15+ Printable Medical Receipt Templates (Excel / Word / PDF)

A medical receipt template is for every patient who visits the clinic and goes through medical services and tests and check-ups as well. It is for those customers who purchase their prescriptions. Similarly, this receipt can be easily downloaded from a website free of cost. You can edit and customize it as per your requirements. The medical receipt template covers all the basic details in which medical reports and tests are included. Moreover, it also includes charges for your record and payment. The best part is you just need to enter information in it and you can take print instantly.

Medical Receipt Bill Template

If you are running a pharmacy and you need a medical receipt bill template. Moreover, It is easy to download and without any cost. You can download a ready-made file and edit it in any file format. Further, you just need to enter patient details along with medicines prescribed and expenses. It is easy to print and you can work with it. You can download and edit it in Ms Excel and Ms Word format. These formats are very convenient and you can enter details of a patient with admission and discharge. Further, you can enter fee payment and note it down easily.

How To Write Medical Receipt Template?

Chalk Out Your Receipt Design

First, make a list of all your requirement in the receipt. Moreover, this should contain the date, the amount, the rates, the receipt number and so on. Further, you will point out which content you would like to place out.

Select a layout

Once you have finalized the contents of your medical receipt, you can make a list of your layout from scratch. Similarly, you can pick from a list of file formats you are working on.

Enter Important Details

You should include details in the medical receipt. Similarly, the vendor’s details like the name of the seller, address, contact details, name of the manager of the store and other details must be mentioned.

Prescription Information

The details of the product are very important. You should include apparatus details carefully. The information in the tabular column helps to organize it in a better way. Moreover, you should make sure that there is sufficient space for descriptions.

Expense and Payment

Another important point of medical receipt is the expense of the prescriptions. Moreover, you should break down the total amount into tax, original price and labour charges etc.

Terms and Conditions

The final step is the terms and conditions of the medical receipt regarding the payment. Moreover, Under this, you should include the data related to the exchange, return of any such queries. Save and print all details in the template.

Medical Receipt Template In Google Docs

You can check this template and easily create it from scratch in google docs. save it in Pdf format and print a receipt. You can enter the patient’s details at the beginning of the receipt. Further, you can note down the prescription along with the dosage of the customer. This type of document is perfect in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres.

Medical Invoice Template in Pages

You can create a perfect and detailed invoice with the help of a medical receipt. Similarly, you can create it with A4 font size and us letter sizes. The patient and prescription details are easily noted and you can download and instantly print them.

Make Medical Receipts Using Medical Receipt Template

A medical receipt is nevertheless used by doctors and medical officers. It’s quite similar to a cash receipt in many ways but it is designed to fulfil the needs of a medical officer. You can use it for consultation purposes. Similarly, It gives the purpose of the visit, the observations and so on. It lists the drugs and the total amount in an organized way.

How are Medical Receipts Useful?

A medical receipt that is in use by medical officers provide services that are related to health and medicine. There are varieties of professional receipt templates. Moreover, by buying medicines and other things from the store you also face a cash receipt that is given at the end of the purchase. So, this is a medical receipt. However, the medical bill receipt uses to keep track of the items for selling to the customers by the medical officers. Similarly, you can realize the importance of this document by noting down if you are running a medical office or provider of goods and services.

Why is Medical Receipt Necessary?

The use of medical receipts is important from many aspects. However, a medical office as compared to other businesses needs complete decorum and discipline. Do you not want your customers to abuse the drugs you sell? Similarly, the medical receipt serves as a record. Moreover, this document is compulsory for taxation and inspection purposes, which happens at several intervals. If you want yourself in the good books of inspectors, you should keep a record of medical receipts. What is the intention of your receipt looks like? Moreover, you can easily get benefit from the samples of our medical bills online while designing your receipt. You should also check medical history form.

Different Types of Medical Receipts

There are a few types of receipts that are common in use.

A Receipt of Payment

This is a cash receipt and its purpose is only to state the cash amount.

Sales Receipt

This type of receipt is issued by the store and is proof of purchase for the customer.

Consultation Receipt

This type of receipt is after consulting with the doctor and there is a detail about consultation.

Do’s and Don’ts


You should organize your presentation. Try to use templates to create receipts.


Don’t miss out on important details. Don’t forget to include your signature.


A medical receipt template is a document that is in use by medical officers and doctors. It is tough to create a medical receipt because it is an important part of the medical industry. This ready-made template saves your time from designing a document from scratch. You can download a sample and customize it along with the font and sizes of your choice.

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