Free Purchase Order Templates (Excel, Word)

A purchase order template is a document for sending goods from buyers to sellers. The best way to order large quantities is in the form of a purchase order. A purchase order gives you more facility to put the values of your demand and send it to your buyer. Moreover, if you send a specific order with all the detail, your purchase order form will be more effective. It becomes a legal agreement if the vendor accepts the purchase order. The purchaser sends an invoice from his company. Further, this document is net 30 or 60 days as per the agreement between buyer and seller.

Purchasing Order Templates

IF you want to order a specific quantity with the exact time, the ideal document is the ordering template. Many small businesses attempt to give orders on phone. Similarly, they face many inaccuracies and also cost more money. As a result, you can easily download free from the internet and customize as per your need.

What is a purchase order?

In simple words, a purchasing order is a direction from the buyer to the supplier. Similarly, the purchaser prepares the list of things and the agreed price. Further, a purchase order is a summary of goods and services in which the vendor plans to purchase from the seller.

Once the buyer and seller are agreed, it becomes a legal document. Moreover, the purchaser needs to be very precise when giving the order. Further, there will be no confusion for the supplier receiving a sample purchase order.

It’s a normal practice of buyers to create two pos simultaneously. One is internal and the other is external. Similarly, the internal purchase order goes to the account payable department to match the information with the future invoice. Further, the external purchase order goes to the seller.

The purchase order contains the following information:

  • Purchase Order Date
  • The Purchase name and address
  • The seller name and Address
  • The purchase order Number
  • The list of goods and services
  • Terms and conditions

The order form template is necessary for buyers when purchasing from a seller or supplier. However, sometimes creating a purchase order feels like an extra burden. Moreover, small businesses are not in favour of this document. Moreover, the demand for purchase changes as the relationship between the seller and buyer changes.

With the increase or decrease of demand, it becomes difficult to give an order without easy any template. Further, through communication, there are chances of errors. As a result, there are chances of difference between what the buyer is expecting and what the seller is sending.

Therefore, the use of sample purchase orders is ideal in all situations. However, there is no confusion. In this situation, it looks that POs are very useful for planning goods and services from the supplier. You may also like Inventory List Template.

Purchasing Order Sample

By using this sample order you can give an accurate value of things. Further, you save your time and money. There are the following samples available for your use. Further, you can download it free from the internet and use it as per your requirement.

Purchase orders: what are they and how do they work?

Once your sample purchase order is ready, it becomes a legal document between buyer and supplier. Further, the details of the goods with the agreed price is there. Moreover, it provides you with the delivery date and payment terms.

Purchase order templates and computer making PO makes your life easy in purchasing any goods. Further, you can manage payment terms and inventory. As a result, buyers prefer to choose a purchase order template in buying items and inventory an account.

After the agreement, the supplier ships the items that the purchaser wants to buy before payment. However, this PO serves as risk protection. Similarly, this purchase order provides legal protection and helps in tacking inventory management. Further, with the help of this document, you can compare the accuracy of the ordered inventory and the shipped inventory.

The PO order helps the seller with the receiving of payment. Further, the buyer holds a copy of the purchase order to keep tracking of expected orders and when they should arrive. This is the working of PO. Points how they are moving from one place to another.

Submission of Purchase Order:

The purchase prepares the PO means the person from purchasing department. The person who is in charge of the computer system uses the software. After that check submits the PO to the seller. Further, the purchase order number should include in it. Moreover, with the help of numbers, you can compare the purchases with the shipped items.

The form contains the shipping address, shipping date, billing address and the ordered items. The electronic software program works like a PO template. Therefore, you just need to enter the necessary information.

Processing the PO:

As soon as the buyer submits the purchase order, the status “In progress” start to appear. However, when the item scans and matches with the shipped items on the PO the status changed to items delivered. Further, its mark as requiring payment or processed. Moreover, when the purchaser sends the payment, it completes the whole process. In Addition, it’s important to include the PO number on the payment document to ensure accuracy for credit for payment.

Supplier Uses the Purchase Order:

The seller uses the PO for payment and fulfilling the order. Once the vendor received the purchase order it uses the items for packing and delivery. Further, the supplier creates an invoice based on prepared items.

Before shipping the goods it’s important to include the shipment in the inventory system. Further, you can go for awaiting payment or filling it. Moreover, the vendor sets the deadlines and reminder dates. Therefore, PO is very important for the payment process and credit policy implementation.

Benefits of Purchase Order Template in Business:

Nowadays the use of a PO template is very useful in business practices. Further, you can visualize how to control. Moreover, what the company or employees buy and process purchase transactions. Here are some tips:

Integration of requisitions and PO:

Most companies don’t use a purchase order. However, when their employees request to purchase any office items. It means they cannot manage it efficiently which is a loss in terms of company spending. Moreover, the use of PO makes your document more efficient. Further, it makes purchasing, better controlled and improved visibility in terms of company spending.

Creation of PO:

The employees use the purchase order for items, equipment or stock they need to do their job well.

However, most companies allow their employees to send an email. After that the supervisor approves, the employees can purchase items on their own.

Therefore, this is not an efficient way and your employees to purchase unnecessary items. But if you use a PO template you can keep track of all the requests and purchases made by the company.

Save the Budget:

When employees start drafting the purchasing requisitions. In this way, you can estimate your monthly expenses and keep track of all the employees purchase regularly. In doing this you can analyze how employees use supplies and come up with safe ways.

Discount on Volume Purchases:

Once employees start submitting requisitions, you can get an idea of a purchasing pattern. Further, you can give orders in bulk to get discounts from suppliers. Moreover, you can get a good idea of what you need for the next month and you can order supplies earlier.

From Request to a PO:

In most companies requisition becomes standard procedure. Further, you go with the process of PO.

Moreover, you contact suppliers and inform them about your future purchases. After that, you plan to submit a purchase order before you send payment.

In Addition, the owner approves the request for employees, it goes to the purchasing department for sending PO to the supplier. The supplier checks and communicates if there is an error. Finally the seller packs and send the shipment.

Therefore, the process from requisition to purchase order helps you to track your expenses. Further, it reduces your stress in making the process of purchasing.


The purchase order template is ideal in sending items from purchaser to seller. However, the purchasing department prepares PO and send it to the Supplier. Once the seller is satisfied he prepares the delivery and packaging. Once the buyer scan items and verify with the purchase order.

Further, it is ready for the payment process.

The use of a PO template is really useful and you can track all your supplies. Further, it saves the expenses of the company. There are templates available for your use. Moreover, you can download them free and enter information as per your requirement.

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