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Free Employment Application Templates [Word, Excel]

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Employment Application Templates made life easy for employer or Human resource manager for selecting a right candidate for their esteemed organization. It is important that you have competent employees in your team. By using an application template, hiring team’s job become a piece of cake to hire new employees. This document will really help you out when you apply in any company as an applicant.


How do you create a job application template?

An application form is a type of document which is required by the employers to get information about employee’s personal information as well as skills related to the job. The candidate uses this template to fill all the details of their expertise which is required when he is applying for any job openings. With the help of employment application template, the job of recruitment team becomes easy to assess a candidate whether it’s fulfilled our criteria and fit for a job offered. You may also like Employee Performance Review Template.


How Should I Provide Additional Information on a Job Application?

Besides the usual information, sometimes you provide extracurricular activities to an employer on your employment application template which makes you differ from other candidates and give you an edge in making a selection from a sea of entrants. The following are some possibilities:

The ability to use computers

It is count as best skill if you are able to use computer with different skills and related technology. It will let you use to work on word processing, access the internet, manage social media, create files and presentations.


Knowledge of Technical Skills

Technical skills come in a category of such abilities which are performed by special duties. They are related with your mechanical, information technology and scientific tasks. We can conclude some examples like programming language, design programs, mechanical equipment or tools.

Members of Association

If you have a background of having a membership in different connotation that gives a positive impact on employer which is giving thought about your serious attitude related to associations and you are aware about latest trends and standards related to interests.


Information pertaining to miscellaneous

If you are having an info about certificates & Licenses, training or continuing education, special awards & commendations, publications, testimonials from clients, job performance reviews, award recognition, volunteer work. This will be a positive impact on manager for your character building, positive thoughts and a leadership quality making you prominent among other contenders.


Is it a good idea to provide a salary expectation on my job application?

Generally, it’s not a good practice to include your salary expectation in your application. The reason behind it if you will put low price, you will not be in a position to negotiate with them. If this information is withheld, you have a great opportunity to finalize with them about your salary once you are selected for a job. Sometimes your prospective employer asks you about your salary requirements and expectations, don’t disclose the information unless you feel the chance of rejection of your job application template. Demanding a high salary number will go in a negative impression from your side unless you impress your interviewer with your capabilities and then you will be in a position to ask for a salary you want.


When do you usually hear back about a job application?

Normally, it’s a span of 2 to 3 weeks to hear back after submitting your credentials. Sometimes the job is of a high priority and employer has to take decision in 1 to 2 week or if its rather a small or an efficient organization. The time duration goes long due to following reasons:

  • The employer is too busy with its priority works and wants to settle down those first
  • The owner is doing financial budget planning before hiring new employees
  • When the proprietor’s key managers are on vacation so they have to delay the interview

These situations are quite rare, normally it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get a positive response about your application. If you didn’t hear in this span of time, you will not get a call and you should start applying for other jobs. You should also check Resignation Letter Templates.

What happens after a job application is submitted?

After submitting a employment job application your job application passes through different phases. Once your employment application template is submitted you got a call, message or email that your document is received. Next phase is review which means that employer is reviewing your application but did not reach a conclusion. When you are following up, keep some points in your mind so that you don’t become assertive:

Take Into Account the Timing:

Don’t wait for few days after submission of job materials and application template. This process from submission to receival and then taking a review for final decision takes 2 to 3 weeks. The hiring team then makes a decision for interview call and once your interview is done, it’s a 2 more-week process time to get good news about your job selection.

Professionalism is Key

The common mistake come into notice when mostly applicants become too personal or casual during their follow up. Mostly recruiter show friendliness as a part of their job. It doesn’t mean that they want to be friendly with every interviewee who came for an interview. Therefore, always show professionalism even you have already done with your preliminary interview. During your application follow up, respect professional boundaries which is one of the key qualities of an ideal candidate.

Please make sure your email is Professional if you plan on sending one

If you want to send an email after no response about your job application, first you should get manager’s contact details, get your connections, use clear subject line and be polite and to the point about your questions regarding your materials.

Don’t forget to be very brief

If you have a plan to query about your job application template through message, call, email or on social media try to be as brief as possible.

Make a follow-up call to the company

If it’s already 3 to 4 weeks and you have no reply from your proprietor, then you should make a plan to call to your recruiter. If he doesn’t answer then you leave a voicemail. In this way you will get complete assurance about your application status.

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