18+ Free Decision Tree Templates (Word / PowerPoint)

Pursuing decisions on specific matters is generally something muddled. Arriving at a decent decision can be a test, particularly when there is more than one arrangement accessible. To prevail in pursuing the best decision, you can settle on a decision tree template.

Portions of a choice tree

In correlation, you can imagine a decision or rationale tree layout as a flowchart or a tree-like portrayal of the relative multitude of decisions you want to make along with the reasonable results or outcomes. The decision tree has three essential parts:

Root Hub

This is the top-most hub and it addresses the ultimate conclusion or objective that you want to make. True to form, it has its spot on top of the entire construction and it’s from this hub that every one of the different components comes. How you decide to express the root hub will influence the sort, of course, that different pieces of the graph will take.

Branch Hub

In a relationship, the parts of a tree stem out from the roots and in a comparable matter, The branch hubs of the decision tree template start from the root hub. As the word branches mean, this hub addresses the various moves you can initiate to think of an answer. More often than not, you might demonstrate these utilizing bolts. The branch hubs may likewise incorporate related costs relying upon what kind of decision you want to make.

Leaf Hub

As in a tree, limbs have leaves and these address the likely results for every conceivable move you make. There are two sorts of lead hubs to utilize:

  1. Use circle hubs to mean obscure possibilities or results.
  2. Utilize square hubs to show that there is a need to go with additional decisions.

Free Decision Tree Templates

The advantages of making this diagram

Presently, that you find out about a decision tree template, its parts, and what they address, now is the right time to contemplate the justification for why this strategy functions admirably. A decision or rationale tree format has a few advantages:


Since these charts are non-straight, they become more adaptable for arranging, investigating, and settling on expectations for plausible results to decisions, regardless of whether they occurred.

Successful correspondence of complex processes

One more advantage of this chart is that it outwardly shows circumstances and logical results connections. It gives an easier perspective on possibly complex cycles. They additionally are exceptionally direct in their introductions making them straightforward in any event, for people who have never made one.

Focused on data and probability – not predispositions and feelings

It’s okay to counsel others, particularly while settling on significant decisions however assuming you rely a lot upon the assessments of others, this could seriously endanger your ultimate conclusions. Regardless, they don’t have a reasonable and whole image of the issue. Thusly, their recommendation could get impacted by their predispositions rather than substantial probabilities or realities. On the other hand, decision trees offer a fair gander at the dynamic interaction while simultaneously, permitting you to work out the two rewards and dangers. Makes targets, gains, dangers, and choices clear The prescient structure of this chart permits you to design the different potential outcomes that would, at last, decide the strategy that provides you with the most noteworthy probability of succeeding. This, thusly, shields your rulings against unsatisfactory results or pointless risks.

The most common way of making a decision tree Template

A decision tree offers an adapted view where you can consider a progression of decisions to see where they lead before you pointlessly commit genuine assets and time. While it’s not difficult to download a free choice tree layout to utilize, you can likewise make one yourself. Here are some changes to guide you:

  • Characterize the question.
  • Add the branches of the tree.
  • Add the leaves of the tree
  • Add more branches if necessary.
  • End a portion of the branches depending on the situation.
  • Twofold check the diagram you made.

How would I make a decision tree in Word?

There are different ways of going with a decision tree template however the most straightforward method for making one is through Microsoft Word by following these means:

  • Send off the product and open another report.
  • Click on the Supplement tab, Delineations, then, at that point, SmartArt Designs.
  • Pick your favoured SmartArt Realistic from the Progressive system layout that will suit your necessities.
  • Input your decision in the altering box close to the SmartArt Realistic.
  • Keep adding data and components until you have completed your format.

How would you make a decision tree in Excel?

You can likewise make a decision tree layout in Excel and for this application, you have two methods for doing this:

Utilize Essential Shapes in Lines

  • Send off the product and open another report.
  • Input your information into the spreadsheet.
  • Click the Addition tab then from the Text segment, pick Text Box.
  • Presently, you can draw a Message Box utilizing your cursor.
  • Input your principal question in the Text Box. This is the main piece of your outline.

The following thing to do is to draw the results or replies to the inquiry that you think of. Since these will come from you, it depends on you the number of results or answers that will raise your central concern or choice. To embed a line, click Supplement then pick Shapes from the Outlines. From that point forward, select a straight line. After you embed a straight line, join an oval or a crate for the primary result. Presently, continue to add ovals for different outcomes. Keep utilizing the connectors to draw unexpected results until you have finished your chart.

Use SmartArt Graphics

  • Start the software and open a new document.
  • Click the Insert tab then pick SmartArt Designs from the Illustrations area.
  • Presently, click the Pecking order tab then pick the Even Progressive system. In the wake of clicking alright, the Even Order Realistic will open.
  • Presently, you can begin altering your decision tree. Click the placeholder text inside the choice box and info your substance. You can likewise utilize the manager box close to the SmartArt Realistic for altering content.


At the point when you’re confronted with a basic decision, utilize our decision tree template to envision possible results from different decisions and distinguish the best way ahead. By framing the potential results from a choice as well as the following choices and potential results, groups can all the more likely figure out the ramifications of a decision. This weighs risk versus prize before making a speculation of assets.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a decision tree template in Word?

Tragically, there’s no choice tree layout in Word. Pick a SmartArt Graphics from the Hierarchy template that can turn out best for your necessities.

Is there a decision tree template in Excel?

From the Project Management menu, select the Decision Tree tab. Then, a few templates will appear in the underneath segment. You can pick any template or you can likewise decide to make a Decision Tree without any preparation.

Is there a decision tree template in PowerPoint?

From the Project Management menu, you have to go to the Decision Tree tab. An assortment of layouts and the choice to make another decision tree will show up in the menu. To settle on a Decision Tree without any preparation, click the large+ sign.

How would I make a tree chart in Excel?

Select your information. Go to the Insert tab > Addition Hierarchy Chart > Treemap. You can likewise utilize Prescribed Diagrams to make a treemap chart by going to Insert> Recommended Charts > All Charts.

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