Printable Biography Templates & Examples [MS Word]

A biography describes an individual’s life from another person’s perspective. However, a life history can be short containing few sentences. Further, it can be long as an entire book. Moreover, a short record is about personal facts, importance and reality. But the long profile contains more details and it is interesting to read. In Addition, sometimes you feel from your inner that you should write a life story of a celebrity, a close friend or relative. Therefore, it’s important to know that how to write a profile and what information you should include in it. You should know what should contain and what to leave.

Biography Templates

You can take the help of biography templates from the internet. Similarly, you can download free f your choice and fill in the details as per your requirement. Further, you can enter the information of an individual. Moreover, you can give details of real stories, success and failure of his/her life.

Examples of Biography

Profile examples are common nowadays. Similarly, life stories are becoming popular. Everyone wants to write about the lives of famous persons. Moreover, if you are planning to write a profile you should take help from the bio examples. This will give you inspiration on what should include and what to leave out. Here are few examples for your information:

  • “Alexander Hamilton,” written by Ron Chernow
  • “Into the Wild,” written by Jon Krakauer
  • “Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World,” written by Tracy Kidder
  • “Steve Jobs,” written by Walter Isaacson
  • “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” written by Rebecca Skloot
  • “Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace One School at a Time,” written by Greg Mortenson
  • “Unbroken,” written by Laura Hillenbrand

What to Include in a Profile

The biography length depends on the information you should enter. However, the length of a record relies on the nature of the information and about the life of a person. For Instance, if you are writing a short life history, you should focus on the important life occasions. But if you are giving long details of an individual, you should explain his childhood experience, school life, achievements that help him/her to become famous.

In a short biography, one or two paragraphs are enough and the following details should mention:

  • An individual’s date and place of birth along with date and place of death.
  • Major accomplishments in life.
  • The details about education and any recognition or awards.
  • Any achievement in the field and any work facts.
  • What a person means to a community in a few words.

Long biographies will offer more detail about a person’s life, adding to its complexity. However, the history of his/her is important which brings the shape and make him well known.

The audience who will come to read and show interest depends on the information of the profile. Similarly, there is a strong relationship between audience and individual. Further, it will impact how you will present the information and how it is interesting for your reader. In a case where the viewers don’t know you. You should include more information. Moreover, this happens in the several page profile. In Addition, you should examine the individual in more detail and establish more people relating to the person.

If you focus on the unique qualities of a person that can wonder in this case. As a result, you can inspire more people to come to read about your life. Further, if you have a speciality in any field and you mention it in the biography, this will influence more people about showing interest to know about you.

Examples of personal bio’s

In this type of life history example, you have details of an individual like his/her name, lives, picture, interests, accomplishments and interesting facts. Further, if you don’t know how to prepare, you can download templates and add the information as per your requirements.

What should I include in my biography?

Anyone can write his/her profile. For example, you need your bio details when you are looking for a job. Similarly, personal life details are a short introduction and summary of your background, identifications, education with rewards and other relevant information that makes you what you are.

The documents give a good idea to the hiring manager about your capabilities. Further, they can assess from your information that you are the right match for this position. Moreover, apart from your employment aspects, you can use professional bio templates on the relevant websites and networking and social media platforms.

The difficult task is when you are writing your biography. However, you should focus and include all the information about yourself to make a perfect and precise profile. Consider these points before writing your life history:

Your introduction:

Always start with your name so that the reader will know who you are. Similarly, give details about your certificate, activities, education in which you show your focus. After the strong introduction mention your qualities, skills, personal and professional values.

You can give more significant details that are related to your job. It is like your designation, which industry you work and your job duties.

Keeping things short is important

Make your bio short. However, using your word count may vary depending on the focus and purpose of your life. When you are writing a profile for employment purposes, the details should not be one or two short paragraphs that will explain who you are.

The ideal words in your Cv are between 300 to 500 words. However, your focus should be that you get the attention of the reader and continue to read the rest of the resume. Moreover, you show your achievements, credentials and education details in your bio.

