Printable Lease Termination Letters (Word, PDF)

A lease termination letter uses to end a lease agreement. In other words, you can say that contract will not renew.

If you want to finish your lease early, you should give a prior notice early. Moreover, this notice should be in written form. Further, your lease does not require you to give written notice, but in the future, you can protect yourself from any later issue. The law demands both the parties to follow the terms and conditions of the agreement throughout the lease duration.

Lease Termination Contract:

There are different types of termination contracts available for your comfort. You can use the agreement as per the specification of your state. You can get it free from the internet. After downloading you can customize it as per your need. Moreover, you can take help from our document builder to draft a complete termination contract.

How to Write a Termination Letter for a Lease?

If you are a landlord who needs to send a lease termination letter to the tenant. Moreover, you are a tenant and requires to send it to the landlord. A simple lease termination letter needs the following points:

Landlord: who owns the property and needs to rent out the premises.

Tenant: who pays the rent to the owner and need the building on rent.

Actual Rental Agreement: Owner and the occupant contact information, address details of the premises and the starting and end dates of the rental contract.

Moving Date: When the renter will move out and vacate the property.

Advancing Address: In Future where to send notices or security deposits.

Cause For Termination: Why the agreement is going to finish.

Free Lease Termination Letter Templates:

You can download free templates from our website. You can also take help from the document builder to complete your lease letter templates.

How to Write a Lease Termination Letter:

Here we explain few rules which are used for a lease termination letter:

Proof Reading For Errors:

Make sure that you check the dates and any information that is not misspelt. Moreover, the information in the letter is accurate and all the fields are filled.

Make it Clear:

You should mention the early termination of your lease and give a reason for your leave. Moreover, when your leave allows you early leave due to certain conditions. For Instance, leases generally allow a tenant to leave early if there is a habitable issue with the premises. Further, the landlord hasn’t made any repairs.

Check the lease for where and how to deliver it. Moreover, leases tell you where they give you notice and sometimes even specify how it must be delivered.

Don’t rely on it. Once you know how to terminate your lease early, write and send your termination letter as soon as possible. If you are going to terminate early, it’s better to give the other party as much notice as possible so they can plan it accordingly.

Early Lease Termination Letters:

When the landlord is not happy with the tenant. The tenant is not getting a proper response from the owner in terms of the services. Then the owner or the renter can give notice for early lease termination notice. You can find different letters online. You can download it free and with the help of a document builder draft a letter.

Parts of a lease termination agreement

A lease termination contract is such a type of document in which both parties agreed they can get a termination letter. When there is a change in the situation of a tenant like a change in employment, he wants to relocate. Moreover, if there is a medical issue and more you can get an early termination letter.

Renters can discuss with the landlord to break the lease. If there is no written terms and conditions, you can do it verbally or through a rental termination letter. Further, you should talk to the landlord and take approval in writing to save from any disputes in the future.

Here are the important parts of the lease termination agreement:

These are the basic terms:

The lease termination contract is also referred to as a termination agreement that is mutually agreed upon or it is simply an agreement, should completely release the person from their duties. This will refer to a leaseholder.

The terms which include are:

  • Starting and ending date of the lease
  • The address about the rental property
  • The details of the landlord
  • The complete information of the tenant
  • The rent amount paid for each month
  • The security deposit amount
  • The lease renewal or lease addendum explains the date of the lease’s cancellation.

Mutual Clause Release:

In the favour of the landlord and the renter, a lease contract should have such a clause that releases the liability of any type from each other. You can see an example of a mutual release clause:

“Each party releases the other party from all demands, claims, damages, liabilities and rights. Moreover, causes of any nature of whatsoever, whether its equity or law, known and unknown, unsuspected or suspected, related or incidental to the premises or the lease which comes first on and after the date of termination”.

It should also be clearly explained that the landlord cannot make responsible to the tenant. He cannot claim any additional rent payment or fees after the termination date.


