Professional Behalf Authorization Letter Templates [Word]

A behalf authorization letter means to give permission someone to receive some document on your behalf by signing or officially taking the control of the situation. Moreover, an authorization letter considers as written permission to someone to act on your behalf. Further, it is used to enter into a legal contract, delegate his/her duties and spend specified money etc. There are multiple uses of permission letters. But the most common is an authorization of power of attorney, parents’ permission to authorize for child travel, authorized to collect your documents and to act on behalf of somebody. However, when you are writing an authorization letter, you should keep some valid points in your mind. First, you should clearly and precisely mention that is an authorization letter. Further, you should clearly explain that person is approved for this action and this is the reason for it. Moreover, you need to provide the arrangements for the person who is going to act on your behalf. In Addition, you need to mention the start date and the duration of the agreement. You should use a professional tone, even if you know other individuals personally. As a result, you should close your letter with your signature and use a positive manner. The Behalf Authorization Letter is Required in the Following Situations. There are many instances where you need to write an authorization letter.

  1. If you are not available to receive your legal documents. Similarly, you can authorize someone who is your relative or close friend to receive it on your behalf.
  2. When a school Is going on a trip to take students. They need approval from their parents to authorize school teachers to take their children.
  3. Any individual can write an authorization letter and sign his/her letter on someone behalf.
  4. When a student travels and settles down abroad for study purposes. If he/she needs documents from their previous school, you approve someone to collect degrees on your behalf.
  5. When you need someone to collect medical reports on your behalf, an authorization letter may help to collect reports.

Contents Required For the Authorization Letter

You need to add the following contents in the authorization letter to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion.

Address of Letter:

You need to address the letter for the organization for taking action or decision. Moreover, this part will clear to whom you are writing the letter. Further, it will give details about the description with other details is explained here. In other cases, you can use generic like “To whomsoever, it may concern”.

Details About Authorizer:

If you are going to authorize someone, you need to provide details about yourself. Moreover, It should contain your name, address and phone number.

About Authorized:

This section will explain who is going to be authorized or your replacement. You should mention all the details of the person. For Instance, name, address and phone number are in the letter. Moreover, this is necessary for an organization to contact in future for any concerns. It is better to include the Id card number of the person.

In what capacity is an authorization granted:

This part should be fully explained. Further, what task do you want others to perform for you? You can give the reason why are you authorizing another person. However, this is necessary to provide details of the other person authorizing for you. What task he/she will perform in your absence. In addition. What are their limitations? For Instance, the deputy manager in your absence can approve $xxxx in a day.

Sample Behalf Authorization Letter:

From: Joseph Michael 200 Sesame St. De la, MD 32654 To Ms Lee Alexender Properties 505 Main St Bridgestone, KS 32897 Date: 00 November 0000 Subject: Approval Letter to Claim Dear Ms Linda, I, Joseph Michael, herewith approve my son, Alex Michael, to perform all activities regarding my business and fill the forms and sign all the documents on my behalf. I permit him to claim my check and all documents linked to the land from your office on my behalf. The choice of this authorization letter includes proofs for identification purposes. This letter of approval will be implemented from 00 November 0000 to 00 December 0000. Please allow him complete access to the area mentioned above. If you have any queries, feel free to contact me on 000 0000 000 for any further explanation needed. Sincerely, Joseph Michaels

The Use of Font in Authorization Letter:

You should make such practice that is use such font which is easy to read for the authorities. Moreover, the common fonts which are preferable in such letters are Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman. Further, these are highly preferable for the authorities due to their modest form. It is easy to go through the letter. You cannot impress the organizations with the unreadable writing on the authorization letter. The normal practice is to use black colour for the text and the font size should be between 10 to 12. As a result, it will show more visibility and easy for the authorities to go through your letter.

Attestation Requirement for Authorization Letter

There is no need to attest authorization letter. However, if there are too many mistakes then it becomes a huge risk. To avoid such a situation, you should attest to the authorization letter. You should do attestation by the notary. In addition, the normal practice is to provide two witnesses for the authorization.

