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A taxi receipt template is a document that a taxi driver or cab issues to a passenger. However, this is proof that you paid the fare for the specific trip. Further, people who travel abroad or locally for business purposes use this type of receiving. Apart from this, this form contains information of messenger like name, contact details, fare, pick up address, destination address and fare. Customers use this issue slip for reimbursement from the company.


Taxi Receipts

Different templates of taxi slips are available online. You can use any template and customize it as per your company requirements. Similarly, this contains, name, contact details, email address of the cab driver as well as passenger. Further, pick up address, a destination address, fare, tips and notes are in this document. You may also like Auto Repair Invoice Templates.


Taxi receipts: what are they

A cab slip is a document that a driver gives to a passenger after payment of the fare. Similarly, like any other business, the taxi driver must keep the receipt and maintain a record of all activities in a trip. Further, with the help of a taxi slip you can record the name of the passenger, paid amount, date and coverage of miles by the cab. In Addition, the name of the taxi driver and cab number help the customer if he /she forgets luggage, cell phone and wallet. It is difficult to generate a professional slip. If you want you can make a computer-generated slip. Further, you can take help from ready-made templates. You download free and do the necessary changes. In Addition, you can add the company name, logo and contact details.

Significance of a Taxi Receipt for the Driver

Taxi receipts can likewise be viewed as a bill of offer. It addresses a legitimate exchange of decent help conveyed by the driver in return for a measure of cash paid by the passenger. Having taxi receipts gives a cleaner way to drivers to follow their profit and the spots they drove every day. It flavours the occupation with incredible skill and straightforwardness, without which the profession becomes testing to make due. It is likewise perfect for taxi drivers to show their profit and records from exchange organizations requesting responsibility. The taxi receipt makes it simple for the driver to contact clients who left their assets in the vehicle. Additionally conceivable to find noble cause associations perform social exercises. You can get a gift receipt by delivering your administration and making gifts.


For what reason do I want a taxi receipt?

A taxi receipt can be an authority record for business deals, charge administrations, and legitimate exchanges. It is a fundamental instrument to keep a coordinated record of your activities and earnings. Likewise, giving a taxi receipt to your passengers after an outing conveys straightforwardness on your part as the driver; it additionally provides the passenger with a feeling that everything is good, making them need to reach you for your administration. Be that as it may, not all taxis issue receipts, nor are they expected to. A few drivers might do the trick with a meter or a privately concluded standard help rate.

Essential Contents of a Taxi Receipt

A taxi receipt ought to incorporate the accompanying details: The name of the taxi organization: The receipt ought to contain the name and most likely the logo of the taxi organization. Organization address: It’s likewise fundamental to guarantee the taxi receipt contains the taxi organization’s location. Organization’s telephone number: A substantial taxi receipt ought to likewise contain a telephone number for the taxi organization. Date: This is the date when the outing is made. Time: It’s likewise fundamental to remember the genuine season of the outing for the taxi receipt. Pickup address: Also incorporate data about the pickup address Objective location: This is the location of the area. The cabbie drops the passenger. Driver’s name: You ought to likewise remember the name of the driver for the receipt. Taxi number: This is the enrollment number of the taxi’s number plate. Admission: This is the sum the driver will charge the passenger for the outing.


What a Taxi Receiving Should Include?

A good taxi receiving template contains the following details: Name of the company: Enter the company name. Further, you can make your document more appealing. Similarly, you can add the logo of the company to the receipt. Address of the company: Enter the address of the business. Contact of the company: You must enter the contact number of the organization. Date: Enter the trip date. Time: Mention the time for starting taxi driver service. Pickup address: Give details about the pickup address. Destination Address: Enter the address where you drop the customer. Driver: Include name of the driver. Cab: Enter the cab number plate in case the passenger forgets his/her luggage, wallet and cell phone. Fare: Enter the amount of fare and keep the record. Notes: At the notes, the customer writes about the availability Total: Add the total of the trip. A taxi receipt template can help you more than your imagination. So if you are planning to change the format of your receipt, you can download and customize it as per your need.


Receipts for Cabs

There are different cab receipts available for your use. You can download it free and add the details like company name, logo and contact details. Further, you can edit it and use it as a standard document for your organization.


