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Free Employee Time off Request Forms & Templates (Word)

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Employee time off request forms are used to take a break from their respective office. Similarly, the absence from the office can be due to medical leave, vacation or unexpected conditions. This is an important factor to maintain your business through manpower at any given time. A time-off request form will be a replacement for this. There may already be a policy in place on these kinds of forms. But there is always an area for improvement, especially in terms of streamlining the process of making these requests. Moreover, employees can easily access these forms, which are available online, to ask for a leave of absence. Such forms should be straightforward and should provide the employer with information about the request. Such details would be used to approve or deny a request. All employees will also be able to request paid and unpaid time off through the same form. Even the best and most dedicated employees need time off from time to time. Similarly, It is part of the job cycle. An employee would be able to take a leave of absence to attend to their personal needs, whether it is medical, social, an emergency or just to spend quality time with their families. Therefore, requests for time off can be made online, which is very convenient. In addition, the employee only needs to provide their names, their department, employee ID, normal work hours, and the date/s of the requested time off. Either the request should be denied or approved, adding any relevant notes to the matter.


Time-Off Request Forms

Every employee in his/her life needs off from their workplace. Similarly, you can draft a form with the help of a document builder. If you have expertise in any of the software like Microsoft Word you can develop it with some modifications.


Filling out a Time- off request form

Employers can use the Time Off Request Form to keep track of the vacation and sick leaves their employees request. Moreover, these documents will provide employers with data that can be used to adjust work hours so that there won’t be a shortage of manpower. Additionally, the form makes it easy for employees to request appropriate leaves. You can use this document if:

  1. There is no pre-existing form at the employer.
  2. Small business employers want to make sure employees have all the necessary forms.
  3. if you work in human resources.
  4. Filling out the form is essential, as the employer will always decide whether to approve or deny it.
  5. Your accumulated vacation time doesn’t qualify you as a priority. Further, you cannot get a decision until you file the request.

Let’s take the example of an office mate who filed his form earlier requesting the same time off. He probably gets the nod. Just to be safe, file your request. However, employers are no different. Tell your employees to notify you of their leave. Employers can keep track of employee leaves by filling out and submitting this form, whether it is a vacation, special event, or personal. As a result, the form will greatly assist in keeping things organized.


How Should Your Time Off Request Form Be Formatted?

A document of this kind requires a great deal of thought. Moreover, download resources online and use them as a reference, or create your form from scratch. Regardless of how you create your form, there are some important components to consider. The following information is required on the time off request form:

  1. Dates and/or hours of the requested leave. Fill in the requested days off (for instance: November 17, 2021 – November 21, 2021).
  2. Write down the total number of days (for example 10 days).
  3. We would like to remind you of how far in advance you should request time off and how to request it.
  4. Include the date of the request and the date of approval or denial.
  5. Both the employee and supervisor must sign.

You should also include: As a reminder to record paid time off on the employee’s calendar. Moreover, in the payroll system, add a section to make the distinction between paid and unpaid time off. Different processes may be involved depending on the type of time-off. These should include:

  • Vacation time versus sick time versus bereavement time
  • Whether paid or unpaid
  • Callers may need a different process from salaried workers.

The forms found online are similar, but there is no standard format for this type of form. Likewise, the format is similar because the purpose of the form is the same. But what do these forms do? Why do we need them? In addition, find out why it is important to have and use such forms at work by reading on.


Free Editable Employee Time off Request Forms & Templates:

You can find different templates related to the employee time-off. If you have expertise in any of the software, you can download and modify the text and customize it as per your need. You may also see Employee Complaint Form.


Having a time off request form template is important

Does it matter to have the proper documents regarding your employee’s time-off requests? The answer is yes. In addition, it is easier, especially if your payroll provider concentrates on computations regularly, without taking into account time off. Moreover, employers are also able to reschedule work hours when they are informed in advance of time off requests. For small businesses, vacation forms can cause frustration. Here are the main reasons why vacation requests are crucial for organizations:

  1. Employers and employees are kept informed about their time. Using these documents, employees can easily access information about their time off days spent and remaining. In addition to this, it is a valuable tool for identifying which employees are constantly requesting time off and thus putting an undue burden on others.
  2. The employee time off request form will also provide accurate information regarding how much an employer owes an employee. This is useful in situations when an employee will be fired. Upon termination, the employee will be entitled to a certain amount of paid time off.
  3. By using Time-Off Requests, employers can reschedule and/or hire personnel to fill time slots temporarily vacated by employees on leave. The purpose of reshuffles is to maintain manpower levels. Furthermore, hiring temp workers could also be an option. A requesting leave ahead of time makes replacement easier.

