Free Delivery Schedule Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

A delivery schedule template is highly effective in organizing the delivery schedule. It is used to maintain a detailed report of the delivery activities on a daily basis. With the help of templates, you can minimize the hectic nature of managing delivery schedules.

What is a delivery schedule?

A delivery schedule is a business document providing details of delivery activities on a daily basis. It contains details about expected deliveries of customer orders. This document also states when and where the product is to be delivered. Moreover, it is a better way to track the expected deliveries of customer orders. In a specific period of time, it is used to deliver the products to the customer. A delivery man can use this schedule to report higher authorities on delivery-related activities. However, for the success of any business, it is important to deliver products on time. By using a professional and creative delivery schedule template, you can do it easily. You should also check 20+ Best Informative Speech Outline Templates & Examples [Word, PDF].

Important elements of a detailed delivery schedule:

Some important elements of a detailed delivery schedule are;

  • Name of the business or company,
  • The date,
  • Description of products,
  • Expected delivery time,
  • Address of customers,
  • Contact details,
  • Status of delivery.

Different types of delivery schedule template:

Some different types of delivery schedule template in Excel format are;

Customizable blank delivery sheet:

As its name implies, this type doesn’t contain any actual data. The columns are already created in it that is the part of each delivery template. The columns name as area, product number, data received, and status.

Truck open delivery template:

It is just like opening a balance in the company accounts. It is generated by creating a link and provides information that has been received on the very first day and information is needed to fill. Furthermore, this sheet can further information like reports scope, good receipts, and delivery schedule.

Driver delivery schedule sheet:

If someone is working with a specific company as the driver then his details should be recorded on this sheet. It states that where the driver is required to deliver products and other information like address, contact number, delivery products, and products to be picked up.

Event delivery schedule sheet:

This type of delivery schedule sheet is used by event planner companies to prevent mishappening in the event. It includes sound and video materials, direct materials, and general requirements.

Benefits of delivery schedule:

It visualizes quickly that which products are already delivered, the number of products, and which products are on a way to deliver. You can achieve inventory management purposes easily with the help of a delivery schedule. It can reduce delivery complications. Furthermore, it can’t affect the production cycle in case of any natural disaster has occurred. You may also see 20+ Free Packing Slip Templates [Excel, Word, PDF].


In conclusion, a delivery schedule template helps you to create a detailed report of the delivery activities effectively. It is a highly effective tool in organizing delivery schedules. You can receive or send any data related to delivery immediately. In addition, there are different types of templates that you can use according to your requirement.

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