20+ Free Printable Puzzle Piece Templates

Puzzle piece templates help you in creating puzzle pieces more effectively. These templates have traditional, flat, and complex shapes and optical illusions. You can also download different numbers of puzzle piece templates from templatedata.net.

What is a puzzle?

A puzzle is a type of game in which an image is broken down into tiles and the user would have to be assembled them correctly in order to complete the image. To win this game, the user has to assemble the puzzle pieces into a certain pattern. Moreover, some puzzle games have the rule to complete the game at a specific time. Nowadays, people download puzzle games on their mobile phones to test their ingenuity. By connecting puzzle pieces in a specific image, you can prove your intelligence in front of someone. In addition, it is based on problem-solving, allow you to improve your problem-solving skills. Also, by solving difficult puzzles, you can learn how to improve your social life. This game is very helpful if you want to improve your logical skills. You should also check 25+ Printable Stock Certificate Templates.

Advantages of playing puzzle game:

Playing puzzle games provides you several benefits. Some of them are as follow;

  • The first and foremost benefit of playing puzzle games is that it helps you to raise your IQ level. During playing, for cracking difficult puzzles, you think more and in this way, your IQ level increases.
  • Puzzle games assist you to increase productivity. When you try again and again to solve the problem it will increase productivity. Hence, it is the best way to improve your vital skills.
  • Puzzles help the children to improve their cognitive ability. It is a great way to improve visualize and recognition ability of the player.
  • During solving problems, your mind stays healthy and active. Furthermore, it helps you to relieve the stress of daily life. Players find peace while playing the game as it is just like a meditation which increases productivity.
  • By dividing the problem into sub-problems, you can learn how efficiently you can solve a problem.

Components require for making puzzle pieces:

Here is the list of components you may require for making your own puzzle;

  • An image that you want to use for puzzle
  • A paper to print it on
  • Suitable cardboard
  • Glue
  • Cutting tools

How to create your own puzzle?

Let us discuss step-by-step that will help you in creating your own puzzle; Step#1: At first, select a photo you would like to use for your puzzle. Print it on high-quality paper. Step#2: Then, search for backing for your puzzle. A piece of good quality cardboard can work best. Make sure that cardboard isn’t too thick and too thin. However, the flat cardboard is the best because when you are trying to assemble your puzzle, the pieces will fit together easily. Step#3: After that, take glue and start sticking your image to the puzzle backing. Then, cut out it so that it is the same size as your image and let it dry for a few hours. Step#4: Draw a grid at the back of your cardboard when it’s completely dry. Step#5: On each side of the pieces, add balls and sockets to complete the puzzle pieces. However, if you want to make a trickier puzzle then use different shapes rather than balls and sockets on the edges of the pieces. Step#6: When you have all done with the above steps, take a sharp scissor and cut out your puzzle pieces. If you want to make it a lot easier, cut out each row then cut the pieces one by one. Now, you can start assembling your puzzle.


In conclusion, the puzzle piece templates allow their users to use their general knowledge and improve their logical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, it helps you to think better and sharpen your logical skills. You can find the puzzle piece template in PDF and document format.

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