20+ Free Packing Slip Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

editable packing slip template

The packing slip template is used to make packing slips that have all the information of the transaction of physical products. This document usually includes all the explanations about the packing goods. With the help of templates, you can make a list of all the items easily and effectively in a package.


What is a packing slip?

A packing slip is a business document that outlines the content of the package. While delivering, the seller sends this slip along with the package. It acts as a legal document for international or within-state delivery of goods. Moreover, the slip states the buyer, transport agencies, and authorities what is inside it. The other names of packing slips are waybill, packaging slip, shipping slip, and order slip. The main purpose of this document is to make sure that all the items are delivered safely. Furthermore, for both buyer and seller, it is helpful in checking and balancing delivering goods. You may also like the punch card template.


Important information should be included in a packing slip:

  • Buyer name and contact information
  • Delivery address
  • Company’s name and contact information
  • Order date
  • Description of the delivery product
  • Quantity of the delivery items
  • Weight of the product
  • Shipping slip number
  • Return address

Significance of the packing slip:

A packing slip is the essential document of the business because it contains all the vital information of the business transaction. Most importantly, it creates a check and balance of the items of your delivery. It also makes sure that all the items are delivered safely and according to the buyer’s demands. Packing slips show the quantity of the items, the weight of the items, and other relevant information about the delivery. Moreover, in case of any damage or loss, this slip helps for demanding compensation. It is the best way to keep the track of the sold products. The information mentioned on the slip is used by law enforcement agencies to document any business transaction carried out in a different state of the country.

Different types of packing slip:

The 3 different types of packing slips are;


Return form packing slip:

This type of packing slip contains the number of goods either in kilograms or tones that are supposed to be delivered to a recipient. It usually goes along with a return form. The main purpose of this form is to make it easier for the buyer providing the issues relating to goods. It is also helpful for the replacement of any damaged items. In addition, it makes the sellers able to gain the trust of buyers and help them to maintain a good relationship.

Buyer and seller codes packing slip:

Buyer and seller codes represent the business owner or customer. By knowing these codes, there is no need to know the name of the customer or the business enterprise. Hence, this type of packing slip helps you in record keeping.


Order and ship quantity packing slip:

This packing slip contains the description of the order and the amount in kilograms or tons. However, the most important components of this document are the details and quantity of the items. The means of transport that is used to transport goods also mention on it.


How to make your own packing slip template in MS Word?

Step#1: At first, open a blank document in MS Word. Then, create a header that contains important information about the company. Step#2: Just under the header, type the buyer name, address, and contact details. Step#3: After that, from the ‘Insert’ tab, create a table that contains 5 columns. Type the headings of these columns as purchase order no, quantity delivery, quantity delivered, description, and no. of package. However, you can also increase the number of columns for a detailed description. Step#4: In the end, save the document and print it out. You should also check the Client Information Sheet Template.



In conclusion, a packing slip template is a helpful tool for both the buyer and the seller. It contains a list of all the items and also assists in finding the missing item. You can create an effective packing slip with the help of editable templates.

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