Free Christmas Budget Templates [Excel]

The Christmas budget template is ideal for those who want to track their whole expenses during Christmas. Similarly, this festival brings a series of celebrations, parties, gifts and food etc. Proper planning during Christmas values your memories the whole year.

This is an event when the whole Christian community celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, there is a big chance that you will do overspending with your family. In such circumstances, the budget template helps you to manage your expenses and avoid unusual expenses that become the reason for lavishness. As a result, the use of the budget template and proper planning provide you with joyous Christmas holidays.

Steps To Write a Christmas Budget Template

1- Prepare a List of Monthly Income & Expenses

Estimate your monthly income in which includes residual income, side jobs, small business income, paychecks, etc. that comes into your house each month. Moreover, evaluate your expenses of family like clothing, groceries, gifts, shopping, rent and transportation. As a result, you can celebrate the Christmas festival better if you plan your expense a few months before.

2- Decision of Amount You Spend This Year

You need to decide on your budget for all the people doing shopping. Similarly, the best idea is to make a list of all the family members and estimate the spending on each person. Further, it will help you out in Christmas shopping from each family member and overall spending on the occasion of this event.

3- Create a Shopping List and Who you are Spending Your Budget On

Once your budget is finalized with the help of the budget template, it’s time to check the shopping list from each individual of the family. Moreover, you will see how much you are spending on Christmas shopping for each member.

4- Set Up Your Christmas Saving Fund

Now you decide that how much you spend on shopping for each person. Further, you make sure that you have enough resources for covering this event. You also prepare a template and separate arrange all the materials like gifts, groceries, clothes etc. Therefore, it will be awesome if you set up a Christmas savings fund.

5- Find Methods to supplement your Christmas Budget or Alternatives to Gifts

There is nothing to worry about if your budget is lower as compared to your expenses. The alternative is that you can go to the supplements that will contribute to compensating your budget for Christmas shopping. Further, you can spend on movie or dinner and leave the option of gifts. This will make your Christmas more memorable during your lifetime memory.

Printable Christmas Budget Templates

You can take the help of a ready-made template if you have no expertise in drafting your document. There are online templates available. You need to download and use it by filling in the details. You need to enter details in the fields that will help to manage your budget during the Christmas festival. Moreover, the gifts, groceries, miscellaneous along with your actual amount will save in this document. As a result, you will get a better idea that you are going for overspending or you are under budget for celebrating this event. With the help of this template, you can go for an alternative solution in your expenses. You may also see Cash Flow Budget Template.

Types of Christmas Budget Templates

Christmas Budget Sample

You can record your spending here by just filling in the details and getting an idea of your budget. This will help you to check that you are doing overspending or your budget is lower as compared to your actual amount.

Detailed Christmas Budget Worksheet

It is difficult to manage your daily spending on this occasion that is like cooking the perfect meal, entertaining your family and managing everything within your resources. Therefore, this worksheet will be ideal for managing your day-to-day activities and give you complete details of what you are spending. As a result, you can avoid overspending and maintain your monthly budget after this festival as well.

Printable Christmas Budget Template

This type of template will help you to check that your expenses are aligned with your goals. This printable template is ideal in the sense that you take a printout and put a budget on each item and check your spending and then find a difference.

Editable Christmas Budget Form

Due to this editable document, you can plan early all your expenses. Similarly, you will save from any loss, feel less stress and remove any expensive items that are leading your budget for overspending.

Vertical Christmas Budget Sample

Are you looking for such template that will help you to take your budget within your limits from today till the Christmas event? It’s the best idea to download this template where you can calculate all your budget profits. Other income sources to make this event memorable in your whole life.

Standard Christmas Budget Document

You can create your shopping list by downloading this document. However, you need to fill in family members, friends, colleagues and gifts details you would like to give. Next is to decide your budget for this event and the amount you spend on each person. As a result, this template will give you the total budget of your spendings.

Professional Christmas Budget Document

The professional sample is black and white coloured which will help you to check the target price and the actual amount you will spend on this celebration. Further, you just note down your guest lists, gifts, shopping expenses, groceries and it will calculate the actual cost for you. This will help you to maintain your expenses and refrain from overspending during the Christmas festival.


The Christmas Budget Template use is the ideal approach for those who want to make this celebration memorable for a lifetime. If you will properly plan your budget and estimate your expenses it will help you to remain stress-free. Further, your budget will be according to your monthly income. You will calculate the cost of each person in your family during this event.

There are different budget templates available that will lead you to plan your budget before the celebration. Further, your expenses will not become over and your celebration will be ending happily.

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