Free MIS Report Format in Excel (Templates & Samples)

free mis report format in excel

If you are facing problems from your customers, then your organization, hotel, market and hospital demands for MIS report format in excel. Moreover, from the manager to the executive level this report is necessary to evaluate your business as much as possible. Further, this report is also called MIS/profit and loss/ Income expenditure report or management template report.


Business communication improves internally and externally with the help of this report. Similarly, when you assess different areas and try to find out gaps with the help of this report. Further, your major complaints are solved by using the MIS report. In addition, the data behind the report helps you to overcome the errors of your business and you can increase your profit.


As a Sales Manager, you also have to bring positive change in the revenue of your sales. However, this is possible if you have proper data facts. By using this management report you can contact your production department and your sales team for bringing improvement in the sales revenue.

What is an Excel MIS report?

This report is based on the performance of the Information Management System use case. In this report, excel is utilized as the data storage and management system. The coordination happens between Data/Business Analysts and Business heads/Managers. They produce intuitive reports. To make a move against the reports got, these reports are sent to the higher authorities or decision-making board. They ensure that they correct the issues faced, and achieve improvement.


The meaning of Excel MIS report format?

The MIS is alluded to as the foundation of any organization. The Excel MIS report is a record that has different sorts of data. The things occurring inside or outside the little or huge associations are completely remembered for it. The primary undertaking of the MIS department is to deal with the data. Moreover, MIS is an office in each association that oversees exact and definite data concerning the association. For data management, this office is specially made in each association.

Assuming the upper management finds any issue in the organization, they get some information about it from the MIS department. From that point forward, they request that the MIS division give information to tackle and distinguish the source and reason for a particular issue. Assistant and chef-level business directors utilize this data to address the particular query.


Clients are exceptionally fundamental partners in each association. The MIS department answers the customer queries in a regarded way and gives them to the administration. They likewise give the right information to the management to tackle inquiries. Moreover, this report is likewise alluded to as the management reports for checking.


The most common generated Excel MIS reports:

In major business operations that are based on day-to-day life, Excel MIS reports are working. The main purpose in many industries is to utilize these reports for their business operations. Some of them are discussed below;

  • Financial Reporting Use-cases
  • HR Reporting
  • Sales Reporting
  • Resource Reporting
  • Abnormality Reporting

Financial reporting use-cases

Financial reporting considers the most critical requirement that every organization requires. Most terms that we use that include cash flow, revenue, project costing, and more come under financial reporting. Under one interactive dash, the report that stores, analyses, and visualizes multiple financial-related charts come under this heading. Based on real-time reports, the project managers or business heads supervise the team.

HR Reporting

The HR Information Management system mainly pays attention to employee data. HR has to keep track of the employee hiring, firing, and performance-related data. By using these reports, the company can analyze that an employee is an asset or a liability.

Sales Reporting

In sales reporting, the organization wants its team of marketing executives and business data analysts to read the market trends to make a comparison of their company’s sales and establish some actionable insights. Furthermore, these reports play an important role in sales operations.

Resource Reporting

MIS reporting helps resource reporting. Here, to complete smooth creation tasks, the association’s asset information is accumulated and gone against the parameters set by the organization. There are many types of resources, such as workers, raw materials, and so on.

Abnormality Reporting

It is an important part of real-time MIS reporting and visualization. During reading sudden abnormalities in peak hours of business, these types of reports play a vital role. Moreover, there are diverse types of abnormalities such as running out of resources to serve the requirements, etc.

What is your knowledge about MIS Report?

MIS report which is an abbreviate of management information system. Similarly, business management utilizes this report for checking the performance of an organization/company. Business communities from managers to assistants rely on the MIS report format in excel. Because this is the best source to see how are their daily sales going. Further, they can analyze any decrease in their production. By using this management report they can evaluate their development process and decision making about different products.

What Defines HR MIS Report?

The HR MIS report handles the potential of the employees. Likewise, this includes personnel, job evaluations, capacity to reach goals, daily attendance reports, performance data, data of employees’ salaries. You get information on head accounts and the rate of abrasion by using the MIS report.

Significance of MIS report and Features:

If you have the proper information, it is easy for you to outline and make the process simple.

Multiple Project Completion:

You check different areas when working is going on multiple projects, that’s why when you formulate a report in the excel tool, you can easily evaluate with the name of a person involved in that particular project task.

Orders Completion Report:

This report is ideal and provides you detailed information like the order number, shipped on, order quantity, cut quantity and the % of the sewing and stitched department.

Balance Sheet:

With the help of this report template, you can easily manage your balance like fields of current assets and current liabilities.

Relevant Data:

You can further check your quantity with the help of the MIS report format in excel. It includes color and sizes along with the stitched pieces.

Daily MIS Report

Normally, the MIS report uses to evaluate your monthly and quarterly issues. Moreover, you use this Management template to resolve the issues. However, if there are issues on a daily basis in your business, you can take help from this report and remove the issue to take your corporate back to the track of profit.

Preparation of MIS Report

MIS report uses in the different departments like orders, revenues, workforce data, attrition details and other HR-related matters. Further, there are multiple parameters and indexing involved in the preparation of the MIS report. In Addition, you can use this report to compare it with a predefined set of the matrix for any organization, hotel, market and hospital.

