20+ Free Tooth Fairy Certificate Template [Word, PDF]

Tooth fairy certificate templates are used to create tooth fairy certificates that kids receive when they lose their first teeth. They usually put their first teeth under the pillow. These templates allow you to provide your kid the feel of real fairy magic. Moreover, receiving a certificate with some gifts from a fairy is a tradition that makes your kid happy.

What is a tooth fairy certificate?

You may have listened about a tooth fairy in your childhood. Kids think that there is a tooth fairy who gives them gifts along with a certificate known as a tooth fairy certificate when they lose their first teeth. Children put their teeth under the pillow and wait to receive some gifts from the fairy. The gift may be money or something else. However, it’s just a fantasy or myth that there is a tooth fairy or just an enjoyable tradition. The main purpose of the tooth fairy myth is to make your kids happy when they are feeling sad about losing their teeth. When kids are sleeping parents exchange their teeth with some gifts and tell their children that the fairy did this. In addition, the well-designed tooth fairy certificate templates look like fairy magic in them. These templates are in Word and PDF format. You should also check 25+ Printable Stock Certificate Templates.

Effective ideas to give a better gift than money:

A tiny tooth fairy door:

Instead of giving them a lot of money, it’s a better idea to give them small gifts. The gift should be related to the tooth fairy so that the children believe the gift is from the fairy. Therefore, exchange the tooth with a tiny tooth fairy door which shows that the tooth is removed from this door.

Tooth fairy letter:

You can also give your kid a tooth fairy letter. It would also make your child happier. You should use some glitter and flowers to make a Fairy-type letter. A well-designed letter with some warm and positive words in the message will also encourage your kid.

Tooth fairy pillow:

A pillow from the tooth fairy that contains styles according to this tradition is also a good idea. It would be an excellent gift for your kid; they can hang it on the wall or place it on the side table.

Tooth fairy books:

If you want to develop a habit of reading then tooth fairy books are the best return gift for your kids. With the help of fairy books, they can get more knowledge about tooth fairy tradition. These books are easily available in the market.

Tooth fairy pockets:

If you don’t have enough budgets for this tradition then you can make something small, inexpensive, and straightforward just like the pocket. It is the cheapest and simplest idea to make a tooth fairy pocket. Kids can use this pocket to save money or to keep things organized.

Some tips for the parents about the tooth fairy tradition:

There are some things that every parent should do when their child loses teeth. Some of them are as follow;

  • At first, the parents should plan everything in advance. Make a plan of what to do for your child and how to do it in advance.
  • It is the best idea to write a tooth fairy letter for your kid with some positive messages. For this purpose, use a tooth fairy letter template.
  • You must give your kids gifts in return for their tooth and if you want to be a fairy then you must have to decide what you are going to be given.
  • Some parents save the milk teeth of their kids to keep it as a memory of their childhood.


In conclusion, a tooth fairy certificate template helps you to create a certificate in a way that looks like fairy magic. These templates are well-designed and well-formatted.

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