Printable Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Templates & Examples

SOP template needs for an organization to operate in a better and more smooth way. you need to follow certain rules and regulations in a proper documented form that need to follow at any cost. These rules and regulations which are in written form are standard operating procedures also known as SOPs. Further, there is stepwise instruction in the SOPs that describe in detail performing the daily tasks. Almost every organization has its procedures and they follow as per their type, scale and nature of business.

With the proper procedures in place, the management tries to attain a certain level of consistency and maintenance in their routine operations. Further, if you rely on Standard procedures, you can improve the quality of the goods and services that are offering. As a result, we can say that purpose of the SOPs template is that you enable your employees and perform the operations precisely and in the routine manner in which they have the intention to perform. Moreover, you can download standard operating procedures and customize them as per your company requirements.

Standard Operating Procedure Examples:

There are different formats of SOPs templates. Most common are regular document, corporate template, agency’s SOPs document, exclusive template, explanatory and organizational SOPs documents. You can use it as per your requirements and needs.

Why We Need SOPs?

SOP is more detailed and explanatory as compare to a simple process. It takes the process of high-level components. Further, it adds assignments, workflows and more explanations by the entity or the relevant industry. In an SOP template, what is the requirement to do for a particular outcome? However, additional information like who. What, when, where etc can be part of SOP.

There are some of the reasons why you need to follow SOPs.

  • To make maximum productivity
  • Make safety measures
  • To do prevention of manufacturing faults and failures
  • Training purpose
  • To comply with all the standard procedures
  • To ensure no impact on the environment.
  • Strictly follow the process as per need.

Advantages of Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)

There are key benefits for following standard operating procedures:

Training of Employees:

The written SOPs are linked with the training of the employees. Further, when there is new hiring in the company they also need the training to become familiar with the company SOPs. They do it in the same manner at the same time just like employees already doing. A certain SOPs is set by training and orientation. Further, this is an easy way for new employees to settle quickly.

Errors Reduction:

The procedures write in such a way that if you follow them, omissions and errors become reduced and minimise up to a certain extent.

Increase In Productivity:

The SOPs provide details of what you are expecting from the employees. Further, it helps in the smooth flow of daily operations and activities of the entity. Moreover, if you have a smooth flow of operations and reduce the level of errors, that will be helpful to increase the production level of the entity.


For making your brand particular we need to do a lot of effort and work. However, it’s not a day’s job and there is a lot of time and struggle in the success of every organization. Further, you can protect your hard work by writing a set of SOPs. As a result, you can achieve consistency in your business and related business and activities.

Legal Requirements:

AS per the nature of the business or generally and the type of your industry, SOPs are important to protect your employees or customers. Further, it also makes sure that if something goes wrong, you will not responsible for any legal actions. Moreover, your business will have no or minimal impact on any legal proceedings.

Command chain:

The SOPs will specify and clear the chain of command within the entity. Further, it provides a hierarchical structure of the management of the object. Moreover, it properly explains that from where the command follows and is executed. In Addition, it is important in a situation where the product is manufactured, reviewed and approved in multiple stages.

Work Transfer:

The written SOPs are helpful and how to explain work. Further, this is important if someone is on long leave. As a result, you make sure that smooth work or task is properly transferring and the smooth flow of operating is maintaining well.

Standard operating Procedure in Microsoft Word Template

Any needs to create an SOP template in MS word is necessary. However, most people prefer to work on this but you can work on an open office as well word processor. After this, you need to give a common name to file.

  1. This site offers you ready templates and you can download and make use of it.
  2. The next step is that you use sop format with SOP control block, header as well as footer.
  3. The control block is like a 3×4 table. You use to house the document control and the information needed for configuring management and compliance standards.
  4. The procedure is with header and footer. The header gives normally the detail of the company at the top. The footer which is at the bottom is for the name of the procedure and page number.

The standard operating procedure is used. This style is for choosing a particular SOP format or structure you choose. The following elements are following:

  • The policy describes the standard your procedure follow.
  • The purpose is the rationale of the procedure.
  • The scope in which you see the area of your company affects and which procedure needs to design again.
  • The specific responsibilities bear in mind that the people who list in the procedure and what they suppose to do.
  • The definitions comprise of words that we use in the procedure that the readers may not understand.
  • Effective criteria which important need to measure.
  • References should include that will support your procedure.
  • Revisions, which you need to see the changes that you did to your procedure since it is published.

The final step in the sops template is finalizing the styles and font that you plan to use. Further, you can include any bold in the text and work on the margins to ensure whatever is the vision.

How to Publish Your SOP Template?

You can publish easily your sop document on your local server. After the publishing is finished, you can allow everyone in the company to complete your procedure template. Further, you should inform all that you expect and stay what is in the procedure.

If you have sop templates that are available on your site will provide your company with a starting point for undertaking a given activity Moreover, every company should adopt sop in carrying out the activities. The benefits are innumerable. An organization or company will end up saving time, they will also be provided with an opportunity to learn from experts. As a result, the company will meet the standards on time.


Sop templates are the best source for running smoothly and in an organized way for any company. There are certain rules and regulations for smoothly operating the company. These are known as Standard Operating procedures and the short form is SOPs. The procedures ensure that there are helpful in the consistency and maintenance of the desired product and you achieve quality in the goods and services of the organization. There are different Standard Operating Procedures formats that you can download and customize according to your company needs

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