15+ Printable Weekly Budget Templates (Excel / Word)

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In the present changing worldwide economy, saving money and being financially secure is a need. To begin saving; the main choice to make is to set a BUDGET. A budget is an evaluation of income versus expenditure for a characterized timeframe. Keeping a nearby watch on the expenses and income helps save money over the long haul and the most ideal way to watch out for the budget test is by keeping a week-by-week budget report, there is a huge number of weekly budget templates accessible here to assist with beginning the saving system.


Weekly Budget and Spending Functional Planner

This planner separates the month into 4 weeks and a further 7 days of the week. The section against every day gives space to refer to the cost for that specific day and a segment toward the week’s end to specify the all-out expense for the week. A look at the organizer toward the month’s end gives an outline of expenses made every week.


Printable Weekly Expense Tracker

This example is a printable variant of the weekly expense tracker. It bifurcates the costs into kinds of costs like grocery, hospital expenses, movies, diversion, shopping and different costs and a section to specify the total cost of the week.

Printable Weekly Budget Sheet

This template is an intricate monthly budget sheet that gives data about the Income, Savings, and Expenses. The separation is according to Income: expected, genuine, contrast, Savings (crisis reserves): expected, genuine, distinction lastly Expenses: expected, real, distinction and at the base, it has a segment to specify cash lack/surplus viz-a-viz the pay. You may also like Household Budget Templates.


Sample Bi-Weekly Personal Budget Template Excel

This arrangement isolates the month into bi-week for example in two pieces of 15 days each. This example is helpful for individuals who get compensated on an every other week premise. The sample incorporates 3 tables the primary table gives data around 15 days of fixed pay, additional pay and complete pay likewise the subsequent table gives data about the following 15 days of fixed pay, additional pay and total income. The third table incorporates insights concerning the monthly expenses and a column to show projected pay v/s cost, genuine pay v/s cost and the distinction sum.

For what reason do you have to make a Weekly budget?

With the utilization of a weekly budget template, you can undoubtedly focus on your expenditures and thusly deal with your savings well. Here are a few justifications for why you want a weekly budget worksheet of your own:


To control your budget

  • Assuming you can monitor your expenses, you can control your inclination to overspend.
  • To focus on saving
  • Involving a weekly budget template as an aide provides you with a smart thought regardless of whether you’re on the way toward meeting your objectives.

To control your expenditures

  • With this format as your consistent update, you will control your expenditures better since it will give you an outline of your income and expenses.
  • Keeping a weekly or fortnightly check on our expenses and income significantly helps in the prioritization of your needs and needs. In addition, the budget likewise assists you with monitoring your finances.
  • Observing and arranging your budget consistently empower you to distinguish and potentially dispense with unnecessary expenses. This makes it simpler to accomplish your financial goals. Moreover, a weekly survey of expenditures diminishes the pressure brought about by overspending toward the finish of every month.

How would I make a weekly budget spreadsheet?

The most effective way to keep up with your weekly budget template is by planning your checks independently. Along these lines, you will figure out what the cash from every one of your checks pays for. This implies that observing your well-deserved dollars will be a lot more straightforward.


To assist you with making your weekly or fortnightly budget template while monitoring your checks, follow these means. Send off Excel and make a column for every one of the following:


In the spreadsheet, make an “income” column then input your normal income. List every one of your checks independently in the various sections.

Presently, make an “income” column and record every one of the classes you ordinarily spend your cash on. Be pretty much as unmistakable as could be expected. Entering unclear categories makes it harder to check your expenses. With regards to budgeting, here are a few categories you might include:

Fixed Expenses:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Electricity
  • Health care coverage
  • Web
  • Life Insurance
  • Cell Phone Bills
  • Mortgage or Rent
  • Different Insurances
  • Memberships
  • Utilities

Variable Expenses:

  • Clothing
  • Date Night
  • Entertainment
  • Gas
  • Gifts
  • Food
  • Prepping or Haircuts
  • Family
  • Personal Allowance
  • Restaurants
  • Various Expenses

This alludes to a category for an expense that just happens in the month. Further, you’re by and by budgeting for expenses that don’t happen routinely.

