25+ Free Inventory List Templates [Word, Excel, PDF]

Inventory list template is used to keep track and organize the records of products or goods available in different stages held by an organization. This document allows you to keep the record straight with the seller. You can also maintain and monitor the record of your inventory in an effective way. Furthermore, industries organized inventory lists to keep track of items in stock and restock. During manufacturing, trading, or delivering the products, it is used to avoid future complications. To stay organized, it is used for different settings like homes, industry, and schools. However, inventory list template is the helpful tool to organize your inventory in the best way. You may also like Petty Cash Log Template.

Different types of inventory lists:

Here are the different types of inventory lists;

Raw material inventory:

The first form of product that is being made is the raw material. For manufacturing goods, raw materials are used. Some raw materials are plastic, oil, chemicals, minerals, wood, petroleum, etc. For the production of different items different raw materials are used. Hence, raw material inventory lists are used to organize different raw materials.

Work-in-process inventory list:

This list includes the entire inventory used from raw to the processing up material before final finishing. It is just like building house in which material is in use. Also, the material has not been completed such as production of cosmetics and tablets before their packing. To organize it, make a list of work-in-process inventories.

Finished goods inventory list:

The finished goods are the final form of your production that is sent to the market. With the help of finished goods inventory list, you can track your finished products according to the customer demand. It contains all the descriptions of particular product. Moreover, it is the helpful tool to track all the items when you take delivery of these items.

MRO goods inventory list:

MRO stands for maintenance, repairing, and operation the goods. These are the goods used to maintain the process of production. They may include computers, batteries, electronic products, etc. The inventory list makes you able to work in a more professional manner. Some other types of inventory lists are;

  • Laboratory inventory list
  • Equipment inventory list
  • Computers inventory list
  • Electronic inventory list
  • Office inventory list
  • Repair tools inventory list
  • Furniture inventory list

The benefits of inventory list:

Inventory list provides you various benefits. Some of them are as follow;

  • It is the best tool to track the number of items. It enables you to deliver your package on time against an order. The inventory list is the best thing to make everything organized and gain your desired position in the market. It is the only source to keep record of all products.
  • It is important to make the list of all items for making everything perfect. In the business sector, it is essential to keep your inventory organized.
  • In a large organization, it is not easy to track, manage, and organize your inventory. You can make the list of all items instead of counting every item of your inventory daily. It saves your effort and time as well. With the help of list, you can identify that your stock is full of a particular item and don’t place an order of this item again. Hence, in this way, you can save your money from spending on those items. You may also see Delivery Schedule Template.
  • Inventory list is the key of success for any business because it helps you to stay organized and track your inventor.
  • Additionally, you can make some important decisions regarding your business.
  • It enhances your growth rate and improves your performance.


In conclusion, an inventory list template is a helpful tool for the collection of goods or products. You can track the stock of goods or products in an effective way. It makes you able to keep the record straight with the seller.

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