Consequently, the first target is to show the most relevant information. Further, you can add more details. In Addition, remove any irrelevant information from your profile.

Use of Third Person:

You are writing a biography, not an autobiography. Although it looks strange that you are writing yourself in the third person. Further, there are many advantages to doing so. Moreover, this allows you to write your name. In Addition, this is an ideal method for search engine optimization. Therefore, it tells the engine that this bio is about you.

Think strategically during writing:

When you are giving details about your target, don’t make it too wide. When you are finding it difficult to start to ask questioning from yourself the following:

  • Who is the person you are writing for?
  • What do you want your reader to learn about you?
  • What life events do you want to include to show them who you are?

Moreover, you can include stories that inspire you to go after your job or current goals.

Contact Information:

Your introduction is the first step to communicate with your audience. Similarly if you want your reader to approach you back you should include contact information. Further, your email address should include in your social medial platforms. Make sure your contact information is at the end of the bio.

Edition and Revision as needed:

Make sure that your profile is showing that you are a writer and editor. Similarly, you should check spell and grammatical mistakes. The followings are some important tips:

Don’t edit during writing, first write complete life history.

Make sure that you have done proofreading and check areas where you need to improve the structure. You can use online editing software to check and grade your bio in terms of readability. Ask your family-friends, relatives to give you honest feedback to improve your profile.

Editing is one of the most important steps. However, it ensures that your bio is the most professional document. Further, it represents your accomplishments, character and background.

Step-by-step instructions to compose a decent Biography

A biography is intended to examine an individual’s life and decipher it too. A decent biographer will attempt to join the spots and make sense of specific activities and occasions that a specific figure was engaged. This will help in obviously drawing out the meaning of an individual’s life through their achievements or exceptional deeds.

Biographies are typically written in sequential requests. A few biographers could likewise draft them in a themed request that is early life, instructive foundation, and an individual’s accomplishments or achievements. Be that as it may, a few particularly the short ones will zero in on one region in an individual’s life.

There are several sources of information that are used to help in writing an outstanding biography. These wellsprings of data can be gathered into either essential sources or auxiliary sources. The essential wellsprings of data incorporate materials like letters, news records or journals. A biographer can likewise make a plan to meet with a singular they need to expound on. This is likewise viewed as an essential wellspring of data. The auxiliary sources are reference books, different accounts or verifiable records that are connected with the subject being expounded on.

Steps Used In writing a biography;

Select the singular you need to expound on

Look for the essential realities that connect with an individual’s life. The reference book or chronicle could be helpful for this.

Ponder the details to include the account which can achieve out the individual’s life. Pick the region in an individual’s life that you believe the biography should spin around. A few directing inquiries that could help you in this incorporate;

  • What’s the most intriguing piece about the individual?
  • What is the meaning of the person to society and the world overall?
  • What characteristics or descriptors will be the most ideal for the portrayal of the person?
  • What activities or life-altering situations draw out the characteristics or descriptors picked previously?
  • What life-altering situations or world occasions moulded the individual or drew out the best in them?
  • Did they confront snags or face a few challenges throughout everyday life? How could they deal with the impediments and did they turn out to be fortunate?
  • What effect did they have on the planet? Did they increase the value of how individuals view specific parts of life? Did they concoct a thing, thought or method of activity that changed the status quo took care of or somewhat finished in their social orders or world overall?

Complete an extra exploration on the web to respond to a portion of the inquiries referenced previously. Guarantee that you find data that will assist you with recounting a story that many will cherish.

After setting everything up, you can continue to compose the history. We have given an example biography on this site that you could look at to get the float.

Biography templates

A history format is intended to explicitly help an essayist come across a magnificent biography. For this reason to be accomplished the writer needs to get his/her hands on an excellent biography template, very much like the ones given on this site.

The best biography templates ought to give clear guidelines, and this ought to be exhaustively to stay away from the gamble of the author passing up a major opportunity and a few significant realities. The formats accessible on this site will assist you with catching the entirety of the details.

