20 Free Fact Sheet Templates (Word, PDF)

A fact sheet template is a written type of data in which information about key points of something. However, this document is based on a fact that means everything is true in the sheet. Further, if the information on this page is not true which will defeat the purpose of the leaf and it will cause serious problems.

A fact page is having information about the company’s shareable data(such as technical data, product information and statistics). Further, these are the most important points and are distributing for important purposes. Fact documents always engage the material with the gripping element. People are curious about smoking and alcohol fact paper. Moreover, they present as reversal pyramids upside down. They cover high-level material to less valid arguments.

You can make a fact page in Microsoft word if you know the use of a format that highlights the most important points of the presentation. For Instance, the company fact document can make it by using bullet points, headings, tables with all summaries on a single page. This sheet contains technical information, statistical data, educational material, informative answers and questions and helpful advice from experts. Occasionally, it can be a concise summary document or report of the company.

Free Fact Sheet Templates

A fact sheet template is a document based on facts. Further, you can find plenty of documents free on the internet. You can customize it with text, font, bullet points, tables along header and footer margins.

What is a Personal Fact Sheet?

A personal sheet contains information about an individual. Further, the detail is about the basic information like individual name, age, sex, location and so on. Further, it contains educational background, work history, skills and abilities and characteristics. For Instance, if you ever fill out an information form you will be familiar with the personal data sheet. They use it in the same way as a resume.

How to write a Fact sheet Template?

Free fact sheets are available for download online in different formats. Further, some are available in bookstores that are already in printable form. In People’s opinion, they rely on those resources. There is a brief knowledge about how to write a fact page template.

  • You need to select the paper size and set its margin.
  • Selection of related and eye-catching snaps for your sheet. If pictures are catching a lot of people will read them.
  • Organize the sequence of information that will show which comes first and which comes later.
  • Choose a layout for your sheet and it will be easy for people to read and understand.
  • You can double-check spelling and grammatical errors.

Guidelines For Creating Fact Sheet

There is a ready-made online sheet and sample documents are available. Still, some people are interested in making their sheets. However, people don’t rely on ready-made. They are more satisfied by developing their Fact page. Further, such a category is of those people who make an impression. Moreover, they are such public who feel satisfaction about doing such job. There are few tips for those who make their fact page.

Decide about orientation on your sheet.

A One-page fact sheet for the information and the information which is quite useful based on fact is ideal for such kind of sheet. The information writes in it is correct. Further, the document is based on facts. You can make it more effective if you enter all relevant information on the fact page.

The sheet should follow the proper layout in which orientation, margin and indentation and spacing is included.

  • Different types of layouts are available. Further, there are some outstanding ones which you would prefer to create.
  • Use such font size and font style which is easy to read. An unread sheet is not workable.
  • If possible, make it in bullet form.
  • When you write about yourself don’t exaggerate and be honest.
  • Try to use references and reliable information. Fake information is harmful land dangerous.

Focus on making your fact sheet colourful and attractive. People spend most of their time in making it more readable but if you see the content it’s useless. Try to make it nice and readable for the people.

Spell-checking and grammatical errors are vital and it does amazing effects on your document.

What defines the Fact Sheet of the Company?

A fact sheet regarding company contains the detail about the company, products and services. The company itself provide true information in the sheet. Further, same like a personal fact sheet it also contains company information, the name of the CEO or president, the founder of the company, the business partners and the nature of business, products, services and the information about the existence of the company. Moreover, you give information about the history of the company, the background of the organization and how it did progress in a short time.

Citing a Fact sheet

The information in the sheet is based on facts, so it can be workable for the report, research or presentation. Further, there are many ways to cite a fact sheet. Here we will discuss the best ways for citing.

  • The author’s name which contains in the fact sheet is the one who compiles it.
  • The title in the fact sheet is where you put your citation and not where the title and fact came from.

If the fact document is for many pages like magazines or books, the format for books and magazines for citation purposes will follow.

Guidelines For Fact Sheet

  • Make it readable and use a font that is easy to read. For Instance, Times New Roman and font size are 12 or 14.
  • Keep your information text short, because most people don’t like big blocks of the paragraph.
  • If you require that you have to write in a paragraph you can do so. Further, make sure that your important material will come in the first paragraph.
  • Don’t assume about your reader that if you change the format they will easily understand and read it. Always provide relevant material in your sheet.
  • Use simple words, not nonsense ones. Most of the readers don’t keep dictionaries on hand. Therefore, simple words are easy to understand.
  • The use of bullets is better than paragraphs.
  • If you are referring to the sheet about a process that is different from one institution to another, you can give your email address, web address and contact details.


A fact sheet template in which information about the facts is there. You can make this document workable by providing actual information. The fake information will spoil the sheet. You can also download online different templates which are easy to use and can customize with font, size, color and margins, indentation and spacing.

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