As you can see, time off request forms is important. Without them, employers will not be able to keep track of the employees who are taking time off, and that may present challenges and issues within the organization. In addition, let’s look at some tips to help you manage requests for time off.

Requesting and managing time off

The benefits and perks of a prospective job are just as important to most workers as the salary itself. Don’t restrict vacation policies. However, employees need time off to function effectively. Whenever you restrict vacation time too much, you either struggle to attract suitable candidates, struggle to retain your employees, or struggle to remain fully staffed during peak vacation seasons. An employee who submits a request for time off means he/she won’t report to work, for various reasons. Employees can use this time to enjoy their lives. He is also free to have a personal life outside of work. As a result, to manage these requests efficiently, here are a few tips:

Communicate your time off policies from the beginning

As soon as a company hire employees, employers should inform them of their time-off policies. Failure to do so leads to two outcomes: Several new employees will constantly ask other employees about the boundaries of time off policies, which may lead to resentment among other employees. Moreover, Uninformed employees will be hesitant to ask for time off for fear they will be denied if they do not know the boundaries. The time-off policies of some companies are under union contracts. Further, Employers need to follow such policies. Otherwise, the employer could become more flexible with his policies regarding time off. It is important to allow for situations you cannot plan ahead of time by having managerial flexibility. It provides your employees with an employee handbook and let them know about your policies and allow them to ask questions. Therefore, discuss the subject during their interviews if possible.

Writing a Time Off Request

Whenever an employee requests time off, it is always a good practice to put this in writing. This would give it a sense of professionalism and formality. Required pertinent documents should accompany the letter. It should be concise and provide all the necessary information. Presenting said letter will have an impact on the employer or the person responsible for its approval or denial. The poor presentation would certainly result in denial. Before writing the letter, you should research the vacation policies of the company. According to the policy, all forms need to complete a specific time. The employee should specify the duration of the request, when it would commence, and when it would end. Fulfilling all the company regulations, and requirements would give the employee a better chance of getting approval. Attach all of these requirements to the request letter. Typically, request letters should write when an organization does not have its own time off request form.

Instructions to Request Time-Off From Work

Approval will be subject to the employer’s policies and strategies concerning time off demands except if generally expressed in an employment agreement.

Stage 1 – Decide the Type

Employee deciding type of time off request to the manager At the point when an employee is keen on taking on vacation, they should distinguish the type of time off they will ask for. Normal types of time off are:


  • Wellbeing/Disability – Sickness, disease, medical procedure, and so forth.
  • Break from Work
  • Deprivation
  • Jury Duty
  • Military
  • Maternity/Paternity
  • Time away (Short or Long Term)
  • Stage 2 – Speak With Your Boss
  • Employee meeting with an employee to talk about time off

The employee’s chief or manager ought to be made aware of the request quickly to plan for the absence. Different variables may likewise become an integral factor, for example, if the solicitation is during an occupied or high season when workers are required or on the other hand on the off chance that the time-off is paid or not. There is no government regulation on how many off per year an employer should give, albeit, ten (10) paid days off is the average as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Furthermore, it expresses that typical bosses award another eight (8) days off for federal holidays.

Stage 3 – Make a Formal Request

Worker on PC submitting formal time off request When the employee has addressed their chief, director, or HR division and has distinguished the sort of request it ought to be submitted officially. The request ought to distinguish the complete number of days with dates. On the off chance that special conditions are the reason for the time off, the employee ought to additionally incorporate all details and an estimate of when they will be back. In the wake of presenting, the employer ought to take something like 48 (48) hours to grant their decision.

Stage 4 – Inform Co-Workers

The employee is exploring official time off approval with coworkers Assuming the request is approved, the co-worker ought to be made mindful of the scheduled absence so they might have the option to get ready for covering any shifts or requiring help through the period. Whether the employer tells other staff individuals, it’s ideal to keep a working relationship by hosting all parties of the organization or association know about the approved request.

When writing a request letter, you should include or consider the following:

Your request letter’s main purpose must be stated at the very beginning, ideally in the first paragraph. Your request letter’s main purpose must be stated at the very beginning, ideally in the first paragraph. Hence, you are informing the reader of your intentions early on by doing this. You must clearly explain the reason for your request. Your letter should be concise. However, making a long letter may reduce the likelihood that the reader will read it all. You can address your letter to your immediate supervisor if you work in a small company.


The employee time off request form is very valuable these days. You can take a break from your job and spend time with your family. These are due to medical level, emergencies and other conditions etc. You can make your template, fill it with different text and font sizes and customize it as per your requirements.

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