Free Construction Budget Templates (Excel, PDF)

With the help of a construction budget template, you will be able to construct your flow of expenses easily. It is not an easy task to construct a building. Moreover, there is a lot of work you should complete and a lot of planning is required first. One of the most important factors you need to focus on is the amount of money you need to spend on the construction. Further, contractors use to create a construction budget to document the project’s financial and logistics aspects.

A construction budget has a vital tool that is helpful in planning and constructing a building. Similarly, construction projects are linked with time and cost constraints. Therefore, the use of a construction template is ideal to overcome and avoid over cost and time issues.

The project cost is also related to the construction template. This explains that all the phases of the project are finished on time and your project’s cost outweigh the benefits. Most of the sectors like a government body, banks and private sector have interest in their tangible/benefits. Therefore, if they will see they are not getting a reasonable benefit they will not invest in these projects.

Importance of Accounting in Construction Budget

Nobody can deny the importance of accounting in project management. Moreover, you can see with the help of the construction budget template resources are properly distributed and act as proof of allocation to the client or developer.

Key Role of Construction Budget in Project Management

Construction Budget Plays a vital role in optimizing the execution of project management. Moreover, you can outline the level of skill, type of technology and equipment you need at every phase of the project cycle. As a result, it will ensure productivity and efficiency and your cost will remain within the limit.

Phases in the Construction Budget

When you are going to work on the construction project it completes in phases and this overall makes the complete construction project life cycle. You have to pass from six phases are the pre-construction phase to the completion of a project.

  • Pre-project phase
  • Planning and design phase
  • Contractor selection phase
  • Mobilization phase
  • Operations phase
  • Project closeout and termination phase

Creating a Construction Budget

Make a task list

The first step in completing a construction budget would be to make a task list that is note down the list of things that are completed. Moreover, if you have a task list it is wonderful, but if you don’t, you should do it to complete the job. Further, you should mention all the works you need to complete by every person on the construction site.

Consider the costs

After creating the task list, you have a good idea of the cost for each item, work and service that you need to complete. Moreover, next is to get quotes from your supplier and explain the most suitable one that suits your plan. Further, you need to chat with each subcontractor and check how you should go about the project effortlessly.

Give a total Estimate

Once you have an idea of the item and service cost how much, we will make a complete and total cost list. Further, you can add up all the costs that you have estimated. If you want to understand your budget separately use columns and sections to segregate your cists accordingly. You can give a rough estimate using construction estimates accordingly. This will give you great help and your client and as you can know where is the money and how much you spent.

Taxes and Emergencies

No one is completely sure what cost will apply to the construction. There should be an arrangement of extra costs in the case of an emergency. Moreover, this money will use in unexpected cases of emergencies like earthquakes, floods. You can take help from previous data, any previous legal provisions and come up with a rough and approximate number. Therefore, don’t forget to include the amount of tax levied for each amount of item and service they provide.

Get Approval

The final quote is ready and you have all the approvals. Now you need to start your project without the hesitation of getting delayed in the middle for not taking necessary permissions. Also, at this stage, submit your budget to the client or person. Moreover, if he/she needs any changes make them and try to clear them any issues they have in the project.

Types of Construction Templates

Development Budget Template

Budgeting is significant with regard to construction projects, which is the reason it is consistently protected and savvy to put resources into our construction budget plan format in Google Docs. Doing so will permit the cycle to become simpler for you as far as monitoring the materials to be purchased, gear to be gotten, workers to be paid, etc. Likewise, note that this comes in different document designs.

Home Construction Budget Template

A budget plan assists with regard to the following your work as well as the utilization of materials against your original budget plan for the construction of your home. For a helpful follow-up in regards to the budgeting plan, you can utilize this financial arrangement layout as it will allow you to make a record to follow every one of the expenses concerning the development of your home. This instant file can be downloaded immediately whenever, anyplace, on any electronic device without any problem.

