23+ Printable Payment Receipt Template (Excel / Word)

If you are having a shop or business owner all of your transactions that are business-to-business and customer-to-business should be recorded on the Payment receipts. Moreover, it’s an ideal state that you can cross-check your transactions because of receipts with you. This is the best way to keep yourself updated with your current transactions. Further, you can introduce a new format of Payment receipt template for transactions.

Payment Receipt Templates

If you need a new format of receipt template, you can download it from the internet. Moreover, it’s free of cost and you can customize your document in MS. Word & Ms Excel. You can look at the ready-made templates. Likewise, you need to enter the appropriate information in the fields which are already in the template. Further, this document will be forwarded to the accounts or billing department. They will prepare a cross-check and fulfil your need.

What are Money Receipt Templates?

When a customer purchases a product, the payment receipt is provided to you. Further, if you are running a service business, there are several ways to prepare a receipt template available online. There are a few important points when you are preparing a money receipt template.

  • Your company name should be on the payment receipt.
  • You should include the customer’s name.
  • Add the name of the purchased product.
  • The customer paid the amount.
  • Tax Information.
  • Other relevant details of the purchase.

Payment Receipts Made Easy with Payment Templates

A payment receipt looks like a cash memo or cash receipt. Further, when he/she makes purchases it is given to the customer. Likewise, it contains purchased products, mode of payment, name and signature. There are further templates available which you can customize and use as per your needs.

Why Use Payment Receipt Templates?

A payment receipt which you get against the purchase of any product. However, it’s a small piece of document which is given to you by the store or vendor of the department store. Each store has its format of cash receipt which differs from others in size, format and text. Further, it reflects the information about the company, how they have been specifically designed. If you are making a plan to prepare your payment receipt, you will feel disappointed when you are not able to do a perfect design. Moreover, for your comfort, you can take the help of ready-made blank templates. You can find more online templates in which there is a payment receipt form. These templates are easy to operate. You can find all solutions on the online internet. All you need is to do proper formatting of templates. There are many types of templates with the help of which you can fulfil your needs.

Types of Payment Receipts

Many types of payment receipts are available. When you have so many options, it is difficult for you in finalizing the selection. However, it’s a difficult decision to select the right choice for you. For Instance, if you are looking for good sales receipts, then only the fields like purchase details, amount and date are sufficient. Similarly, if there is a payment or cash receipt which gives details of the purchase date, receipt number, name and signature of the customer. You will also find vendor details of the store. You may also like Official Receipt Template.

  • Vehicle Sales Receipt Template
  • Cash Sale Receipt Template
  • Hotel Receipt Template
  • Car Receipt Template
  • Rent Deposit Receipt Template
  • Property Rent Receipt Template
  • Office Rent Receipt Template
  • Tenant Receipt Template
  • Shop Rent Receipt Template
  • Rent Receipt Template
  • landlord Rent Receipt Template

How To Develop Payment Receipt Template in Ms Word?

There are many document builders available online. You can download such a template free of cost from the internet. If you choose the Ms word, this is also one of the best choices. However, you can develop this Microsoft office tool and keep it blank. Further, whenever, you need to fill in the details, you can simply enter data and make your template as per the requirement of a store or the business service. Further, once the template is ready, you can edit its text, font size in any way. You can add details of your company, name, signature, purchase date etc.

Security Deposit Receipt Template

A Security deposit should go with the payment received. However, this is an important document that is used for later proof of payment. For this purpose, you can take the help of a payment receipt template. Further, this document is designed for security deposit purposes. Moreover, the bill receipt templates are also a good source of help. The blank sample is quite ideal for making an excel sheet template. Because it’s blank you should not use any different methods, you can apply the same as you used in a money receipttemplate. This is one of the best Ms word printable templates. Further, you can make your job easier with the help of a template. As a result, you can download such a template and fill it in as per your situation.

Acknowledge of Payment Receipt

Once the payment has been made, you can follow by a letter acknowledging the payment. Similarly, if you get a task to do this, the best choice is to take help from the payment received template. All you have to do is download the template and include the important information.

Bank Payment Receipt

The payment you received from the bank is also used as a record, both for the bank and you. If you are going to prepare a bank payment receipt, you can utilize a blank document and fill in the information accordingly. As a result, you can make your life easier and design your bank receipt template with little effort.


The main purpose of receipt is to keep a record of your transactions. However, no one can deny the importance of this receipt especially if you are running a departmental store or you are a vendor. Similarly, you can keep track of your customer and their purchases on daily basis. It will help for checking your inventory and inspection of your store. The Payment receipt templates are available on a different website. You can just fill in the details of your need and take the print.

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