Project Scope Statement Templates & Examples [Excel, Word, PDF]

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A project scope statement template is an effective tool used in project management. All of the work and the tasks which need to be completed in the project are explained in it. With this template, you can create a document that helps you in decision-making throughout the project process.


What is a project scope statement?

A project scope statement highlights the whole project which includes deliverables and their features along with a list of stakeholders who will be affected. It is usually written by a project manager. A project scope states everything which needs to be completed throughout the project. Also, it discusses the results or end products to be supplied to the customers at any particular time. Furthermore, the limitations of the work and tasks also mention in this document. The project manager should work with all other project participants to make the scope of the project. The participants should be included are;

  • Members of the team
  • The clients
  • Executive sponsors
  • The major Stakeholders

The key components of the project scope statement:

If you know the key elements of the project scope then making such a document is easy. An effective project scope statement includes the following elements;

  • Objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Milestone
  • High-level requirements
  • Assumptions
  • Risks or challenges
  • Review and approval

You must include all these above-mentioned elements in your project scope so that you are sure it’s complete.


How to write the project scope statement?

Let us discuss some tips for writing an effective project scope statement; Tip#1: The first and foremost thing you have to do is to pace yourself so that you can’t miss any important details and elements. Don’t take too much time for writing it because you have to submit this document for the project to be able to start on time. Tip#2: Be specific when writing a scope because it helps the readers to understand it easily. Moreover, you don’t have to answer any questions as your document is vague. Tip#3: The length of your project scope should not be too long or too short. However, every statement must explain the relevant information which needs to be addressed in the project. Try to avoid the general statements if you want to make a concise scope. Also, don’t include too much information because the reader might get bored while reading the whole thing. Tip#4: Next, include all the important details in your scope. Mention all the key elements that we have discussed above. Tip#5: Create those objectives that are easily achievable, instead of impressive objectives that are hard to achieve. Tip#6: It’s important to mention all the uncertainties to keep yourself prepared for anything. However, at that time you don’t know about the limitations of the project but you may have an idea about them. You should also check 25+ Client Information Sheet Templates.

Benefits of the project scope statement:

The project scope is the most important part of any project. It provides you various benefits, few of them are;

  1. The project scope statement makes sure that everyone is on the same page. With the help of this document, everyone shares the same view about the features to be expected.
  2. It allows the project members to have a clear conversation with the major stakeholders.
  3. This document helps the participants to pay attention to the work they need to do specifically.
  4. By having this document, participants can prioritize their work. Hence, in this way, they can save the organization’s time, money, and effort.
  5. It keeps everyone well informed and involved in the loop.

Conclusion: In conclusion, a project scope statement template is a helpful tool that assists the organization in managing the expectations of the clients, balance the workloads, and up the morale of the team. However, it requires a lot of time and effort but if you have all the information and helpful tips, you can write it quite easily.


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