20+ Free Nonprofit Budget Templates (Excel, PDF)

annual nonprofit budget template

A nonprofit budget template is used to control the financial resources and budgeting of a nonprofit organization. A well-planned budget helps a nonprofit organization to achieve the desired goals. You can find these templates in Excel and PDF format. They enable you to make better decisions for your organization.


What is a nonprofit budget?

In any field of life, planning plays an important role to achieve your desired goals. Profit or nonprofit organizations create budget plans to track their expenditures. Budgeting helps the nonprofit organization to know;

  • How to get an amount of money to complete a particular program
  • How much money an organization require
  • Where this money will be spent

A nonprofit budget should be done with proper care as it is much more sensitive. Furthermore, you can find nonprofit budget templates from any website that helps you to track the incomes and expenses effectively. You may also like the Project Scope Statement Template.

How to create a nonprofit organization budget?

Every organization’s future depends on its budget. Therefore, budgeting is a critical task. To achieve the desired goals, nonprofit organizations receive donations. Let us discuss step-by-step how to create a budget for nonprofit organization;

  • At first, you have to plan a budget timely in order to make a successful budget for your organization. When you planned it, discuss it with stakeholders, and if they want some changes in it then you require some time to redraft it.
  • The first step in creating a nonprofit budget is to calculate the expenses for each month. You should calculate all the expenses of your company that are used for a specific project, monthly staff cost, etc.
  • Now, identify the revenue over the next year. Write the income sources from where you expect to receive funds. The current and expected money are the two parameters on which the expenses of the organization fully depend.
  • In order to create a successful budget, you must calculate variable expenses such as marketing cost, travel, shipping cost, and utilities.
  • Always be ready for unexpected funds. For instance, if your computer is damaged, your company gets a huge loss from the program, etc. If you are already prepared for such kinds of events, you can handle them efficiently.
  • The most important step in budgeting is financial management. According to the expected income, it’s time to control and manage all your expenses. Moreover, budgeting is the best way for any organization to handle expected funds.
  • In the end, finalize all things. You just have to download a nonprofit budget template and put all calculations in it to track the actual result Vs budget.

Tips to create a nonprofit budget:

Creating an adequate budget for an organization is such a tricky task. Here are some tips that will help you to create a successful budget;

  • Plan in advance such that your budget should be ready before the starting of a new month.
  • Involve your whole team to draft a successful budget.
  • Your budget should be flexible so that it can adapt to all the changes at any stage of the year.
  • Most importantly, review your budget regularly in order to achieve your desired goals.

Advantages of nonprofit budget:

Some important advantages of nonprofit budgeting are as follow;

  • It helps the organization to control the money.
  • Budgeting enables you to achieve your desired goals.
  • It informs you where the money will spend and what you will have each month. In addition, it identifies income sources.
  • With the help of budgeting, you can plan the future of your organization.
  • It encourages the organization’s staff members to achieve the desired goals. You should also check Puzzle Piece Templates.


In conclusion, a nonprofit budget template is an essential document in order to create an effective nonprofit budget for an organization. It helps you in managing the annual or monthly financial resources of an organization. You can design a perfect nonprofit budget by using these templates.


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