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An adoption reference letter does not need to be too long. Similarly, it requires to be honest and descriptive for becoming adoptive parents. Further, you can fax or email your adoption letter to the adoption agency. However, they need an original signed letter which will attach to their files. You need to write an introductory paragraph that will explain who you are and your relationship with the foster parents in the questionnaire. For Example, “My name is Maria and my connection is with Kate is for the last six years as a teacher at Saint Merry School”. A social worker has no idea how an adoptive couple looks like? Deciding between sending a child to a new family is a serious responsibility and multiple legal matters are involved to settle it. Similarly, finding future parents is also a big concern. Further, you need to check who these people are? What do their friends and colleagues say about them? Are they trustworthy? They have the qualities of becoming good parents. NGOs cannot predict the future of the adoptive child but they can research as much as they can for choosing better-adapted parents.


Adoption Recommendation Letters: Who Can Write Them?

If you want to be adoptive parents soon, you need to provide three to five reference letters of your non-family members. Likewise, the agency will provide you with a reference letter form. Moreover, your referees will complete or ask for a written letter. The contents of your referees have a vital role that will affect the agency’s decision. Therefore, your reference letter for adoption positively describes you. As a result, you should be wise in the selection of your referees.


How do you ask someone to write an adoption reference letter?

Initially, you will declare your long-time and best friends. Similarly, you need to recall your memory and check your best friends for the last five years and more. The logic behind is simple that your long-time friends know you better and they will be eager to help you. For getting a positive result, you can choose friends who have their words and express their thoughts very well. Ask someone whom you spend the best time with and who is also having kids with them. You can also go for the option of co-workers. Moreover, you can trust your colleagues with the best relationship. In Addition, you can ask for a positive favour from them. Another option is your neighbours. If you have a good relationship with them you can ask to write a reference letter for adoption. If you are well known in the area and attend the church ceremony. Further, you can ask church members to give you a favour in writing a reference letter. You can also ask for the minister or priesthood. You have no option to contact your blood relations or relatives to write and send a letter to a social agency. Moreover, such letters will consider invalid because such people will consider biased; therefore they cannot be neutral.

What Should Contain an Adoption Reference Letter?

If you are asking your colleagues, co-workers and friends to write a reference letter, you should guide them on what to include in the letter. Moreover, your task will be easier and the letter will contain all the necessary information. A Letter for reference should contain the following:

  • Information about how your referee knows you and how long they are in relation with you.
  • Details about your character, best qualities, and strongest sides will give you favour in getting adoption.
  • Detail information about your marriage.
  • What the referee thinks about you to make good parents
  • Detail explanation of each person on your side
  • Do you have any parenting experience and how well you are with the children
  • It’s the referee who decided to recommend you as an adoptive parent.

Recommendation Letters for Adoptive Parents

This section is for those who are asked to write a reference letter for adoption. Moreover, if you follow step-by-step instructions to write a good reference letter, you have a good chance to become an adoptive parent and spent happy life.

Describe the relationship you have with the couple

Begin your letter by explaining your relationship with the couple in the question. Similarly, in the first part of a letter, give a brief history of your friend. When do you meet the first time? How long have you known each other? Often you see the adoptive couple or you are a co-worker of one of the parents going for adopting the child?


Details about Character

This section explains the character of the parents. Therefore, it’s the most important part of the letter. Further, you can describe the best qualities of the parents. In addition, how they raise children in terms of their character traits. Moreover, when giving details about the couple, emphasize the strengths of each partner. In Addition, you will provide information about their marriage. Similarly, they are well with each other. Further, they have frequent fights or they do compromises with each other. Such type of information will be helpful for a social worker to make an adoption decision.


Make a recommendation

When you are finishing the letter, explain how long they are with the children in question and any parenting experience in the past. In short, give your recommendation that they are suitable for adoption. Moreover, you should be honest as much as you can. Further, this will help social workers to avoid any hard decisions. Another point is that they are going to adopt the child, you should not think about the relationship with your friends or colleagues. Instead, you should be neutral because you are giving a third-party recommendation and it’s an adoption matter. So your best decision will decide that your friend or colleague is best for becoming an adoptive parent.


Check your letter and reread it

When you have finished your letter, don’t send it to the agency. Moreover, you need to check the spelling mistakes. Further, reread the letter. Similarly, make sure that you have explained everything that will cover your point of view about adoption. You also include your full name, address, phone number and date. Further, you should read that a social worker will ask you additional questions about what you write in the letter. Avoid these mistakes when writing an adoption reference letter When you are writing a recommendation letter for adoption you should keep the following point in mind:

  1. Check spelling mistakes
  2. No need to be subjective
  3. The information which is not related to the subject
  4. Give honest remarks

Things to Avoid While Writing An Adoption Reference Letter

While composing a recommendation reference for adoption, attempt to keep away from the accompanying:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Being unobjective
  • Any information that is irrelevant to the topic
  • Being exploitative

Adoption Reference Questionnaire

Now and then, a social agency might require a ref to fill in an adoption reference survey. This form records a few inquiries that a referee needs to reply to, making a picture of a potential nurturing couple.

Such questionnaires incorporate inquiries concerning:

  • The living conditions
  • The couple’s capacity to deal with a youngster
  • The stability of several’s connections
  • Whether the couple has any liquor or medication-related issues
  • Criminal background
  • Clinical/psychological issues

In the conclusion, the referee might be expected to give extra remarks about the couple.

Tips on Writing an Adoption Reference Letter

We should do a fast recap on what your adoption letter should resemble and what it should include:

  • Normally, an adoption recommendation reference is a three-section letter. The initial segment is about how long and how closely you realize the couple is referred to. The subsequent part is committed to their character attributes. The third and last part is the end, where you should give your recommendations on whether you think the couple merits the option to take on a kid.
  • While composing a reference letter, tell the truth. You’re doing it not to satisfy your companions or family members, but rather to assist a social specialist with pursuing the ideal choice.
  • Describe what morals the couple has.
  • Remember to refer to the couple’s parenting experience, assuming there is any.
  • Give instances of the couple’s communication with children.
  • Proofread your letter for spelling botches.
  • Remember to add your complete name, telephone number, and address.
  • Ensure you got the organization’s location right.


The adoption reference letter is a requirement when some parents want to adopt a child. Moreover, they need referees from their friends, colleagues and neighbors as well. Further, you can contact church members for getting favor in terms of child adoption. In Addition, your friends and colleagues will give details of your relationship with them. How long have they know each other? Likewise, they have parenting experience. You can download free adoption reference letters and customize them according to your requirements. Further, there is a facility that NGOs can email you an adoption form and you can fill in the information as per the document needs.

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