100% Free Video Consent Forms & Templates (Word, PDF)

Video Consent Form is the permission from the person/organization to use his name, image, or interview statements for publication. This agreement comes without compensation without looking at the revenue of the amount generates by content. Moreover, once they sign the agreement, then the entity or organization cannot ask for any approval. Further, you can take videos for the individual/organization and make them public. Similarly, when the individual is of small age, any guardian can sign the consent.

When you take video in a public area that does not come under the privacy act. This does not require any legal formalities. You can use such an image or name with their video and share it on social media as well.

What is a Video Consent Form?

This is a form which uses for taking permission in writing. After the approval, you can take an image, name, or video of an entity/organization. Similarly, video consent does mean that you got permission to create revenue from it. Likewise, you should take consent from guardians/parents if the individual is underage. Further, you come under protection from liability or any legal issue may arise when someone has given permission. If someone verbally agrees to be videoed but doesn’t sign a consent form. Further, they can ask you not to use the video, and you would have to comply.

Step-by-step instructions to Write

Stage 1 – You can download in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Open Document Text (.odt).

Stage 2 – The name of the entity/association should be placed in the main clear field close to the highest point of the consent form.

video consent

Stage 3 – The individual giving their consent should begin close to each applicable authorization statement, as displayed in the image beneath.

Stage 4 – Lastly, the individual should print their name, sign the structure, enter their location, and incorporate the current date.

video consent1

Stage 5 – If the individual is a minor, their parent or legal guardian should sign and print their name. Assuming that the form must be perused by the parent or guardian, the signature(and date) of the representative of the association should be incorporated in the lower part of the form.

video consent2

When You Use Video Consent Form?

Before you start any videotaping, the person should sign a consent form. Similarly, the individual should understand what is the value of the agreement and why it is important. There should be a clear understanding that you can use video anywhere it seems fit.

There are free consent forms available for download. You can use any of the forms and get a better idea of how it looks and proper use of it.

What are the Basic Contents of the Video Agreement Form?

The first thing you should keep in mind is the consent of the person who is taking permission and the person who is approving. Similarly, the better approach is that there should be an initial of a person in each area of the permission they are agreeing. Teenagers need guardians or parents to sign the agreement forms.

For instance, if there is work on the project, you should do research work and make sure that you cover all the clauses that are related to it. If you are using the videos for other projects you should have proper knowledge about them and inform them about the details. The video or audio transcripts come also under it. You need to cover in the agreement if you are transferring or selling any videos to a third party.

Free Consent Forms and Templates

Nowadays it’s easy to draft a form with the help of a form builder. However, if you have no expertise in any document builder, you can get it free from the internet. It’s just one download away and you can enter the data according to the field requirements.

Commercial & Non-Commercial Rights

You need to check the video you are using for it comes under commercial & non-commercial rights.

Non-commercial video recording is for personal, artistic, or educational purposes and it’s not gaining for promotional or financial causes. Commercial video recording which uses for marketing and also for business as well as selling.

You can add a time limit for the storage of videos. You can also set the date factor for the usage of videos. Further, You can add an expiry date and you can not use it if things change at a future time.

Most commercial usage explains that they can use the video for a long duration they want. Therefore the main thing is when you are creating a consent form, it should be transparent. Further, you can think ahead regarding any potential opportunities that are a result of using the video.

Laws related to Video Consent

This is a normal practice that most part videos are recorded without any consent when they are using it for commercial purposes. However, there is a change and it’s not applicable in the public area and where no privacy is expected. For instance, a game room is a public area but the bank locker room is an off-limit area for video recording. That area is private. Video recording for personal property comes under the consent in some cases. For instance, someone is arranging a party at home and another person making a video for the guests. In such conditions, the owner has the right to stop videotaping.

Further, there is an indirect agreement where you can hire a private party to video for gathering. Moreover, if there is footage to promote your business, you need to get the agreement from the individuals in the video.

In terms of audio and video recordings, California has some of the strongest and strictest laws in the country. Simply put – without the consent of all parties, the recording is not only inadmissible in court, but also illegal, making it a crime for the injured party to sue for damages.

Generally, video recording laws vary from state to state. Moreover, as long as the subject does not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy”, it is legal to record them.

Surveillance devices, such as video cameras, uses in cases where there is trespass on private property, according to section 8 of the Surveillance Devices Act 2007 (NSW).

As long as the recording is final with visible cameras, federal law seems to allow videotaping of individuals at work, even without their consent or knowledge, so long as it is not used to commit a crime.


The Video Consent form is the permission to an individual who is making a video of an entity/organization and using their name or image. Moreover, it does not matter what amount this content generates. Further, you can use the videotaping consent form and utilize it according to your requirements. There is no privacy in the public area for videotaping. But if someone you invite at your party and another individual is making a video of the guests. This comes under privacy and you need to sign the consent form for this purpose.

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