Permission Slip Templates & Field Trip Forms [MS Word]

A permission slip template is a requirement from a student’s parent to give responsibility to another adult. However, this duty is during a school trip to the museum, national parks, zoo and educational centres. Moreover, fields trips are always fun for the kids and being small they don’t care for themselves. The best way to handle it lawfully is by using a permission slip.

What defines a Permission Slip?

In The USA, Canada, UK & Europe the permission slip is a document that a school or organization sends through students to their respective parents. Similarly, the purpose of this slip is to get consent to their children under the care of the school for a specific duration of time in the field trip which is away from home.

Templates About Permission Slip

There are a lot of pre-made documents available for download online from the internet. Further, every organization can take benefit from it and customize it according to the requirements of the organization.

Types of Permission Slip:

For the children who take part in any school activities or go on any field trip, the school takes permission slips from the students’ parents. Further, this is a compulsory part of any institution. The teacher who take children on field trip also fills the authority slip from the student’s guardian for their children participation.

The permission slip is like a waiver that parents give to the school authorities and handle all the situations like an accident or injury occur. A consent slip is of different types like LDS permission slip, boy scouts consent slips, girl scout authorization slip and many more. There are two major types which will explain here for your information:

Blanket Permission Slip:

This type covers all the basic authority slips and is normally used for field trips that schools arrange throughout their academic year.

Informed Agreement Slip:

This type use for events and activities that covers under “Inherent risk”. This document itself explains the detail about “Inherent risk” for the person signing the slip. However, in this situation school is not responsible if anything happens wrong.

In Simple words, when a guardian or parents from the child side signing the authority, they are accepting that the person in charge on any type of trip is not legally answerable if something goes wrong. For the blanket slip, this covers under “Waiver of Liability” which explains that when a guardian or parents upon signing the slip agrees that it’s not the school fault for something wrong happens.

On excursion trips that involves taking the students out of state or out of the country, the normal practice is to get notarized the permission slip too.

Importance of the Permission Document:

If you are working in an organization, you must maintain the rules of the company. For instance, if you need casual leave, you should take permission from their respective department. Further, you can make your intention through a permission slip template. It’s quite similar to students who need to get a signed slip before participating in any event or activity.

This clearance slip is a very useful document in any situation. Similarly, when people need clearance from their respective administrators, from children to professionals they all require approval. The document can vary on the type.

Whether you require a boy scout slip, girl scout clearance, LDS permission slip or any other type you can download any template free from the internet. Using this approval helps students, parents and of course, the faculty.

Field Trip Permission Slip:

This type is quite common when there is any field activity from school or any other organization. School administration or administrators from organizations get consent from the parent. Moreover, upon signing the slip it agrees that the school will take responsibility for their child or in case of a field trip from the company.

What Information You Need in Permission Slip?

In any school or preschool, the administration system implements a clearance slip template. However, the purpose is to get clearance in the form of a signature from the parents for school various activities. Moreover, you can download it free online and utilize it as per your requirement.

With the guidance of such templates, school faculty and teachers can easily build their documents and use them according to the situation. In Addition, students take these slips at home for their parent’s consent in the form of a signature.

You can make your document yourself. The first thing that comes in the mind is the format of the slip. What is your idea to include in it? Further, what type of content you will write down. How you will use your project or activity according to the situation? In Addition, you should make a brief, concise but in-detail summary of your activity sheet.

There are essentials along with other information that is linked with your activity. Further, you should sign all the details that are best to your knowledge. The basic information you should enter:

  • Teacher, Guardian or supervisor
  • Class Name
  • Start time and expected return time of the trip
  • Trip’s date
  • Route or destination(In case travelling to one place)
  • A list of payment methods, costs and if there is any deadline.
  • The transport service you are planning to use
  • In case of allergies or need to take medications keep complete information of such students.
  • Contact details of each student in case of incident or emergency.
  • A section specified for parents and guardians to give comments.
  • Any important requirements like supplies and meal options and more.
  • The last section for fill-in the information is about parents or guardians will fill details for granting permission.

How to create your Permission Slip?

You create an approval slip when you are planning a trip for students. Further, if you are thinking to make your authority document. Further, you want to attach the parent’s signature along with other things. Moreover, you should know what you want to add to it.

Making a sheet is not s difficult task. You should know relevant details and space for the parents or guardian signature. Once your document is signed you have peace of mind that when you can plan your activity. Here are some pointers for your facility

Word-Processing Software of your Choice:

Google Documents or word processing documents are the best approach to make your template. Further, the use of fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, writing, editing and customizing. There are some features you should use when working on a word processor.

Give Details About Activity:

Give answers to all the required questions regarding the activity. You should include what, when, how, much and what is your plan for transportation. Al this information you should partially summarize and place it on the top.

Creation of fill-In-the-blanks section:

The statement that would explain about the space for parent or guardian’s signature for permission of the trip.

Add a column for Medical Details:

There is a detail for medical information of their children. The parents will provide medicines like allergies or any other disease. Further, it is very important for a couple of days trip.

Information For alternative emergency Contact:

If there is an emergency and you want to get in touch with someone. This is in case something happen to your children and teachers are not getting contact with parents or guardian.

Space for parent or guardian’s signature:

You should provide space at the bottom of the slip for parents or guardian signature.


A permission slip template is a type of document that uses for taking approval from the student’s parents or guardian. The purpose of this authority document is that parents will waive during the time their children will be away from home. Further, it’s the school’s responsibility to take care of their child in the event or activity. There are templates available for permission slips. However, you can download it online free of cost. Moreover, you can customize this download template with font, color, size, margin, indentation and spacing.

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