FREE Photography Contract Templates [Word, PDF]

A photography contract template is an agreement between client and photographer. The client hires a photographer or videographer to take professional photos in their function. However, the hiring cost depends on the experience, services offered and any follow-up editing services. An expert and skillful snap taker usually demand an advance amount that is equal to half of the total amount.

How does Photographer Works?

A photographer duty is that during photography your tasking is composing shots, understanding of frame, light and colour and giving direction about the subjects. Moreover, the photographer job doesn’t finish here. They should have digital editing tools and programs proper understanding of printing the equipment. In Addition, snapshot takers should have a knowledge of business dealing like hiring process, meeting with clients, keeping records and list and expenses.

Why do I need Photographer or Need a Contract with Videographer?

As we mentioned earlier, the client needs a contract with the photographer for a particular job. The contract consists of job scope, payment and compensation and other clauses. Moreover, snapshot takers are hired for events and schools. Further, if you are planning to do so you need to do a photographer contract. In Addition, the photographers in the U.S. charge $16- $17 per hour. The prices range depends on their expertise, experience and renown as well as services required.

Wedding Photographers and videographers who have expertise in editing and making albums charge $30000- $35000 per event. Moreover, there is a difference in prices which is on the availability of snapshot takers. On the weekend the cost goes higher, so you should have a list of photographers as a replacement.

How to Draft a Photographer Contract?

It is easy to draft a photography contract template. Moreover, there are no legal clauses involved in it. You just need to list down the necessary items before signing the agreement. There is a one-size-fits-all photographer template that you use or modify as per your situation. For Instance, if you do photography work in your studio, you may not need to show any property release in your contract. Likewise, if you are doing product photography, you have no requirement for model releases. You can find it here.

Photographer Contract Templates:

You can download the template from the website or there is a document builder available.

Photographer Costing:

Different types of snapshot takers are available. For Instance, family portraits, wedding events and modelling shoots etc. The charges for these events depend upon expertise and availability. Standard photo shooters are less expensive as compared to wedding or graduation ceremony events shooters.

What to Mention in Photography Contract Template?

There are specific sections that you must include in your contract.

Full Name:

It looks sill in the view of people. However, make sure you include your full name with your client in the client. You will save yourself from many complexities. Further, there will be no confusion about who you are referring the agreement.

Summary of cost & Deliverables:

It’s a better idea that you include the scope of the work. Similarly, you should mention the amount you are charging. As a result, the total charge amount was applied to this project.

The Start Date & End Date:

The project is not valid if it’s without a date. Likewise, make sure that there is a proper starting date for your contract. Moreover, if it’s for a specific duration, you need to mention the end date as well.

Payment Terms:

How will you pay and when will be the payment day? Moreover, if there will be a delay in the payment. Further, you can specify dates on which payment will due. What will be the consequences if there is bounced or missing a payment?

Editing Limitations:

It is important to see that in your portrait the photographer removed the acne and the teeth are white.

Moreover, there is a sky scene replacement in your real estate pictures. Further, be specific in your limitations on what you will include in your editing. In addition, if there is more requirement from a time-consuming client you can charge an additional fee. These all come in special requests.

Cancellation/Date Policy:

There is another possibility if the client cancels the contract or you cancel it. Moreover, you need to mention any sort of cancellation fees. Further, how many days notice do you need to give to be able to cancel. In addition, if there are more than 7days after cancellation there will be no financial consequence. Similarly, if there is less than 7days of cancellation, the deposit will be lost.

Liability Limitations:

This section has significance when there is an accident or unforeseen conditions. Similarly, these become a reason for the delay of the shoot. Further, it is covering things like injuries, accidents, gear on damage, property damage, and who will be responsible for any resulting legal fees. Therefore, it’s a vital section in a sense if there is a delay or cancellation due to Acts of God as a natural disaster.


If you want more image sharing in the public, you’ll need a model release. Similarly, it’s the best idea to release your share as part of your contract. This will minimize paperwork. In Addition, property releases are also required if using your objects like pets or cars.

Travel Fees and Taxes:

If you are going to travel outside the usual area for shooting or paying additional sales charges, mention these charges in the contract. Travel fees are during the conversation before the contract. Moreover, it’s better thinking to add any payment when there is a change of location.


Another important factor is delivering files or prints. Similarly, you will keep the format in JPEG or deliver raw images. Moreover, you are only delivering digital prints and not offering files. Further, it should be clear to you how you will deliver and how your client will receive it. Therefore, you should give a timeline of when they should expect to receive print or files from you.


The photography contract template is between you and your client for a photo shoot. You hire a videographer or snapshot taker for your wedding or graduation events. Similarly, there is no legal issue in this contract and you don’t need to hire a lawyer in this agreement. Further, there is a retainer amount before the contract. Normally, it’s a half deposit of the total amount.

In Addition, you can draft a contract so, there will be no confusion between you and your client. Moreover, if you are going outside your area or there is any sales tax, you can mention that amount in the contract as well. If there is a special request from the client, you can ask for an additional fee. There are different templates available that are free of cost. You can customize them and utilize them as per your state need.

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