Printable Certificate of Achievement Templates (MS Word)

A certificate of achievement template is the best way to say “Well Done”. However, your success is big or small. You can also customize the certificate at your home. Further, you can add text or colour. In Addition, you can add a company logo or school badge to make it more attractive. This award is a recognition of a student, employee, member or a group of the organization. As a result, a worker who is outstanding in his/her work performance or student who did great in a subject or course by achieving good marks. An achievement certificate is a template for a school that gets because of his accomplishment. However, most schools keep it on their bulletin board to get inspiration for other schoolmates. This award certificate is also helpful in the resume. When any person applies for a job and shows his/her certificates of achievement. It’s an additional quality when considering a candidate for job selection.

Certificate of Achievement Templates

Many schools or organizations hire some agency to prepare an award certificate as per their requirement. The hiring agency provides them with different samples for selection. However, colouring, font, text and border selection is from the hiring company. Moreover, in some schools, there are art teachers who have expertise in preparing achievement certificates. In Addition, you have an option of free download from the websites where all templates are ready-made. You just have to fill in the details along with the school or company logo.

Types of Achievement Certificates

Different types of award certificates are available for your choice. You just need to see which one is most suitable for your school or organization. Different templates are available for your needs.

Primary & Secondary School Certificates

During primary and secondary schools, there are curricular and non-curricular activities. However, students who are outstanding in their sports or non-academic competition will get winning prizes in the form of an accomplishment certificate. Further, there are spelling competitions, school-quizzes and speech contests. The best performer also gets an achievement award. Similarly, students who got distinction in their grades also receive a certificate as an honour. In the annual prize distribution, diplomas for completion of studies are also distributed among the students.

College Certificates

Such certificates are also given at the college level. However, in the college, the study is based on the semester system. If a college student gets a good score in any subject like Computer science or medical science. He/she gets a completion award in the form of a certificate. In Addition, colleges provide entry-level and training courses. Upon completion, colleges provide achievement certificates.

Office Certificates:

There is an environment in the office for inter-office competition among the employees. The workers with the best work performance get awards in the form of a certificate. This is a good trend to appreciate employees as a “Best Supervisor”, “Employee of the month”. As a result, this is an incentive for the employee that his/her services are recognized. Moreover, this gives motivation for more productive work and showing good performance in their field.

Sports Achievement:

In the annual sports ceremony, students get achievement prizes in the form of trophies or monetary awards. They also get achievement certificates.

Company Achievement Certificate:

There are occasions when a company or organization achieves the best award. This award can be based on performance. Moreover, it can be the best-rated product in the country and get a call for an achievement award.

Certificates of Achievement: Their Benefits

There are lots of benefits to achieving these certificates. Both who are giving and who receiving will benefit from it. The receiving one will get an appreciation for their accomplishment. The giving one will set good environment and this will increase their work productivity in their company. There are a few benefits which are explained here:

Encourage productivity and Excellence:

In the educational and professional setup, incentives in the form of certificate is a good tradition. However, this will increase the competition among the students and workers. Moreover, they will show more productivity in their work and be eager to study more. Therefore, in the educational set-up, students are giving more attention to their studies. Because they aim to get extraordinary marks and get a reward from their school. On the other hand, in the professional setup, every employee is in this run to give the best performance in terms of work and declare an “Employee of the Month” certificate.

Assistance in Improving Confidence and Self-Esteem:

The student or employee who got an achievement certificate. Their self-confidence will improve and they will put more effort into their work. The students will be keener in getting better grades and as a result, get an achievement certificate which will improve their self-esteem. In Addition, more effort will be applied to complete the tasks. You can provide concrete evidence of your accomplishments with them. If you have an achievement certificate, this will be valuable for many reasons. However, this will prove to your employers, friends and loved ones that you are an asset to any organization. They help organizations nurture their employees and staff. The recognition for the work of an employee is a boost for his personality. Similarly, when employers take interest in their work and appreciate it in the form of a reward. In Addition, which can be paid or certificate award is encouragement for employees. They increase their effort for work and do beyond expectation to achieve the target.

Achievement Certificates are as Tax Benefits for companies

Usually, awards are with monetary compensation or such kind. When an achievement award is given in cash or any kind, the company deducts it from the taxes of employees.

How To Build Your Certificate of Achievement?

Now you have an idea of the importance of an achievement certificate. However, the deserving people from your company can become an asset and helpful in the productivity of the organization. However, these award certificates are not in any specific format. In Addition, you can design the format as per your company requirement. Few things should include in the award certificate. The Title: This is one of the most important things in the document. You should see the title should be in better font and with colourful text. Your font size should be a little bigger than the other text of the certificate. Further, you can include wordings like “Achievement Certificate” or certificate of achievement template or Award certificate which would suit better. Presentation Line: This line comes after the title. However, you add lines like “This certificate is awarded” or This certificate is presented or The award certificate is hereby. In Addition, this line is a little smaller than the title and the name of the recipient. The Recipient name: The recipient name is most important in the document. You should make it as bigger as you can. This will make it more prominent. Further, it can fill with the name of an individual or the name of the organization. In Addition, you should use such font which will go hand-in-hand with the rest of the template. Moreover, for school purposes, you can use playful fonts. For professional use, it should be a better font with a prominent look. The Giver name: This shows the certificate is from whom. It comes under the recipient. Further, the font should be normal here and readable. The Description of the Achievement: In this section, we will write a little paragraph and explain the achievement of the person. Further, it will explain why this award is given and what is the purpose. You can write words like In Recognition or For Outstanding wording like this. You should use a better font but it should be smaller than the title and name of the recipient. The Date: You can place the date when this achievement award is given. However, you can set the date of the ceremony. You can put any format of dates like day, month and year. The Signature: This certificate is not complete unless it is without signature. You should include the signature of the Principal or Administrator in the school certificate. However, the professional certificate, it can be signed by the director, manager or supervisor of the department. In Addition, you should include a logo of the company or school to make it a legitimate document. You can adjust the logo on the left side of the template. Once all these sections are there in your certificate. It will consider a real official document for your employee.


A certificate of achievement template is for the recognition of an employee or school student for giving the best performance. Further, this will boost the confidence of an employee and shows more productivity in the form of work. A certificate includes the title, name of the recipient, description of the certificate, date and signature. All these sections complete the certificate. You can build your templates or you can download them from the related websites and customize them as per the requirements.

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