Reason for an Authorization Letter

There are different reasons for an authorization letter, for example, In business, an authorization letter is vital for doing different business exercises. Not every person is accessible constantly. Certain individuals are effective money managers and they need to travel regularly with the end goal of business. Youngsters need consent from their parents as an authorization letter when they need to go on a school field trip. Ordinarily, an individual is probably not going to be missing when there is a need to sign significant records at the bank and in this way would require somebody for their sake to complete the undertaking. In such a situation, an authorization letter can assume a huge part. It is essential to manage the property matters and ordinarily, an individual can’t be accessible in a similar city and hence would require a delegate for their sake to sign the significant issues. An authorization letter would be significant for managing significant property matters. A college understudy could have moved to another country yet would require a few significant reports from a specific spot and hence would have the option to get the significant records. An authorization letter can help an individual to gather clinical records for the benefit of somebody. An individual can offer somebody the authorization letter to hint at the significant authoritative archives. An authorization letter can be convenient when somebody can’t accept their bundle and subsequently is permitting someone else for their sake through an authorization letter to gather the relevant package. Essentially, there are various situations under which it turns out to be very important to allow some to do the task on their behalf by giving them an authorization letter.

Parties Involved in a Standard Authorization Letter

There are essentially three parties, which are engaged with a standard authorization letter.

  1. First Party: The principal party engaged with a standard authorization letter is the rightful owner. For instance, on account of playing out a significant exchange in a bank, the essayist of the letter is the original owner.
  2. Second Party: The subsequent party, which is involved, is the foundation or association, which is involved. In such type of situation, it is the bank.
  3. Third Party: The third party, who is engaged with a standard authorization letter, is the individual who is going about as the intermediary and for this situation, the individual will sign the significant records for playing out the exchange and gather cash or report for the privileges proprietor.

The authorization letter is addressed to the subsequent party, which makes sense of the privileges for the outsider going about as the intermediary without any of the principal party. In situations, when a right proprietor knows nothing about the subsequent party, it is smarter to state “To the responsible party in question” to address the subsequent obscure party.

Many Needs of an Authorization Letter

In a business setting, there are many requirements for authorization letter tests. A large portion of them is intended to help and safeguard the entrepreneur and its representatives. By marking such a letter, senior administration can successfully designate while laying out clear limits and the scope a worker might have. For instance, a representative might be approved to pull out cash from the clerk up to a specific sum. Or on the other hand, a boss might approve a set number of extra time hours to a worker and giving an authorization letter to finance triggers suitable compensation. An authorization letter test is likewise valuable for your clients. In a setting where you could gather client data, it is valuable to impart a format to them as far as what they approve the business to do or not do with their data. For instance, in a clinical setting through this letter they might authorize conversation of clinical issues for the end goal of charging, yet not for showcasing or research tries. Regardless, an authorization letter test might act as an exceptionally valuable rule in protecting the business, its employees, and its clients.


A behalf authorization letter is when you are permitting someone to act on your behalf. Moreover, there are different occasions where the use of this authority letter is useful. When you need to receive legal documents in your absence you give authority to your friend, relative to get on your behalf. Similarly, when you need to receive medical reports from someone, you can provide an authorization letter to collect reports. Furthermore, you need to include your name, address, and phone number in the authority letter. The details about the authorized person should be mentioned so, that authorities can contact them in the future due to any confusion. Moreover, there is no requirement of attestation in the authorization letter. You have to provide two witnesses with their signatures. It is better to get the identification card number of the person you are going to authorize. Sample letters for authorization are available online free of cost. You can use it with little modification.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the motivation behind a letter of authorization?

An authorization letter approves another person to complete a specific activity for the benefit of The letter is generally shipped off to the beneficiary to illuminate them that the person referenced in the letter is allowed the position to play out specific follows up for their behalf.

Should the authorization letter be notarized?

Contingent upon the sort of authorization being granted, an authorization letter can be notarized to show that one isn’t marking the authorization letter under coercion and that they are the individual giving the authorization.

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