The agreement includes all the fees that the renter paid or in exchange for their release from the lease. Further, you should keep in mind that no documents can prevent lawsuits. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for both the landlord and the occupant to sign a lease termination agreement. It ensures that they both agree on the date. Further, when the tenant should move out, the condition of the unit, the return of the tenant’s security deposit and payment of other fees.

Ways to compose a Lease Termination Letter

The following are a couple of overall principles to follow while composing your lease termination letter:

  • Edit for mistakes. Check dates and spelling to ensure the data is exact.
  • Keep it clear. Incorporate an exact justification behind your end. For instance, rents for the most part permit an inhabitant to leave early on the off chance that the premises are not tenable and the property manager has not made essential fixes.
  • Really look at the lease for where and how to convey your letter. leases frequently let you know where to pull out and now and then even determine how to convey your letter.
  • Try not to sit on it. When you realize you really want to end your lease early, compose and send your lease termination letter quickly. If you have any desire to end early, giving the other party however much notification as could be expected is better.
  • Lawful Templates offers state-explicit lease end letters that you can use to end a lease in your state. These structures are useful on the grounds that they address the particular regulations and prerequisites of each state.

For instance, you can see our Indiana Lease Termination Letter for state-specific data on Indiana.

What would it be a good idea for me to remember for a lease agreement?

  • Terms. The lease ought to express the length of the arrangement.
  • Rent. How much lease and when it is expected?
  • Deposits and expenses. Proclaim whether you require a security store and first/last month’s rent.
  • The names, everything being equal. Each grown-up who will live on the property ought to be incorporated.
  • Inhabitants limit. This ought to determine that main the grown-ups who marked the lease and their minor youngsters can possess the property.
  • Limitations on troublesome action. Incorporate text that forbids conduct like inordinate commotion and criminal behavior.
  • Pets. Inform the renter as to whether you will permit pets and, provided that this is true, what type.
  • Maintenance and fixes. Frame the inhabitant’s liability to keep the property clean and pay for the harms because of misuse.
  • Utilities. Lay out who is liable for utilities, and what will occur in the event that an installment is late.
  • Passage of the property. Explain your freedom to get to the property to make fixes, and how much early notification you will give.

Could a tenant contract at any point be utilized as verification of address?

As a rule, a substantial rental or rent understanding can be utilized as a verification of address. You can utilize JotForm to deliver a PDF record of the rent for your occupant.

Is a lease Cancellable?

A lease is for the most part for a proper term, like one year. Nonetheless, a landowner might postpone any punishments and permit a tenant to break a lease. You are encouraged to counsel your nearby land laws.

Should a lease be notarized?

A lease is an agreement between a landowner and an occupant. Typically, there is no prerequisite to having it authenticated. permits you to incorporate advanced marks, for example, DocuSign, on your lease agreement, which are generally legitimately restricting.

How much is the lease termination fee?

The rules for breaking the lease vary and the rental laws that govern the same. Moreover, for either party involves in the termination, make sure to read the lease agreement for the terms regarding departure. It’s a tenant’s choice to pay a fee for early termination. In such cases, you have to pay 1 to 2 months for them to get out of the lease agreement.

Nevertheless, the renter pays an early termination fee, most lease agreements have a clause where the renter gives the landlord a 30-day termination notice when they are planning to move out.

If the occupant forgets to give the notice to the owner, he has to pay rent for the remaining months. In Addition, the situation is when the landlord is not finding a replacement. If the owner gets early the new tenant then the old tenant does not need to pay the remaining month rent.


The lease termination letter is the document that is for the end of the agreement. It means the contract will not renew. If the renter wants to move out early due to a change in employment, medical issue or devastating break. The tenant has to give the prior notice for 30-days. In some cases, they don’t need written notice for moving. It’s safe to give written notice so that you can save yourself from any dispute in the future. There are different templates like lease termination letters, rental termination letters and lease cancellation letters. You can use document builder for making a draft and customize it as per your state requirement.

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