The biography formats ought to likewise be exact and try not to avoid the real issue. Going cycle one thought or thing will make the biography exhausting to read and it is judicious for the writer to be focused. By doing this it will be more straightforward for the readers to skim through and find the details they may be keen on with heaps of simplicity. The writer will likewise save his/her time and focus on composing different things.

The general segments of any account as illustrated by our example memoirs will have;

  • The name of the individual
  • An image of the individual
  • A record of their initial life
  • The individual’s day-to-day life
  • The significant accomplishments of the individual
  • The three fundamental fascinating characteristics or realities about the person

A professional Biography Template

An expert biography is an explanation that could either be short or long that is expounded on an individual, business or organization. It ought to be drawing in, useful and fascinating for the readers to relate to the individual or business element being discussed. It has an attempt to seal the somewhat unique deal. An expert biography template is intended to facilitate the method involved with creating printed proficient biographies, particularly for a person who needs to contact many individuals or foundations.

Components that ought to be caught in an expert history are:

A synopsis of one’s initial life in a sentence or two makes it fascinating

Then, at that point, data addressing your schooling, notice any scholarly honours or the clubs and social orders that you were important for. Any work insight while in school?

Discuss how imaginative and creative you are with accompanying answers for the issues that you have looked at as an individual, notice what is going on that you were confident in thinking of arrangements

Notice characteristics that make you stand apart, for example, being autonomous, principled or knowing to build your reliability.

The accompanying tips will empower you to think of the best proficient biography;

  • Be brief and exact direct. This is to empower the reader to effectively and immediately get to be familiar with you.
  • Be unconstrained in your composition
  • Be essentially as expressive as could really be expected and stay away from an excess of self-altering while at the same time drafting the expert life story in the underlying stages to catch however much data as could be expected
  • Be cordial yet not excessively casual
  • Be as fascinating as possible to certainly stand out enough to be noticed by many individuals out there
  • Compose it as an outsider looking in. Discuss your life as though another person were depicting it.

This site offers you an expert biography layout that could support making the age of expert biographies a simple and less effort object. You can likewise look at test profiles to sort out some way to approach the entire course of thinking of an expert biography.

Individual Biography Template

An individual biography is a short record of what your identity is, your certifications and your prominent achievements throughout everyday life. Individual profiles should be short, exact and applicable to your interest group. The utilization of individual measurements, for example, leisure activities or family ought to be kept away from. An individual biography template will help one to effectively and helpfully think of individual profiles.

The critical components in an individual biography are;

Give a presentation of yourself. Make sure to compose it in a third individual and incorporate the year that your expert profession began to be pertinent. You could give a rundown of any important specializations in your field.

Express your instructive realities and certifications. Notice the degrees that you have sought after and the separate establishments. Add any important encounters you have that are expected for your profession and notice the name of the general public that you are lawfully an individual from.

Continue to frame any striking accomplishments or grants you have acquired in your training. Recollect that the data should apply to the crowd being tended to. Assuming you end up being a creator you could specify the magazines or any distributing house that has perceived your works.

Your decision ought to refer to any impending ventures or works in progress that individuals should post for sooner rather than later. Remember to refer to your ongoing spot of home.

As you age, it is great to continue to refresh your biography to reflect what your identity is at present time. You can utilize the individual biography layout presented by this site to effectively and in a more helpful manner create your history without passing up the significant subtleties.

We additionally give test life stories to provide you with a vibe of what your end draft ought to resemble. To let them in on well-known authentic figures, this site offers biographies for youngsters. These will assist them with knowing the outstanding individuals who assist with moulding the world into what it has become to be.


The biography template is such document that gives details about your personal life. Further, you give details of your educational achievements, professional life and facts of your life. Moreover, you can take help from bio examples of famous persons. Your profile is also key to get your job. Further, it helps the hiring manager to check the perfect match for the job. You can download free templates and enter details as per your need.

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