Construction Budget Template

Is it true that you are keeping watch for a construction budget plan template? In the event that you are dealing with a construction project, you want to have an arranged financial plan project(s) to do the work in a coordinated and effective manner. The budget template ought to have your assessed budget plan and the timetable for finishing your task. It will incorporate data, for example, the beginning date of the venture, the way things will be done, materials required, and when the undertaking will end. The bit-by-bit course of the construction project is remembered for the budget template.

Commercial Construction Budget Template

A budgeting plan is a vital arrangement for manufacturers to design ahead of time so the budget goes as arranged into the development. You must make a financial plan following arrangements for each construction you are making so you can check the number of costs you have.

Residential Construction Budget Template

Budgeting is a vital part while the construction is continuing so you can keep a beware of where is your cash being utilized and whether it is being utilized for your utilization or the worker for hire’s very own utilization. You get to distinguish how much cash is distributed for a specific residential building or remodeling project for each development you consent to partake in. Make a point to utilize this construction budget template as well as could be expected at this point!

Construction Project Budget Template

Construction projects are troublesome commonly. They include numerous administrative work and loads of documentation. Utilize this budget plan template for monitoring your construction costs. With our template, you can appropriately make a crucial document for budgeting purposes while at the same time staying away from the difficulty of beginning without any preparation.

What to Include in the Construction Budget Template?

Construction projects vary in size, scope, budget and complexity. Most construction budgets are associated with the projects. However, a template has the key cost considerations that are related to most common construction projects. Common components of the building budget template are explained below:

Property Costs:

Construction projects need space for projects which come at a cost. Similarly, the property costs contain the cost of land acquisition cost, real estate fees and property taxes. All these costs vary depending on the site location, desirability and the project scope and size. Land value will be high in some areas. Therefore, this should consider that construction is financially possible.

Foundation of the Project and Property:

When you create a foundation for the project it comes under the cost. The foundation step in which a lot of activities involve soil condition, excavations and ground stabilization. The cost linked to this step comes under the structure budget template.

Material Cost:

Material cost plays a vital role in the construction budget template. Since they cover a lot of items you should take caution when you are estimating the values and during calculations because errors in this section take you to project inflation which is difficult to trace. The best way to estimate is through consultations in which professional estimators involve. They ask for quotations from different suppliers and subcontractors. This is the way contractors compare prices from different suppliers and select the most affordable quality materials. Material costs during the mobilization and operation phases.

Labour Costs:

The persons working on the project compensates with time and effort. The building budget template links with the labour. Moreover, labourers include subcontractors, equipment operators, handyperson, tradespeople and other employees working directly on the site.

Labour Cost contains compensation for hours worked, vacation, sick time, payroll expenses and compensation costs for workers and subcontractors. Further, re-work costs and non-productive also come under the labour cost.

Professional Fees and Services:

Throughout the project life cycle, contractors engage different professionals through consultations and services. Moreover, professional fees and services vary under the scope of a construction project. These include:

Design Services:

We talk about architect fees, design fees, approval/stamp fees from structural, mechanical and electrical engineers.

Cost with permits:

Building and occupancy permits, land disturbance, environmental permits and department of transportation permits.

Survey Fees:

Studying and testing fees related to environmental approvals.

Banking, Accounting and Real Estate Fees

Low Waste Disposal Fees:

Most professional fees and services are applicable before pre-construction. However, additional fees are applicable once construction begins. For example, a post-construction accounting fee is also applicable for auditing services under professional fees. The construction budget template should include inspection fees once the project is in a completion phase.


A construction budget template is essential in the planning and execution of construction projects. Moreover, a contractor can contact project developers that how much money is required for different projects and materials necessary for completing the project. Similarly, contractors use a structured budget template to break down project expenses. The components of the building budget template are property costs, material costs, labour costs, professional fees and services, professional liability insurance and bonds, contingency allowances, equipment and tools costs, utilities and taxes. With the help of the construction budget template the contractor stay on schedule and remain within the constraints of the available funding.

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