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free printable video release form

A video release form allows a third (3rd) party to utilize an individual’s appearance (in both video and still image format) and voice. Moreover, among these uses are media, online, physical products (e.g. DVDs), or any other type of publication. Upon signing the document, the individual releases to the third party all rights to their image, video, or still, and any likeness of their voice. In addition to the document’s description, no additional compensation will be provided to the video owner.


Common Uses of Video Release

  • Programs
  • With documentaries
  • Mass Communication
  • Productions
  • Press (News)
  • Internet Videos (YouTube)
  • Publications

Video Release Form Templates

Knowing what a video form entails and what it means as the owner of a production company or freelance videographer is essential. Similarly, It protects a production company from the legal consequences of using someone’s image without their consent. It is therefore vital for the production company to know how to draft a video form. Further, you can download free, easy-to-follow form templates on any website to help you write a comprehensive form. You can find templates for video issue forms on free websites and try writing your own.


How a Video Release Works?

In a video release, an individual or property is acknowledged for having been used in the creation of content that will be displayed publicly for commercial purposes. Moreover, a video that shows a person, entity, or trademark most likely needs the owner’s permission before it is going to share with each other.

Lookup Privacy Policy

Using other people’s images in footage or photographs requires their consent under privacy laws. You should ensure that everyone who appears in the video has signed the release forms. Similarly, If you fail to do so, you need to expose to civil claims in the future and you might have to pull an otherwise ready video from the shelves or pull it from the internet.


Video forms also cover still images (video footage is just a series of thousands of photographs) – so you’ll cover all bases with this one form. Aside from that, by being aware of others’ property rights, you are better positioned to assert your own when you publish videos or photographs.

Obtaining Permission From Client

One party grants authorization to another through the release form. Although the form may provide examples of how footage will be used, it usually functions as a license that lasts forever. By signing this release, the client permits us to use their image for a variety of future purposes. Further, payment may also be required before release. Clients are allowed to specify how much they wish to receive in exchange for this authorization in the general release form.


Download, Fill and Sign the Document

A video release is a binding legal document, so it should contain all of the client’s identifying information. Name and address, contact information, and the date of the agreement are all included. Therefore, for minors (typically those under 19 years of age, but the age varies by jurisdiction), a parent or guardian must also sign the form.


How To Write Video Release Form?

  1. Download this template to obtain permission to use an individual Image and voice on the video

    You can download this form using any of the buttons in the image caption area on this page. Similarly, make sure you download a file type that you can edit on your computer if you wish to work onscreen.

  2. Name the Production Company and the Recipient Subject

    This form should prominently display the Name of the individual who is allowing his or her image/voice for using in a video. In the second blank space, the Legal Name of the Production Company (or other Entity) should enter. The entity is asking for permission to use the Recipient Subject’s image or voice in a video.

  3. To sign the release form, the recipient must sign it

    In the following paragraph, you will find the language necessary to gain the Recipient Subject’s approval or release, but we will need to confirm if a fee for the use of the Subject’s image and/or voice has been offered. Fill in the Dollar amount the Production Company will pay the Subject by checking the first box (just before the words “With Payment”).

    When you will give no payment for the use of the Subject’s image/voice, mark the check box just before the words “Without Payment Or Any Other Consideration.”

  4. The Subject’s Contact Information and Signature

    Find the paragraph beginning with the words “By signing this release…” then record the “Full Name,” “Street Address/P.O. Box, City, State, Zip Code where the subject should like to contact by mail. In the next three blank lines, the Subject’s “Phone,” “Fax,” and “Email” should be specified.

    Finally, the Subject Recipient named above must sign his or her name. Further, it should be on the “Signature” line and provide the Signature Date on the next line. If the Subject Recipient is not an adult and is a minor, then the parent must sign the line labelled “Parent’s Signature” and provide his or her Signature Date on the “Date” line.

  5. When You Need To Sign

    You should have everyone sign the video forms before the recording starts. Because the video release form specifies how the video will work. Further, a legal guardian’s signature requires when filming minors under 18. Additionally, the parent or custodian must give their consent for the minor to appear in the video. You should also check Photography Contract Templates.


Video release forms require when distributing or selling a video. These forms are essentially contracts that confirm that a person has permitted you to film them or their property. Likewise, You will avoid legal problems such as an actor refusing to allow their image to use after filming or copyright items appearing in your video.


Obtaining a signed video publication form is one of the most overlooked steps in the video production process. As a videographer, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to privacy and copyright. When working on a project that involves using someone’s image or voice, always have their signed video issue form.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Video Release Form?

In a video issue form, a person grants permission to a third party to use a video in which they appear. Third parties can benefit from using the video in many ways.

Do I Need a Video Publication Form?

A video that is part of a process that makes money considers commercial. A release form is necessary if your video will appear on a company’s website or promote a product. Next, determine whether the recording location is publicly or privately owned.

Can I Write my Release Form?

Since the copyright release form isn’t standardized, photographers create their document, then have it notarized or approved by an attorney.

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