student Identification Card Templates [Word+Excel]

A student ID card template is used by the educational institutions to make the ID card of the students. This card serves as proof of a student’s identity, age, and library privileges. During the study period, this card is the main proof of identity as a student. Due to security concerns, the identification of every person is important. A student ID card is very helpful for the identification of a student in any educational institution. Likewise, an employee ID card is used for identification to gain access to his office. Different institutions issue ID cards for different purposes. The ID cards usually include the name of the holder along with his/her picture and other relevant information. However, the student ID card contains;

  • The name of the student
  • His/her picture
  • Student ID
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Signatures

ID card for employee:

An employee’s ID card is used to identify the people who are working in an office. Additionally, it’s important from a security perspective. The main purpose of this card is to create a professional environment. Moreover, it makes difference between a visitor and the employee. If a person wears an ID card, it means he/she is working in an office. The employee’s ID card contains the following basic information;

  • Name of the employee
  • His/her photo
  • Designation
  • Employee ID and other relevant information.

Healthcare department’s ID card:

In the health care department, the staff members should always wear an ID card. It is important for the hospital as well as for the patient.

Purpose of ID card:

The main purpose of an ID card is identification. It helps you in identifying a person in an office, school, or any other place. It assists you to gain access to specific buildings where only authorized persons can enter. As we know it contains the contact information of a particular person so it can be very helpful in case of emergency.

How to create a student ID card?

Let us discuss how to create a student ID card; Layout: At first, think of a layout. The layout means you have to think how your card would look like as a finished product. Select which color you want to use. You can also select multicolor but keep in mind it’s a professional card sp don’t overwhelm it. Also, decide where you would want the photo to be placed. Editing: After selecting the layout, it’s time to fill out the card with the holder’s basic information. Basic information includes the student’s name, address, contact number, school’s name, student ID number, and signatures. Student picture: This is the most important part of your ID card. Taking an accurate picture of a student can be a very difficult task to do. During capturing a picture, the students should smile a bit, look at the camera, and sit with a proper posture. Affix signatures: In the end, don’t forget to affix the signatures of the students because it proves the authenticity of the ID card. Also, affix the signatures of the school president so that your card will be official and acceptable. Validation: Your card should contain the date of validation. In this way, you can keep your card up to date. Additionally, the card can’t be accepted without validation. Printing: You should use a high-quality printer to print your ID card. You can also use low-quality printing lead in order to make the card easily broken and fade. You should also check Free Cornell Notes Templates [Excel, Word, PDF, PPT].


In conclusion, a student ID card template is a very helpful tool that helps you to create an effective student ID card. It saves your time and money as well. For the identification of every student, these cards are essential. However, different institutions use ID cards for different objectives.

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