After posting your categories, input the total that you estimate to spend for every one of the categories in your “budgeted” segment.

How would you compute the weekly budget?

Making a weekly budget template has turned into a significant piece of our life to guarantee that our finances are constantly maintained in control. If you’re making a weekly budget template organizer interestingly, the following are four useful hints to make things simpler for you:

Do whatever it takes not to make things complicated

As far as some might be concerned, making a budget is excessively tedious. Particularly if you contemplate the amount of number related you possess to do. While the facts confirm that you want some degree in math, you don’t need to be a math specialist. In this way, you can make and keep a successful, working budget.

Get going with a basic, simple-to-follow formula- deduct your expenses from your salary. The distinction that you get from the salary and the expenses will be the extra that you might spend on recreation uses like watching movies, feasting out, voyaging, etc.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that the distinction ends up being a negative worth, this is an indication that you need to dispense with specific expenses to keep yourself in the positive. When you have set up this straightforward equation, you might separate it and detail it as the need might arise or need to.

Savings ought to be a programmed piece of your Budget

As a rule, individuals consider a few reasons or motivations to why they couldn’t or didn’t save a particular amount consistently into a record implied for investment funds. Whatever reason they have, whether they just “neglected” or there was insufficient cash left, their savings account won’t ever develop.

In any case, if you believe this record of yours should develop, set a piece of your check kept in a savings account consequently. If your organization has a retirement savings plan for workers, exploit this. Then, at that point, try to add to it however much you can, particularly on the off chance that your organization matches a level of your monthly commitment.

Always take care of your bills on time

To keep away from out-of-this-world loan fees on your outstanding debts, you ought to try to take care of your bills on time every month and in full. This likewise assists you with keeping a healthy credit rating. Remember that the lower your credit rating is, the harder it will be for you to get an endorsement while applying for credits, including vehicle advances, home loans, and others.

You may likewise need to consider setting up a billing account on auto-pay with the goal that there won’t be a requirement for you to recollect when to make your payments and for which bills. Another choice is to give a shot an application or instrument for account the board that reminds you when you have a due date for a bill not far off.

Get a precise estimate of your monthly expenses

It would be truly challenging for you to know just precisely the amount you are spending if you don’t make any sense of every penny that you spend consistently. It is significantly simpler to decide the amount you’re bringing back every month than the amount you spend for a similar timeframe.

The last option expects undeniably more work than the previous. One method for deciding the amount you spend every month is by keeping each bill and receipt you get then input these numbers into a basic budgeting template or a budgeting spreadsheet. Doing this assists you with imagining all that you spend and whether your salary will cover your customary expenses in general or not. You should also check Bi-Weekly Budget Templates.

Significance of Weekly Budget Template

The weekly budget template assists you with focusing on your expenditures and dealing with your savings. The following are a couple of signs of a weekly budget template:

Control over Expenses: Weekly observing of expenses assists us with checking our desire to overspend centre around Savings: Maintaining a format provides us with a fair thought of whether our saving objectives are being met. Control outgoings: Budget layouts assist us with controlling our outgoings by furnishing us with a rundown of costs and pay. unexpected expenses: A weekly budget template can act as an early sign of your coming financial smash due to overspending.Savings for unforeseen costs: Weekly spending plan checking helps in putting something aside for expected and startling crisis costs.


Saving for later is vital as startling conditions and expenses can emerge ignorant. A weekly check on the income and expenses helps us in focusing on our needs. It likewise assists with keeping our finances on target. Weekly arranging and observing the budget assists us with distinguishing and checking unnecessary expenses and arriving at our financial goals. Likewise, a weekly or fortnightly audit of use and income saves us from the month’s end pressure due to overspending. So we should lay out our saving boundaries today by downloading the weekly financial plan format.

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