20+ Printable Birthday Card Template [Word, PDF]

A birthday Card Template is the best way to express your love, feelings to your recipient. However, you make someone’s day special by sending warm welcome messages. Further, you have the option of design wizards, where you can show your desire in making a card template. In Addition, you can select from a gallery where thousands of templates are available. Similarly, you can choose from simple to complicated beautiful cards, funny and original cards for children. On the other hand, you can select hand-drawn greeting cards for adults and cute ones for children. Moreover, due to the internet, you have a great opportunity to send cards online through email, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Similarly, you design a birthday card template in few minutes. Moreover, you can send it in few minutes to the lucky boy/girl to pick on a birthday party. Consequently, the option of hand-delivered, posted with stamp is still available. You purchase from your nearest market or do online shopping and send it through courier to your loved ones.

Birthday Card Models

Nowadays designing a birthday for your dear one is not difficult. Similarly, there are thousands of online tools available. Moreover, you can make the format as per your desire. In Addition, there is an option to include photos, images, stickers which are easily available online. As a result, your card looks different from others. Further, you can share your thoughts, feelings and memory and add in the card for your loved ones. The option of font, colour and texts of your thoughts is also available which will make your card look unique from others. The trend of Pop-up cards is also getting popular day by day. It is really interesting when the receiver opens it. The three-tire pop-up birthday card templates provide you with the facility to make it memorable for your relative. Moreover, you can get a print and edit as well. Different types of websites, blogs are available for your help in this regard. Therefore, you can get texts, fonts, photos and send them electronically. Moreover, you don’t need to pay and an ideal card as per your desire is ready. You just download the template, add a text to the receiver, upload beautiful photos, share your thoughts, feeling and make it a memorable card.

Designing a Birthday Greeting Card

An extra feeling for your dear one gives you a lot of pleasure when he thanks you for sending a memorable card. Nowadays you don’t need to worry if you are not an expert in a hand-made card. Similarly, the use of built-in templates makes life easy for designing a birthday card template. If you don’t know about decoration, there are few steps with the help of which you can send it to your family, friends and colleagues.

Step-1: Recipient selection

You first decide the person who will receive your card. Similarly, if he. she is a family member then it should be beautiful with lovely texts, cute photos and extraordinary fonts. Moreover, it’s your friends’ birthday you should select a different design. Finally, for your colleagues, a classic look is fine.

Step-2: Selection Of Birthday Card templates

There is a thousand selection of happy birthday card templates. Moreover, you can select any one of them for your family, friends and the invitation cards for the birthday party. There are simple, funny cards for the elder. Further, cute cartoon cards are also available for children. The good thing is you can take print and also used it as ecards for sending to your dear ones. The hand-made card with a selection of high-quality paper also gives you a high level of satisfaction.

Step-3: Changes As per Requirement

You can select from thousands of available templates. Then you can do changes by adding text, colours, stickers and give it a different look.

Step4: Adding Special Messages

Another important step to give a unique look to your card is adding birthday messages. However, you can give an extra feeling of happiness to your recipient, if you add lovely, thankful and prayer one addition in the card template.

Step5: Including Your Details

Once the card is ready to send, you can add your name at the end. This will give you an idea of a receiver who send me this lovely card full of love and care. Moreover, if you want long term relations with your friend or relatives, you can send contact details as well. You should also check 25+ Free Punch / Reward Card Templates.

Tips For Designing Unique Birthday Cards

The birthday is a day full of enjoyment and celebration for the recipient. However, you can make his/her day special by sending a special birthday card. There are different instructions for making birthday cards unique.

Adding Colours

There are different options available to give extraordinary look to your card template. Moreover, the use of bright colours is one of the features to give your card a different look from normal. Further, it’s an ideal situation, if you know the favourite colour of the celebrant. In Addition, you also have an option to download the template and edit colours of your choice which are good looking.

Addition of Pictures

The birthday template will be eye-catching if you add snaps to the card. For Instance, you add some old pictures of your friend, relative or colleague. This will refresh his/her memory and a good chance to add more happy moments.

Use Of Glitter

This is ideal if you are aware of the choice of your birthday participant. Moreover. You can select a glittering birthday template and send it to your loved one. As a result, a special feeling will come for you from your recipient.

Decoration with Balloons

When the birthday occasion arrives, the things that come in the mind is chocolates, cakes and balloons. The birthday card template gives a lovely look when you add balloons to it. From the business point of view, it’s a good idea to add balloons and make it look more appealing. The theme of balloons on the birthday card gives more happiness and make the day more special.

The Best Way To Write A Birthday Message

Writing a birthday message in a unique style is always an ideal thought. Similarly, this will give your relative, friend and colleague a special feeling about you. There are different birthday messages to make it special to your celebrant

Specialized Birthday Wishes

You can make your relation strong with the recipient if you send birthday wishes. However, you can send it to your client, customers, seniors and others to whom you want a professional connection. Further, try to select a simple message with more attractive words. Select an e-card and send it via email before time.

Wishing Words For Friends

A friend is always of special value in your life. Further, sending such wording which makes your relation more strong is ideal thinking. In Addition, you select some funny words for your friends to show more love and support to them.

Loving Message For Family

The family members are always special in your life. Therefore, you want to celebrate their birthday in a unique style. Sharing a lovely and caring message is one of the best ways to express your love for them.

Birthday Card Ideas That Are Best and Cute

It is always a nice feeling to wish someone on a birthday occasion by sending a card. Designing a card is an ideal way to celebrate. There are different types of designs available to celebrate your dear one birthday.

3d Pop-up Cards

The choice of pop-up cards is ideal because it looks amazing and attractive. Moreover, when the receiver opens them it gives them extra happiness. Although, it takes time in opening. Further, the style of these cards is unique and great in view. You can add different pictures of pets, balloons, chocolates and cartoons.

Pocket Birthday Wish Card

This is the wish of everyone to look special on their birthday. However, some people use special types of cards. One of them is a pocket card. You can give a pocket card template to the celebrant. Moreover, you can keep chocolates or money to give a special feeling to the recipient.

Printed Candles Card

Put out the candles on the cake gives a outclass look and crazy moments for creating celebration. Moreover, you can attach paper cut candles to the card for showing a unique and outstanding look. In Addition, templates can be download.

Heart-Shaped Cards

Sending a card to your loved ones is an old tradition and it continues for a long time. A Heart-shaped card is another way to express your love to the Celebrant. Further, you can download its template and send it via email by doing little changes to it.


A birthday card template is the best way to express your feelings, love and thought. Moreover, you can download its templates and change them according to your wish. Further, you can decorate it with balloons. You can make your template more attractive by adding colors, texts and glitter fonts. In Addition, different types of cards like hear-shaped, pop-up cards, glitter cards and pocket birthday cards are few examples. This is the best way to share your love with your family members, friends and colleagues. If you know the favourite color and style of your recipient. This will add more feelings for you in the view of the celebrant on his/her special day. You can download different types of templates as per your requirement and edit them to make them more attractive and appealing to your loved ones.

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