Benefits of MIS Report Template

The company who use this management Information system report gets to benefit in all the aspects:

  1. You can reach a higher level of productivity with the help of this MIS report.
  2. It further helps you to set the current market trends and be aware of current changes.
  3. Strategic planning is easy with the help of this report and you can bring changes that are the demand of business future needs.
  4. It helps you the problem company is facing
  5. You can coordinate with different departments and come up with a better solution.
  6. It is a booster for achieving your company targets and making your profit at a higher level.

Methods of Preparing MIS Report

There are two methods available for this report. One is MIS report in tally and the other is MIS report format in excel. Below will discuss two methods:

MIS Report in Tally:

There are many methods, but it easy is you can divide them into different categories.

Accounting: all the reports concerned with the accounting department lie in this category.

Finance: All the financial statements and fund related statements that is managed by the Financial department come under this category.

Inventory: The stock management, manufacturing and order reports are handled under this MIS report in tally.

Management Control: All the matters concerned with statistics, budgeting, costing and sales are solved under this category.

Making of MIS report in Excel

If you want to prepare a report in excel, you should have proper knowledge of using it and MIS reporting skills. You can prepare it in a step-by-step process:

  1. First thing which is key is to collect raw data from a different department like accounting, manufacturing and marketing etc.
  2. Then filter raw data that will help you in preparing the specific report of different departments.
  3. It’s a better approach to make another report for the data repository, it will help to pick information and add it to the main report. You can use it as a backend of your database.
  4. The back-end database can connect to the MIS template and helps use the excel formulas.
  5. Once you reach the end you can rectify the errors in the report.

Major Components of MIS Report Format in Excel

There are major 5 components in the MIS report. Moreover, this help reaches the business goals.

  1. Users Data
  2. Business plan of action
  3. Data
  4. Hardware Selection
  5. Software selection according to the requirement

Uses of MIS Report Format in Excel:

Likewise, collect data from different sources and bring it into your business. When all steps work together, they are helpful in a delivery report daily as well. Moreover, these reports are sent to different specific departments and analyze the work performance. Most reports prepare an on-demand basis.

Many industries have separate MIS divisions. These use limited employees and the purpose is to build business statistics. The purpose is to make all MIS reports. Many organizations and industries use registering creativity and encoding to save data.

There is an exact number for the MIS report excel in admin, similarly, there is a division inside a business department because data deals with incomes. The other very important side is the operational expense in the MIS report. It is useful to find and for admin.

In Addition, many stores and warehouses get revenue with the help of MIS report format in excel. You can get information about the product and different items dispatched in the data.


MIS report format in excel is the best way to increase the revenue of your business. Moreover, you can keep updating yourself from any department and get its data on daily basis. This will help you to track the development and bring further improvement in the production of your organization. This MIS report will provide the best facility in the market, hospital and other industries to check their progress monthly or quarterly. In addition, you have a backup of your data and you use it in Hr-related matters regarding monthly salary details. For preparing this report you should have expertise in excel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you are familiar with the MIS report?

MIS report, an abbreviation for the management information report system, is a report utilized by business management to take a look at the performance of the organization/association. Business supervisors at all levels of an organization that is from assistant managers to leaders rely upon the report given by this system which can help them to survey the day-to-day business exercises or issues that the organization is facing, navigation, and development track.

This reporting system is utilized by each business and industry.

What is the HR MIS report?

The Human Resource (HR) MIS report handles the probability of employees, choosing staff, work assessments, the ability to arrive at the objectives, day-to-day attendance report, execution information, data on the entirety of representatives’ salary data, and substantially more. It helps you to be familiar with headcounts and the rate of attrition.

What are the benefits of the MIS report?

MIS reporting system gives the following benefits;

  1. Assist you to arrive at a more significant level of productivity.
  2. Determine the current business trends
  3. With the assistance of the MIS report, you can make key preparation and decide the business’ future necessities.
  4. It assists you with recognizing the issues that the company is confronting.
  5. It advances better correspondence between department heads and representatives.
  6. Enables you to go with additional rational choices.

How would you make MIS report?

There are two strategies for making an MIS report, the first is in tally and the other is in Excel.

Making of MIS report in Tally:

There are different kinds of layouts of MIS report in tally and can be isolated into various classes referenced underneath;

  • Bookkeeping: All the reports that are utilized by a record division fall in this class.
  • Finance: All the budget summaries and asset articulation reports that are overseen by the money division fall in this classification.
  • Inventory: All the assembling, stock administration, and request reports fall in the stock MIS report in the count.
  • The Management control: All the administration control reports like measurements, costing, budget, and deals fall in this class.

Making of MIS report in Excel:

To make the MIS report in Excel format needs a decent order of Excel and MIS reporting skills. Allow us to examine the creation of an MIS report in Excel step by step.

  • Right away, you need to gather every one of the crude information that is important to make an MIS report from various departments like marketing, accounts, manufacturing, and so forth.
  • Then, at that point, channel the crude necessary information to make a specific report.
  • Make one more sheet for the information vault with the goal that getting data and placing it in the main report can be simple. It can fill in as a back-end data set.
  • From that point onward, you can interface the back-end data set to the MIS template by utilizing excel formulas.
  • Eventually, decide if there is a mistake in the report.

What are the parts of the MIS report?

MIS report incorporates 5 significant parts that cooperate to arrive at business objectives.

  1. Users
  2. Business plan of action
  3. Information
  4. Hardware
  5. Software

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