When are you in need of this receipt?

There are many businesses where we need taxi receipts.

Private Transportation:

This mentions the hire-a-driver service where each deal features a receipt that has mileage, date and time and the paid amount of fare. Both the driver and passenger keep copies of the document.

Public Prepaid Taxis:

For smooth running business a taxi prepaid service is available. You can occupy booths at the railway stations and airports. Further, a taxi receipt template becomes your necessity.

Personal or Private Transportation Services

If your business involves renting out carpool or other transportation services. Further, you use a personally-owned vehicle. Then it becomes essential to issue some kind of receipt. Moreover, this is safe for the owner that the driver is always doing organized and legal transactions. Taxi services must refer to other vehicles that are not part of a taxi too. Further, if a commercial use motorbikes, vans or auto-rickshaws, they can also do the same practice.

What should I write on a taxi receipt?

If you want your life easy for taxi services. The best way is to download online without paying. Further, if they are planning to design their own. Further, they should take the help of any cab sample slip and you can get guidance for creating your company. Moreover, it’s an easy task that you just look at any state taxi slip. Further, you just build it with the help of word-processing software. There are few steps you need to follow.

  • Double click on the document and open it on your screen
  • You can adjust the settings like A4 paper, text colour and font size.
  • Insert the header of the document on top and make sure its font size is larger than the remaining text size of the text.
  • Add the details on the receipt and make sure you include the most relevant information.
  • You can make your template more attractive by adding photos and logos of the company.
  • Save it on your computer and add a folder where you can easily open and take a printout.

Blank Cab Receipt

The taxi driver must issue a slip to their passengers. You can find many blank templates for download. You can edit, fill in the necessary information and print it for your use. In Addition, it is also beneficial for a cab driver for using a blank template. You can fill it anywhere and give it to your customers. As a result, it’s the best source to charge to your passenger and keep a record of all-day activities of the trip.

A passenger’s document’s purpose

People who travel abroad for the business purposes they need document. Company reimburse their travel expenses. Therefore, private companies where a person works and government organizations compensate these expenditures. Moreover, it is really important when you go on such a trip, ask for a receipt to repay your costs. Normally, the money you spent on business get deduct with taxes. However, there is only a couple of exception to understand the rule. As a result, if you want to repay, you should present a taxi receipt slip for your expenditures.

Business Reasons:

You can not pay all taxi fares as tax-deductible but there are several conditions. For example, if your car is not working and you are coming to work. Then you will hire a taxi for coming to the office. Further, hiring a taxi comes under official business but as tax-deductible. Therefore, expenses cannot reimburse. If you hire a taxi from office to airport to bring your client. Further, you pay money from your pocket and your owner doesn’t pay you. In Addition, this comes under expense deductible. Therefore, it’s highly recommendable that you ask for a recipt before the ride on a taxi. The slip will issue to you once you reach the destination.

Documentation Importance:

It is our duty that we submit a valid document in which details for expense for a cab is there. However, the revenue office needs taxpayers to provide documents. Further, the best is you provide an original receipt in which the purpose of business is there. Moreover, taxis that accept credit cards and issue an electronic or paper slip for the transaction. In Addition, you should keep it with you when your credit card bill arrives for confirmation purposes.

Taxi-Rides For Medical:

Apart from business-related reasons, you can take a cab for medical reasons. However, if you are not allowed to travel alone you will take someone. Therefore, it includes fare for you and someone else.


A taxi receipt is a fundamental record for all taxi drivers. The receipts give proof of payment and safe objective and advance believability for the taxi drivers. Furthermore, taxi receipts assist with working with a traveller-driver relationship, particularly for individuals who travel abroad and may like to adhere to one driver to fulfil their transportation needs. Some very good quality drivers might convey receipt-creating gadgets, particularly in urban areas with higher expectations for everyday comforts. Interestingly, others might rely upon the customary strategy for giving receipts, recruiting an organization to make one for you, or downloading a free, useable layout from the web that can be utilized every once in a while. Whichever technique you pick, guarantee the fundamental data of the driver, passenger, and vehicle about the excursion is archived appropriately.

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